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This is yet another article from the series, in which we compare the functions and possibilities of massage chairs from our offer. This time we put together massage chairs that appear to differ in everything but colour. And yet our customers often compare them with each other and face a choice whether to buy a classic, cheaper model that massages the whole body or a more expensive chair, but with more innovative functions. To help you make a decision about which one to choose, we have pointed out the differences in the following article. 

The advantage of Massaggio Esclusivo massage chair over Conveniente

The compared models come from two different price levels, which suggest that Massaggio Esclusivo has many more advantages than Conveniente. Moreover, considering that most of them have the most advanced technologies, it has a significant impact on the quality of the massage.

  • Zero Gravity – Zero Gravity position is a body position in which after lowering the backrest, your knees are at the height of the heart. This is one of the most modern functions in massage chairs that make the massage more pleasant, intensive and even more accurate. Massaggio Conveniente does not have this function, but instead it spreads to a horizontal position, which would be lying down. 
  • L-shape – in Massaggio Esclusivo, the massage arms massage not only the entire length of the spine, but also the longest section of 132 cm – from the neck, through the spine, then the buttocks and thighs. Massaggio Conveniente massages the length from the neck to the lumbar region. 
  • Zero Wall – this is a function that has no direct impact on the massage, but is useful in many other situations. Thanks to Zero Wall it is possible to install the chair right next to the wall, which will automatically move away from the wall while unfolding, which in turn will save space. Massaggio Conveniente chair does not have this function, so you should always leave at least 50 cm behind the chair so that it can unfold freely. 
  • Heating – the backrest of the chair is heated up to 40 degrees Celsius, which during the massage session pleasantly warms you and relaxes the back, contributing to even greater comfort.
  • Roller massage of the feet – Massaggio Esclusivo foot massage is distinguished by an extensive system of rollers, which intensively massages the feet from the sole. Such massage perfectly relaxes, removes tension and restores lightness. This system is additionally supported by airbags, which press the foot, ensuring muscle contraction. In Massaggio Conveniente chair, the feet are also pressed with two airbags, but instead of rollers there is another bag under the foot. 

The advantage of Massaggio massage chair over Esclusivo

At this point, of course, the first to be mentioned is the price, which in this case is quite huge. However, contrary to appearances, this is not the only advantage of Massaggio Conveniente over Esclusivo.

  • automatic “body stretching” program – is a very relaxing function referring to the morning dragging just after awakening. It relaxes the muscles, awakens you and provides energy for the whole day. In Massaggio Esclusivo stretching includes only the legs. By using the airbags at the calves and feet, and gently lowering the footrest, the massage chair stretches and relaxes the muscles of the legs.

We hope that this article will be helpful when you compare massage chairs. A description of all the functions and possibilities of the model can be found on the product page of Massaggio Esclusivo or Massaggio Conveniente. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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Published: 2018.09.20

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