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To help with making a decision and resolve doubts connected with purchasing massage armchair, we answer the frequently asked questions below.

Using the massage chair

Can anyone use the massage chair?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is YES. The exceptions are people who have recently undergone surgery or suffer from osteoporosis, plus pregnant women (for more on this subject, read the article about  Massaging chair during pregnancy). In extremely rare cases, the doctor prohibits the use of massage chairs, deeming massage to be a contraindication in the event of a specific medical condition or therapy in progress. Read more about contraindications to massage in a massage chair in the article Contraindications to massage in the massage chair.

How often can you use the massage chair?

Massage in a massage chair should not be enjoyed excessively, especially as it is quite an intense experience. The recommended treatment for one person is two 15 – 20 minute massage sessions per day. During the initial period of use, it is advisable to gradually accustom the body to the massage by having a single session at a time or by using the massage in a sitting/semi-reclined position (less pressure on the massaging arms).

What benefits does a massage in a massage chair offer?

Massage in a massage chair has a number of benefits, we’ve listed some of them below:

– reduces muscle tension
– relieves pain,
– improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the body,
– has positive effect on recovery after physical and mental exertion,
– lowers stress,
– improves sleep quality.

What is important is that regular massage in a massage chair leads to optimal and long-lasting results.

Can a massage chair substitute for a massage therapist?

To a large extent YES, but not always. Thanks to advanced technological solutions and functionalities, modern massage chairs by FujiiryokiMassaggioKeyton and iRest can perfectly imitate the movements of a professional masseur’s hands, taking into account our individual preferences. Often, massage chairs will provide us with sensations that a masseur is not able to offer, such as a massage in the Zero Gravity position or massage of the buttocks, which performed by a masseur could cross the boundaries of intimacy. Additionally, a one-off investment to purchase a massage chair is an expense that pays off. First of all, the massage chair will serve you perfectly for many years, and secondly, it is always ready to use, so you don’t have to make an appointment and waste valuable time travelling to the massage parlour. However, it is important to remember that therapeutic massage, especially in the case of more serious conditions, should be performed by a professional. In these cases, you should seek your doctor’s advice.

Is it healthy to use a massage chair?

Massage in a massage chair positively affects both our body and mind. We can divide it into 3 types: therapeutic, preventive and relaxing. The last two types can be successfully performed by a massage chair. This equipment is safe, carefully and thoroughly checked and tested. It also has the required certificates to approve it for use, including, among others, the CE certificate required by the European Union. However, if you have any doubts as to whether you can use the massage chair – consult your doctor.

What kind of massage chair do I need?

There is no definitive answer here. Naturally, your individual needs and preferences will be the deciding factor. When making up your mind, try to find out as much as possible about massage chairs. Where to look for information? Start with our KNOWLEDGE, section, where we try to include the most comprehensive, reliable and clearly presented information there is. Having the plethora of options, try our comparison tool, which will compile and present the essential functionalities and perhaps point you towards the right choice. Another step that can be taken initially is to contact our Rest Lords expert directly, who will comprehensively address your doubts and help you choose the ideal massage chair. If you are still in doubt, take the option of an individual demonstration, during which you can reassure yourself of your decision, or come and see us in our showroom.

What is the acceptable body weight and height in a massage chair?

Adapting the massage chair to suit your own needs has a direct impact on the quality and comfort of your massage experience. Each model’s specifications always include precise information on the maximum permissible weight. Each model is also thoroughly tested during manufacturing to show how much load the massage chair can handle. For example, Massaggio brand massage chairs will work properly with the following loads: Massaggio Piccolo – 120 kg, while Massaggio Stravagante 2 – 150 kg. Most massage chairs are equipped with a system that scans the line of the spine and adjusts the massage according to user’s height. However, the most compact models, such as the Bello 2, can be used by people up to 180 cm tall so that the full massage range is maintained. Taller people, up to 195 cm, will feel perfectly comfortable in the larger models, i.e. Eccellente 2 ProEsclusivo 2 up to Stravagante 2.

What colours of massage chairs are on offer?

All the available colours of a given massage chair are specified in each massage chair’s page, in the section devoted to its parameters. Apart from Massaggio PiccoloMassaggio Eccellente and Massaggio Eccellente 2, the chairs under the Massaggio brand come in several colour versions. The same is true of the Fujiiryoki models. On the other hand, when deciding on a Keyton brand massage chair, which is fully customisable, the colour can be selected from the colour palette provided by the manufacturer.

How to clean and care for your massage chair?

Although the massage chair’s dedicated upholstery is robust, it needs proper care to remain in good condition for years to come. For this purpose, we have prepared a special massage chair cleaning kit. Customers find a cleaning product complete with a sponge, so that there are no stains to fear. After the chair has been cleaned, a second conditioning preparation can be used to strengthen the structure of the upholstery and protect it.

How much power do massage chairs require?

Massage chairs require a power supply. However, they are characterised by very low power consumption, as they operate using between 100 and 200 watts only. On top of that, even in case of the larger models, with all functions switched on, the consumption is only 200 W, which is 5 times less than a microwave oven uses.

Buying a massage chair

How to choose the best massage chair?

It is not easy to answer this question. When considering the purchase of a chair, we should consider a number of factors, such as who is going to use the chair, what effect we are looking for and how much space we can provide for it. Our product range includes compact models, such as the Massaggio Bello 2, with advanced functions such as Zero Gravity or SL-shape. And also larger ones, such as Massaggio Esclusivo 2 or Massaggio Stravagante 2. It is worth taking a closer look at them, as the Zero Wall, function available in them allows us to move the chair almost right up against the wall. This gives the user more space in the room.

How much does a massage chair cost?

The price of a massage chair largely depends on the number of features a particular model offers. The more functions there are in a massage chair, the more advanced they are and the more complex the chair itself, the higher its price is going to be. The quality, design and country of manufacture also have a direct impact on the price of individual chairs. We offer our customers models in the economy class, mid-range, as well as designer or premium chairs. Their prices vary between €1170 – €9270.

How to place an order?

Delivery and payment

How long does delivery take?

We do our best to get your ordered massage chair to your address as quickly as possible. Normally, we have all massage chair models in stock at all times. Shipping by DPD courier takes approximately 2-6 days, depending on the country of delivery.

What forms of payment are available?

You can choose the method of payment for your massage chair when you place your order. Available options: bank transfer, payment by card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Warranty conditions

How long is the warranty period?

In our product range, we offer carefully selected massage chairs that are renowned for their high quality, reliable design and electronic systems with minimal failure rates.

Warranty periods:

24-month warranty for domestic use, for individuals.

12-month guarantee for business type massage chairs for businesses and entrepreneurs buying chairs under consumer rights.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty is provided for the massage chair and all its components. In the event of a fault during the warranty period, the service team will verify the fault and send the relevant part with video instructions for self-replacement.


The warranty does not cover:

– defects resulting from mechanical damage to the equipment caused by the Customer,
– defects resulting from external factors beyond the Seller’s control.

As well as defects and damage to the equipment resulting from:

– improper use or use contrary to the User’s Manual, incorrect storage or maintenance, 
– unauthorised repairs, modifications or structural changes carried out by the Customer or other unauthorised persons, 
– deterioration of the product due to natural wear and tear, e.g. abrasion of the product’s outer shell, scratches, etc.

What can I expect once the warranty period has expired?

The first option is to extend the warranty period for a fee at the time of purchase. The other option is to order a paid out-of-warranty service. The service is quoted prior to arrival at the Customer’s premises. It is important to note that due to the high quality and faultlessness of massage chairs, repairs are incidental. However, repairs are carried out on FujiiryokiiRestMassaggio and Keyton massage chairs only.

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