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FAQ i pytania do eksperta Rest Lords

To help with making a decision and resolve doubts connected with purchasing massage armchair, we answer the frequently asked questions below.

  • Can everybody use massage armchair?

    Of course! The exception are pregnant women (more on this subject in the article Massage chair and pregnancy) and people who have recently undergone surgery. In very rare cases, the use of massage chairs is prohibited by a doctor, considering massage as a contraindication in the case of a specific disorder or therapy. More on the subject of contraindications to massage in a massage chair you will learn from the article Does massage on massage chairs have contraindications?

  • Can massage armchair replace a masseur?

    To a large extent YES. Modern massage chairs from Fujiiryoki, Massaggio and Keyton, thanks to advanced technological solutions and functionalities, perfectly imitate the hands of a professional massage therapist, taking into account individual preferences.
    Often, massage armchairs will provide us with an experience that the masseur can not offer, such as a massage in the Zero Gravity position or a buttock massage, which could be disturbed by intimacy by a masseur.
    In addition, a one-off investment in a massage chair is an expense that is very profitable. First, the massage chair will serve perfectly for many years, secondly it is always at hand, so you do not have to make an appointment and waste valuable time on commuting to the massage room.
    In the matters of rehabilitation massage, treatment or serious diseases, of course, it is worth taking advantage of the offer of a massage therapist.

  • What kind of massage armchair do I need?

    Deciding factors in choosing proper massage chair are needs and preferences. When making your decision, try to find out as much as possible about massage chairs. Where to find information? Start with a website where we strive to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and clear information. In the maze of possibilities, use the comparison engine that will combine the fundamental functionalities and perhaps indicate the choice. The next step, which can be made first, is direct contact with the Rest Lords expert, who will answer exhausting doubts and help in choosing the right massage chair. Unless you have doubts, use the option of an individual presentation during which you will confirm your decision.

  • How often can I use massage armchair?

    You can’t overuse massage in armchair. It is very intense massage. Applying two sessions from 15 to 20 minutes daily is balanced solution. During initial period it is recommended to gradually acclimatize body to massage through single sessions or massage in sitting or half lying position.

  • Why is it worth to use the Rest Lords’ offer?

    Customers who use our offer can always count on expert advice both before and after the use of the massage chair. They have confidence in the quality of the equipment purchased and the awareness that all warranty issues regarding massage seats will be fully respected.

    Our showcase is primarily selected massage chairs massaging proven manufacturers, where we are the exclusive supplier, but also professional advice, reliable and comprehensive service and many years of experience.

  • What are the available colours of the massage chairs?

    Information about colours available for a particular massage chair can be found in its respective tab, in the section concerning its specification. Massaggio chairs, except Massaggio Piccolo, come in several different colours. The same applies to Fujiiryoki models. However, if you decide on a chair by Keyton brand, which is fully customizable, you can choose a colour from a palette provided by the manufacturer.

  • How to make a purchase?

    We offer two purchase paths:

    The first involves the online ordering of massage chair. Upon receipt, we will contact you by providing all information regarding the terms of purchase and we will arrange a delivery date that is convenient for you.

    The second option is to order private presentation of massage chair – at home, in a company or at any place of your choice. Individual demonstration allows you to test all the features and functions of the massage chair and make a purchase decision, supported by your own impressions.

  • How does massage armchair presentation look?

    The order of the presentation takes place through the Presentation page.

    The cost of the presentation, regardless of where it is run, is 300 zł. If the ordered presentation includes two armchairs, the cost is increased by 150 zł. At the time of the purchase decision, the entire amount passes to the value of the massage chair, excluding the purchase of models currently in the promotion and models Piccolo, Ricco and Bello 2.

    Representatives always come with a new model of a massage chair, which at the time of making a decision remains with the client (98% of the presentation is completed with a purchase).

    The time of presentation depends on the client’s needs, and usually lasts about 2 hours.

    The order of the presentation does not mean the purchase declaration, the decision is made after testing the massage chair.

  • What does Carefree Delivery mean?

    One of ideas executed by Rest Lords is taking care of our Customers’ convenience, which is why we provide a professional and trouble-free delivery so that the customer focuses only on relaxation. The “Carefree delivery” formula is included in the Rest Lords offer, where deliveries of massage armchairs are carried out by suitably trained fitters, who will provide the selected massage chair at the agreed time, bring, assemble and carry out a full instruction in the service.

  • What payment methods are there to choose from?

    You can pay for your massage chair using one of the methods available during the ordering process. We offer bank transfer, cash, debit card on delivery, online transfer, PayPal, credit card, Blik, Google Pay, Apple Pay or payment in one of the cryptocurrencies. You can also choose to pay in instalments or finance your purchase through leasing.

  • How long do I need to wait on delivery?

    We make every effort to ensure that the massage chair ordered goes to the indicated address as soon as possible. All models of massage chairs are in continuous sale. In the case of delivery by courier, delivery is usually made the next day, but the courier has 48 hours to deliver the parcel. Other deliveries by Rest Lords representatives are carried out within 3-5 days.

  • How long does warranty period last?

    Rest Lords in its offer proposes selected massage armchairs, which are characterized  with high quality, solidly manufactured and failure-free electronic systems.

    Periods of warranty:

    • 24 month warranty of massage armchairs destined to household use, for individuals,
    • 12-month warranty of massage type Business seats intended for commercial use, for entrepreneurs. Warranty provides professional service realized at home or headquarters of Client’s company.
  • What does warranty cover and how is service realized?

    Warranty on massage armchairs, provided by Rest Lords covers full service realized at Client’s place, without necessity of delivering massage armchairs to service department. Warranty is granted on massage armchair and all of its units. According to warranty records it is realized within 21 days from filling the form on our website.

  • What can I get after the warranty period expires?

    First thing is extension of warranty period paid during purchasing armchair.
    Second thing is ordering paid service, which price is determined before arriving to Client’s place.

    It’s good to mention, that due to high quality and failure-free character of our massage armchair repairs are incidental.

    We repair only Fujiiryoki, Tokuyo, Massaggio and Keyton armchairs.

  • Where can I try out the massage chairs?

    There are two ways to try out a massage chair before you buy it. The first is to request a private demonstration. The second is to visit one of the Rest Lords showrooms. In quiet, comfortable and, above all, intimate atmosphere, you can inspect and try out each of the models we have on offer. The showrooms in Poland are located in the Wawel Passage in Olsztyn, at 7 Szewczenki street, premises 11 and in Wrocław, at 46 Prądzyńskiego street, premises 1B.

  • Is it possible to supply massage chair abroad?

    Of course! The massage chairs are shipped via DB Schenker courier company. The cost of delivery depends on the country to which we send the seat, while the duration of such an order is from 3 to 8 working days. For more information about sending abroad, see our article Delivery of massage chair abroad.

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