dostawa foteli masujących Rest Lords

Here, at Rest Lords, we offer a choice of two delivery options for your massage chair, each with their respective advantages.

Carefree Delivery

First of all, we focus on a professional and comprehensive service, which is why each of our massage chairs (standard offer) is delivered under the “Carefree Delivery” formula.

By choosing this type of delivery, the massage chair is delivered to you on a pre-agreed date, approximately within 3-5 days. The delivery is carried out by our qualified personnel, with our own transport and yes, as the name itself suggests, the delivery is performed without you having to worry about anything. Our representatives bring in,

The unquestionable advantage of this form of delivery is all-round convenience, where you receive the massage chair ready for use at a previously specified time and place.

Courier delivery

The other form of delivery is the express courier delivery carried out by the professional courier company with whom we closely cooperate, shipping the massage chairs to every corner of Poland.

Under this option, the massage chair, properly secured, is shipped on a pallet and delivered by courier within 72 hours at the latest. Most often, however, it is delivered the following working day. In this mode of delivery, placing the chair and assembling it is your own task. However, two people equipped with the instruction manual need only 30 minutes to enjoy a massage on the massage chair. In addition, there are videos on our website demonstrating the assembly and operating manual. There, you will see how the massage chair is packaged, how to assemble it and how to prepare it for use, which may prove helpful when choosing this form of delivery.

Courier delivery abroad

As part of the courier delivery, we offer the possibility to ship the massage chair outside Poland. Delivery is handled by the professional courier company with whom we closely cooperate, delivering massage chairs across the European Union. In this form of delivery, the massage chair is also properly secured and fixed on a pallet. Similarly to shipping by courier in Poland, you have to bring it in and assemble it by yourself. The cost and time of delivery depends on your exact address. You can find out more in this blog article.