Zero Gravity and other ways to recline your chair


Most people associate massage with lying down, but the traditional concept of lying is not always necessary to have a massage. In massage chairs, massage is performed in several different positions. There are chairs that massage in a lying position, of course, like the Zero Gravity position, there are models that do not recline and ones in which only the footrest moves up. Below you will find out how massage chairs recline and how this affects the massage.

The solution for people who want to opt for an armchair with more advanced functions, and are afraid that the armchair will take up a lot of space, is Zero Wall. This function allows you to set the massage chair just 10 cm from the wall – enough for it to unfold.

Non-reclining massage chair

In massage chairs that do not recline, the massage is performed in a sitting position. These are usually models of compact size, which offer basic massage and which can easily fit into any room. Often such a chair (for example the Massaggio Piccolo we have on offer) is one of the choices for people who don’t have enough space. One more example are chairs with fixed backrest but adjustable footrest. The back is massaged in a sitting position, while the legs can be stretched out to enjoy a relaxing massage. An extendable footrest with adjustable angle is available in the Massaggio Ricco model.

Horizontal position – lying down

The backrest is lowered down and the footrest with leg massager goes up. You can stop the process of reclining at any time and choose the most comfortable position for your massage. However, keep in mind that the farther back you lie, the stronger the massage. Gravity simply does its job.

We should also mention the flat position featured in the Fujiiryoki JP2000 chair. It is also a reclined position, but the construction of the chair has been specially shaped so that the body assumes a sleeping position.

Zero GravitY

It is considered to be the most comfortable massage position. In the video above, Paweł explains what Zero Gravity is, what it involves and what makes it different from other massage chair functions.

Zero Gravity is a natural body position in which the angle between the torso and thighs is approximately 125 degrees and the knees are raised to the heart level, resulting in the most optimal relaxation for the entire body.

It is said that this position was scientifically confirmed by NASA researchers (hence its name) when they were looking for the ideal position for astronauts. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the massage chair reclining into the Zero Gravity position allows the back muscles to be thoroughly massaged. Until now the Zero Gravity position has appeared exclusively in the most complex and advanced chairs, such as Massaggio Stravagante 2 or Esclusivo 2, but we already have compact models, such as Massaggio Bello 2, which can boast this technology.

Beneficial effects of Zero Gravity in massage chairs

This is first of all an extremely comfortable massage chair position, which makes the massage very pleasant and incredibly relaxing, with the joints benefiting from the greatest relief. But the benefits of Zero Gravity can also include:

  • reduction of muscle tension,
  • relieving pressure on the spine,
  • lowered blood pressure,
  • increased lung capacity,
  • better oxygenation of the muscles.

Positioning the body in Zero Gravity means that the heart doesn’t have to pump blood defying gravity, instead it distributes it freely throughout the body.

What opinions about Zero Gravity do our customers have?

The chair is brilliant, the Zero Gravity feature makes you feel suspended in the air. A completely different feeling than a seated massage. I recommend!


Zero Gravity has one disadvantage, however. Because the backrest remains in a fixed position in relation to the seat, it’s not possible to perform a full-body stretch in this position. This programme is only available in chairs with flat type reclining. The airbags then grip the shoulders and calves, and the seat reclines to carry out the stretching programme. The Zero Gravity position only allows the legs to be stretched.

As you see, each of the ways of reclining the massage chair has its own benefits. It all depends on your needs, space availability and individual preferences. If you already know which one suits you best, take a look at our offer and if you have any questions after reading, feel free to contact us.


Paul, does every massage chair recline?

Unfortunately no. Not all of them. Let me explain.
The very basic models do not recline, some just have a footrest which can be moved up or down to support your legs. Others just have a movable backrest, but this is not a very comfortable position. However, most massage chairs do recline to a flat position, as if lying on a bed or to a Zero Gravity position.

What do you mean by Zero Gravity position?

Zero Gravity is also called the antigravitational position, which was developed during NASA research programs. People from NASA were looking for a perfect position for astronauts, who handle huge gravity loads during the launch of the ship into orbit. Zero Gravity became a game-changing discovery, and is still used in astronautics and many fields of biological regeneration.

So how does this work in a massage chair?

I would say that nowadays it’s a common feature of massage chairs. Zero Gravity function is primarily a position which your body takes while lying on the chair. Usually the parts of a massage chair recline separately, the seat stays stable, the backrest moves downwards, the foot-rest rises and your body becomes horizontal.

In models with Zero Gravity, the backrest and the seat recline together and your knees move to heart level, therefore creating a specific angle between your legs and your body. This makes it easier to promote blood circulation and release stiffness in your spine and linked body muscles.

That’s really interesting, so is this position healthier for your body?

Placing the body in the Zero Gravity position instead of a flat or sitting position means that the heart doesn’t have to pump blood in defiance of gravity and it is being freely distributed throughout the body. I would simply say that it is an incredibly cosy, comfortable and relaxing massage position. I should add, that it’s important to remember that in a reclined position, the body is pressed against the massager and so the massage received is more intense. So in the first few days, to avoid muscle soreness, you must be careful not to over-use the chair- especially in the reclined position.

Have I explained it clearly enough for you?

Yes, I can now see that Zero Gravity is a much needed function, and offers an even better massage session.

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Published: 2023.06.29

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