Zero Wall in the massage chair


Although it doesn’t directly affect the quality of your massage, the Zero Wall feature can prove to be extremely useful in various situations. Find out how Zero Wall works, what characterises it and all about its benefits.

How does the Zero Wall function work in massage chairs?

Thanks to Zero Wall, all you need is five centimetres of free space between the massage chair and the wall behind it. When it reclines, the massage chair automatically moves away from the wall.

In comparison, you need at least 25-30 cm between the massage chair and the wall if you have a massage chair that does not feature Zero Wall.

Massage chairs with Zero Wall function:

What are the advantages of the Zero Wall function in massage chair?

The massage chair can be pushed almost all the way up against the wall, thus creating more space in the room. You can also opt for a larger, more advanced massage chair with the Zero Wall function that will take up the same amount of space as a smaller, compact massage chair without this functionality… or even less!

The aesthetic aspects also play a major role here. Massage chairs fit in nicely in a room when there is no empty, unused space behind them. So, unless you’re planning on placing it in the middle of the room, the Zero Wall function comes in really handy.

And that would be all about the Zero Wall feature in massage chairs. Nothing more, nothing less – this is probably the shortest entry on our blog :-)

You can find several models with Zero Wall function in our product range. Have a look at them or contact us – we will assist you in choosing the perfect model.


– What does Zero Wall function mean?

It helps you to save space in a room. Let me explain.
Zero wall function is sometimes called Zero space or No space function, and it is about the type of reclining backrest in massage chairs. Models with this function can be placed near to the wall. A gap of 5 cm is enough, because while reclining, the massage chair construction will move away from the wall.

– Is it different from other models?

Yes, models without Zero Wall function require a free space behind them to recline the backrest. It needs about 45 cm between the wall and the massage chair to avoid scraping [srEJ pin] against the wall.

– Is it very important?

It depends on where you intend placing the massage chair. If you put it in the middle of the room, away from the walls, it’s not very important. However, if you don’t have much space, or you want to put it next to the wall, Zero Wall function will work. It will save space even if you get a big model.

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Published: 2023.08.24

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