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Bodyfriend Phantom Care



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Special product features:
  • special cervical massage
  • PEMF pulsating electromagnetic field
  • Brain and Mental Massage
  • Care Mode
  • XD massage system
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Bodyfriend Phantom Care Neck massage

Professional neck massage

An extraordinary neck massage that improves circulation, reduces pain and muscle tension around the neck, nape and back, resulting in increased flexibility and greater mobility. This massage chair achieves this in three ways: using an innovative headrest that stabilizes the neck and head, a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), and all this comes together through specialized massage programs using airbags.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Magnetotherapy

More than magnetotherapy

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) means a system positioned between the balls of a massager that moves from the neck along the line of the spine. The combination of classic massage techniques with PEMF enables improved relaxation, muscle recovery and pain reduction. The chair also uses the effect of a magnetic field on the soles of the feet and hands.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care PEMF icon

Pemf Massage

Alleviating pain with pulsed electromagnetic field.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care magnetic sole acupressure

Magnetic Sole Acupressure

Acupressure + Magnetotherapy of the soles of the feet.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care magnetic hand acupressure

Magnetic Hand Acupressure

Acupressure + hand Magnetotherapy.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Positions

Advanced massage programmes

Numerous advanced programmes deliver a relaxing, multidimensional massage accompanied by relaxing music. The exclusive Brain Music technology plays music using different frequencies to positively tune and relax the mind.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Care Mode icon

Care Mode

Operating modes confirmed by Korean certification for medical equipment.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care 43 automatic programmes icon

Auto Mode

Standard automatic massage programmes.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Brain Massage icon

Brain Massage

Unique massage modes to boost brain activity.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Mental Massage icon

Mental Massage

Unique massage programmes to improve emotional stability.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Scanning

Scanning and Adjustment

Remarkable precision in detecting the shape of the spine which adapts the applied massage to the specific, individual shape of the spine in real time. All this translates into perfection of the movements and unforgettable satisfaction from the very beginning to the last minutes of the massage.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Auto Body Scanning icon

Auto Body Scanning

Automatic body scan.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care XD massage icon

XD Massage

Massage system with 5 levels of massage intensity adjustment.

Bodyfriend  Phantom Care Airbags

Airbag Massage

In this massage chair, the massage performed with airbags reaches all parts of the body and delights users by relaxing any tense muscles. It allows them to be stretched and it removes everyday fatigue. Through pulsation, light pressure, gentle kneading and pulsating compression, you can literally drift away…

Bodyfriend Phantom Care airbags massage icon

Airbag Massage

59 airbags working in compression or pulsation mode.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care thigh stimulation massage icon

Thigh-Stimulation Massage

Stimulation of thigh muscles producing a stretching effect.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care leg massage

Leg Massage

The combination of massage rollers with airbags offers blissful relaxation to the thighs, calves and feet. The moving rollers perfectly massage the feet, penetrating the deepest layers of our muscles. Just like an experienced masseur, they target the areas that need massage the most, eliminating any tension and relieving the pain. Particular emphasis is placed here on caring for the condition of the Achilles tendons. The automatically extending footrest, adapts to the user's height, providing real comfort during the massage session.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care sole rolling massage icon

Sole Rolling Massage

Triple roller foot massage.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care calf rolling massage icon

Calf Rolling Massage

Unique roller calf massage.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care auto leg icon

Auto Leg Adjust

Automatic adjustment of footrest extension.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Heating


The warm embrace of the chair ensures that the muscles in the back and lumbar region are sufficiently warmed up. When activated, the heating function has a soothing and relaxing effect. The pleasant warmth will help to properly prepare your muscles for the massage. This feature is especially appreciated during colder evenings, when a blissful warmth spreads over the whole body…

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Pilot

Controls and Safety

32 automatic programmes
6 massage techniques
5 levels of intensity

All functions of the massage chair are controlled using a handy, intuitive remote control. The extensive control options allow you to quickly and conveniently select programmes, massage techniques and favourite functions. Carefree use is ensured by the integrated Anti-Trap Sensor.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Zero Gravity Wall

Other Features

The massage chair is also equipped with a number of features that improve its effectiveness and usability.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Zero gravity icon

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity position that alleviates stress on joints and muscles.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Auto slide icon

Auto Slide

Saving space – the chair will move away from the wall by itself.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Bluetooth icon


High-quality Bluetooth speakers for music playback.

Bodyfriend Phantom Care Design


The design of the chair contributes to its innovative character that catches the eye. The materials used, as well as metallic and chrome details, give it an exclusive look that can't be ignored by anyone. Phantom Care blends perfectly with a modern or industrial interior style, while in more traditional rooms it can provide an interesting contrast with a distinctly futuristic touch.

Check the dimensions:

Bodyfriend Phantom Care in numbers

Additional information





Number of automatic programs


Own program memory


Number of massage techniques


The scope of operation of massage techniques

holistic, in the selected range, pointwise

Range of massage with massage arms

SL-shape: neck↔︎thighs

Massage strenght levels for massage arms


Levels of airbag massage strength


Massage width levels for massage arms


Massage speed levels for massage arms


Massage system


Air massage zones

shoulders, forearms, buttocks, calves, feets

Number of airbags


Foot massage

airbags, rollers

Roller massage speed levels



Zero Gravity


back (carbon matting)


whole body


PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) system integrated in the massage head, hands, feets

Additional functions

special programmes: Care, Brain, Mental, head and neck stabilisation system for neck and neck massage, Zero Wall, advanced stretching functions, safety sensor, Bluetooth speakers, USB charger

Height limit

190 cm

Weight limit

150 kg

Dimensions in a sitting position

158,6 x 86,5 x 121,8 cm ( L x W x H )

Dimensions in a lying position

195 x 86,5 x 96 cm (L x W x H)

Box dimensions

167x 90 x 152 cm (L x W x H) 3 boxes

Seat width

53 cm

The minimum width of the door opening

75 cm


151 kg

Rated power input

180 W


eco leather


12 mth (companies), 24 mth (individuals)

Country of production

South Korea

Warranty extension

+1 year, +2 years, +3 years


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Videos about Bodyfriend Phantom Care

Massage chair Bodyfriend Phantom Care - Neck Muscle Regeneration Expert

See the Bodyfriend Phantom Care massage chair in action, which is a specialist in the cervical spine! The model offers an extraordinary massage, using an innovative headrest stabilizing the neck and head, electromagnetic field (PEMF), and everything is connected with specialized massage programs using airbags.


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