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Heating in massage chairs, considered by many to be one of the most pleasant features, still raises many questions. In this post, we will explain how it works, describe the different body areas it affects, and list the relaxation and health benefits of using it systematically during a massage session.

The essence and methods of heating in a massage chair

Heating in a massage chair is a feature that aims to provide additional comfort and relaxation through heat that penetrates deep into the body. The types of heating can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the chair, as they are based on different technologies and heat-emitting materials.

In our vlog, Paweł briefly explains how heating works in massage chairs and how it affects the user’s well-being.

In the chairs available in our offer, heating is possible thanks to infrared radiation (IR). Their use is well known from Infrared saunas, a little less so from space observation techniques or data transmission in remote controls.

The heat in a massage chair can be emitted by:

  • carbon mat;
  • graphene mat;
  • heated massager balls;
  • jade in the massage mechanism; 
  • heating fibre;
  • heated foot massage rollers.

Carbon mat and graphene mat

Both carbon and graphene mats heat the body quickly and efficiently by sending infrared waves deep into the tissues. However, graphene has better thermal emission and a higher conversion rate, resulting in lower energy consumption. In carbon mat heating, as used, for example, in the Massaggio Eccelente 2 Pro, the maximum temperature can be felt in about 2-3 minutes after the function has been activated. Heating with a graphene mat can be felt just as quickly but thanks to lower energy consumption, it allows additional electricity savings. An example of a chair that uses the graphene mat is the iRest Grandease (A550).

Heated massager balls

Heating in massager balls is a popular treatment in Bodyfriend chairs. The heated massage balls provide a moving source of heat acting exactly where the massage is currently taking place. This makes the massage mechanism reminiscent of the warm masseur’s hands moving over the body, deepening the pleasant sensations during a massage session. This type of heating can be found, for example, in the Phantom Rovo and Davinci models.

Jade in the massage mechanism 

Another solution found in massage chairs is heating through jade in the massage mechanism. This is an alternative to the heated massager balls described above. Although it works in the same way, it fundamentally differs in the material incorporated in the massage mechanisms – namely, it uses natural jade stones, valued in Eastern medicine for their therapeutic properties. This type of heating is the only one in our range provided by the iRest Maesthron (A801).

Heating fibre

Heating fibre is another way of heating massage chairs. Distributed inside the individual elements of the chair, it creates zones independent of each other. This innovative type of heating is used in the Bodyfriend Davinci armchair, in which, in addition to the heated massage balls, there are four zones heated by the heating fibre: waist, hands, calf and foot areas.

Heated foot massage rollers

On some models, manufacturers have also provided heating in the foot massage rollers – available, for example, on the Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo model. Such a facility provides an optimum massage for tired feet by warming up their tissues and improving blood circulation.

Sometimes the massage chair offers the possibility to adjust the heat level up to 3 degrees! In our offer, this feature is available, for example, in the Massaggio Esclusivo 2 or the Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo mentioned earlier. Another attractive feature is the regulation of heating zones, thanks to which the user can use all zones together or each of them separately. This solution can be found in the Bodyfriend Davinci, Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo and iRest Maesthron chairs.

Areas of the body that can be heated

There are many different heated massage chairs available on the market. Most commonly, heat-emitting materials are placed in the back of the chair, warming the user’s back, as in the iRest Easyq (A166). Some seats, however, extend this feature with double-sided heating using a detachable heating mat called a collar – as it provides the possibility of heating not only the back area but also the torso and even the abdomen if necessary. The first example of this solution was the Fujiiryoki JP2000. Today the Fujiiryoki JP3000 and some iRest models such as the Maesthron (A801), Brillactiq (A6650) and Grandease (A550) also have the heating collar.

Additional areas that can be heated during the massage include the calves, as in the Massaggio Stravagante 2, and the feet. The calves are usually heated by a carbon mat placed in the upholstery of the footrest. In the case of the feet, it can be either a carbon mat, used for example in the Fujiiryoki JP2000 and JP3000 models, or heated foot massage rollers. An exception is the Davinci Bodyfriend chair, which uses an innovative heating fibre to warm the calves and feet.

Another body area that can be covered by the heating feature is the hands. Interestingly, the only armchair providing this facility is the aforementioned Davinci Bodyfriend, which by using heating supports light therapy during an acupressure hand massage, promoting the relief of osteoarticular pain.We can experience the longest heating range, from the neck to the buttocks, thanks to the jade used in the massage mechanism of the iRest Maesthron (A801) chair, as well as the heated massage balls in the Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo and Davinci models.

ogrzewanie schemat fotele masujace rest lords
1. Back heating; 2. Torso heating; 3. Hand heating; 4. Calf heating; 5. Soles of feet heating; 6. Integrated heating with foot massaging rollers; 7. Integrated heating with massaging mechanism

Benefits of heating in a massage chair

The heating in the massage chair, which penetrates deep into the tissues, relaxes muscle tension and perfectly prepares them for the massage performed by the massage arms. This improves their effectiveness and enhances the pleasant sensations. The heat spreading over the body relieves muscle pain, supports the treatment of injuries, and has a positive effect on proper circulation. What’s more, using the heating during a massage in the massage chair makes us feel more relaxed and rested, so we get better sleep and react more smoothly to stress.

An additional advantage of some heated massage chairs is that you can use this function without having to start a massage, which we don’t always feel like doing. On colder days, after a long walk or returning from work, we can sit in a comfortable chair, cover ourselves with a blanket, turn on the heating and relax, letting the warmth penetrate deep into the body. This possibility is provided by Bodyfriend and Fujiiryoki armchairs.

It is worth remembering that there are also contraindications to using the heating feature, so use it wisely. When joints or muscles are inflamed, the use of heating is discouraged, recommending cooling instead.
The heat penetrating deep into the body provides a pleasant sensation, relaxes and improves the effectiveness of the massage. If you want to have a massage chair with a heating feature always at hand, have a look at our offer and check out our models. If, on the other hand, you need help choosing a chair or have any questions while reading, please contact us.


Paul, is there a heating function available in massage chairs?

Yes, some models have it, I will explain how it works. Some massage chairs models have a heating function. It is usually placed in a backrest, but a few offer it for the feet and even the calves. It is an enjoyable experience and can enhance the effect of the massage.

How does it work?

Some models have massage arms which warm up during the massage, but using heating mats under the upholstery is more popular. It is made from carbon fibre and using infrared radiation it can warm your muscles up to 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature is achieved within 2-3 minutes.

How does it affect my body?

It mainly warms inner muscles, relieves tension and facilitates the massage performed by the massaging arms. Basically, it’s a very comfortable and cosy function, which once again can improve the massage session.

Can I use it every session?

It is worth remembering that heating should only be applied during a relax-orientated massage session. When you suffer from inflammation of joints or muscles, sometimes it is advisable not to apply heat.

Can I use it without the massage chair?

In most of the models, yes. It works separately from the massage chair mechanism. So, you can use the heating, while having a nap on a cold evening.

Are there any new features around?

Innovative models have introduced a removable heating mat. It can be used on the back or front of the body, but for me, it’s most valuable in the backrest and for the feet.

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Published: 2024.04.05

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