Range of massage and L-shape technology in massage chairs


The back massage, which is the most prominent feature of massage in a massage chair, is being constantly refined and improved. Engineers are always looking for new features that would allow the massage to cover an even longer section and adapt even better to the shape of our body. Read on to find out about each model’s massage range and reach and what technologies support it.

Range of massage in massage chairs

Massaging arms imitating the movements of a masseur’s hands slide inside the chair along specially designed linear guides located in the backrest and more and more often inside the seat. In models where back massage is limited to the simple section running from the neck through the pectoral region to the lumbar area, the length of the frame does not exceed 90 cm. One example of a chair with this type of massage is the Fujiiryoki JP2000, where the massaging arms relieve the tension accumulated in the muscles along the entire length of the spine, which works wonders when it comes to this model.

However, it’s far more common for massage chairs to be equipped with L-shape technology, also known as L-track or L-frame, and which is responsible for extending the massage range, allowing it to be delivered over a longer distance.

L-shape and SL-shape in massage chairs

In L-shape technology, the guide along which the massaging arms travel is gently curved and shaped like the letter L. As a result, the massage range is extended and can reach up to 130 cm. In models equipped with this mechanism, the massage range covers the entire length of the spine, down to buttocks and upper thighs.

SL-shape is a derivative of the L-shape function, with the massaging arms running along the S-shape guide with an additional curve in the upper section, near the chest. Thanks to this profiling, the massaging arms better align with the natural shape of the spine, delivering massage from the neck to the thighs.

You can use the SL-shape function in the Massaggio Stravagante 2, Esclusivo 2, Eccellente 2 Pro, Eccellente 2 as well as in the compact models: Bello 2 and Piccolo.

It’s worth noting at this point that in massage chairs with the SL-shape function, the backrest and seat are coupled together and constitute a single structure. Therefore, when the chair reclines, the body remains in the same position. With newer models, however, the backrest and seat operate separately, which makes it possible to remain in a reclined position and still use the stretching function effectively.

Strengths of massage chairs with L-shape and SL-shape function

L-shape and SL-shape features are considered to be among the most pleasant functionalities of massage chairs, as well as the most surprising. First of all, they allow you to tend to your thighs and buttocks, which are quite an underestimated muscle, and we must remember that it’s the muscles of the buttocks that allow us to straighten up and stand on our feet. Besides, massage of the buttocks in a massage chair improves blood circulation in them, influences the firmness and roundness as well as the height of the buttocks, prevents development of stretch marks and also has anti-cellulite effect.

Truth be told, the buttocks are a rather intimate area and sometimes massaging them can cause discomfort, which is why they are rarely made accessible to masseurs. This is when massage chairs offering buttocks massage can come in handy.

We hope that we have given you an overview of the massage range offered by massage chairs and how one of the most relaxing yet surprising features of massage chairs works. If you have any questions or need assistance with choosing the perfect model, feel free to contact us.


Paul, please can you explain what a massage chair is?

It is not easy to explain in one short answer. How much time have you got? Many people think that a massage chair simply vibrates, but let me explain that it is a chair which uses a sophisticated, electronic mechanism to massage and relax your body. You can use it on your own, at home or in your office, whenever you want. If you’ve had a hard day at work – you can turn it on and just chill out, if you have stiff muscles – let the massage chair release them, if you need more energy – select the right programme and the chair will wake you up.

Can you tell me how it works?

There are three main elements.

Let me start from the back-rest, where there is a Mechanical massage system inside, which provides a gentle movement with adjustable speeds and in some models adjustable strengths. It has massaging arms which move up and down your spine from your neck to your hips, imitating human hand movements and massage techniques. Secondly, there is the air massage system, which uses air cushions to gently press your muscles and promote blood circulation. Depending on the specific models, there are usually airbags for the feet, legs, hands and arms. You can feel the result of this massage within 10 (to) 15 minutes. Your muscles should loosen, the heavy leg feeling should disappear and you will start to relax.

In addition to these two massage systems, there are some extra features which offer a greater massage experience. In some models there are stretching programmes, heating in the back-rest or foot-rest and also rollers for the feet. There are also special settings like zero – gravity position, zero – wall function, L-shape tracking, advanced scanning systems and many, many more…

So a massage chair can do lots of different things.

Yes, they have many functions and the market is growing, with new features and techniques being developed all the time. Massage mechanisms are getting better and better. So, I have just given a simple explanation of what a massage chair is and how it works. The functions of a massage chair and all of these features need to be explained in more detail.

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Published: 2023.08.10

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