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Poland's only vlog about massage chairs

Yes… this is a website about the massage chairs. Or perhaps it’s an online store with massage chairs? Not quite! Indeed – we sell them – but we devote a lot of our time to discuss them and we enjoy doing so. You see… a massage chair is a device that simply makes our life better. Our clients have been experiencing it for several years, and you? What do you think about massage chairs? Have you already experienced massage in the massage chair? Or maybe you’ve just heard something… Some myths and stereotypes? Choosing a massage chair is not an easy decision.

That’s why we are giving you the largest blog in Poland focused exclusively on massage chairs and the first (and only) vlog with short videos discussing issues related to them. Here you’ll find factual articles, surprising trivia, inspiring news and, of course, us – chair experts (one of our clients called us professors), always ready to answer any of your questions. Do we know everything about massage chairs? Probably there are some things we can still learn… but our experience results from dealing with several thousand satisfied customers. We are proud of that, because every conversation with a new customer brings another unique insight. It’s great that you have come here, because now we’ll also be able to find out your expectations and advise you on selecting the right massage chair. :-)

And remember:Rest Lords - Your well being is all that matters here

Do you know, that...
Wiedza - który fotel wybrać?

What to follow when purchase

Which massage chair to choose?

On what you should pay attention when you want to make conscious choice of massage chair

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Wiedza o cenie foteli masujących

What determines the

Price of the massage chair

Why are they so different and what you can expect in individual price shelves

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Kraje produkcji foteli masujących

Massage chairs

Where are they produced?

How it is with the production of massage chairs and with what myths you can.

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Korzyści - dlaczego warto wybrać fotel masujący?

Why is it worth it?


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Kiedy warto używać foteli z masażem?

When is it particularly worth it?


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Porównanie wszystkich foteli masujących Massaggio EN

Comparison of all Massaggio massage chairs


Still wondering which chair to choose? See the table summarizing the series of articles in which we compared Massaggio massage chairs.

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vlog #29 EN

Which massage chair to choose (part 3/3) – vlog #29

Vlog RL

The third and final episode of our vlog series, in which we suggest “Which massage chair to choose?”. Enjoy the video!

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Massage chairs contraindications

Are there any contraindications to massage in massage chairs?


“I know some advantages of massage armchairs and maybe it would be good to buy massage armchair, but can I use it? Is it completely safe?” Those are common questions, which people ask very often, but I provide that after reading this article many things will be clear

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Comparison of all Massaggio massage chairs


Porównanie wszystkich foteli masujących Massaggio EN

Still wondering which chair to choose? See the table summarizing the series of articles in which we compared Massaggio massage chairs.

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Which massage chair to choose (part 3/3) – vlog #29

Vlog RL

vlog #29 EN

The third and final episode of our vlog series, in which we suggest “Which massage chair to choose?”. Enjoy the video!

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Are there any contraindications to massage in massage chairs?


Massage chairs contraindications

“I know some advantages of massage armchairs and maybe it would be good to buy massage armchair, but can I use it? Is it completely safe?” Those are common questions, which people ask very often, but I provide that after reading this article many things will be clear

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Rest Lords spot kompilacja wideo
Why us?

Massaggio Bello 2 - Magdalena

I have been using the armchair for two months and so far I am very happy. This model has many functions and is neat, quiet and fits well even in a small room. Wonderfully relaxes and brings relief, and is irreplaceable after a day. Best regards :)

Massaggio Stravagante 2 - Marian Paluchowski

This was supposed to be a birthday gift for my wife, but it became our shared gift. We are delighted with the massage techniques with adjustable pressure force. We appreciate the quality of workmanship and the look that makes the chair a decoration and not just a massage equipment. We are impressed with the service, assembly and smooth delivery.

Fujiiryoki JP2000 - Darek

I am a JP2000 user and this is my third chair. The product is second to none, it does a great job - the adjustable power of the rollers and pressure is enough to bring even a hard-skinned guy to tears. The seller is extremely competent, the lady on the phone is extremely friendly, the installation was quick and thorough and took 60 minutes. I sincerely recommend both the company and the product.

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massage chairs feedback rest lords

Massage chairs – feedback

Customer feedback on massage chairs is a vital part of our business. Read on to find out why it’s so important to both us and prospective buyers.

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Will i be using massage chairs?

Will I actually be using the massage chair?

Occasionally we get the following question: ” But will I actually be using this chair?”. We’ll help you find the answer in this article.

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Massage chair fot Christmas - Rest Lords

Massage chair as the best Christmas gift

Break the stereotypes and make something extraordinary for Christmas! It’s your last chance to think about Christmas gifts. Right here, right now. For your relatives… … and maybe on the occasion for yourself too? ;-)

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Rest Lords spot 2021 thumb - matka

That's how a massage chair works - mother

Look after yourself too, not just others. Unwind, recuperate, refresh both your body and your mind… That’s how a massage chair works!

Thumb vlog #24

Fujiiryoki A1 massage chair (1965)

We are talking about one of the first massage chairs Fujiryoki A1 which came to us straight from Japan.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Stravagante 2

Massaggio Stravagante 2 massage chair - the greatest amount of "the most"

The largest, the most modern, the most technologically advanced… Find out about its most important functions and see what its phenomenon is.

  • Why should you buy a massage chair from Us?

    It’ s because we are the best on the market! We are reliable, accurate, we pay attention to details starting from the presentation of different massage chairs, to the quality of our products, timely deliveries and professionalism, as well as the effectiveness of after sales services. We simply keep our word and treat customers as we would like to be treated, which is not obvious on today’s market. That’s what makes us enjoy the trust of thousands (yes, Thousands) of satisfied customers.

  • Who can I talk to about massage chairs?

    Everyone here is an expert who knows every chair like the back of their hand. Although we do sell massage chairs, we don’t employ any pseudo-telesellers with a “target” focus, but real people who will vouch for their words and assist you in choosing the right chair.

  • How long does it take to get an answer to my questions?

    We usually reply very quickly… :) We work regular hours, 8:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday and during this time you can count on our full availability. As for the spare time, although we love to discuss the massage chairs, we respect work – life balance… and we hope you do so, too :-) As a result, we call back our customers during business hours.

  • Where to buy the chair? What about the delivery and how do you transport it?

    First of all, our delivery service covers the whole country, whether you live in Gdynia, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk or Ustrzyki Górne – the ordered chair will reach you by courier or we will deliver it personally. If you opt for a courier delivery, the placement of the chair in your premises remains on your side, though majority of the chairs are of a size that should allow two people to manage the transport easily. If not, we are the only ones who offer Carefree Delivery, which guarantees delivery on time and full professionalism of the service along with the placement and instructions.

  • And what if I don't like the chair?

    You can return it within 30 days! Yes, for your comfort we have extended the statutory 14 days up to one month. However, to make sure that your purchase decision is correct, it is worth ordering an individual presentation in our showroom, during which you can test the selected model, ask for every little detail and then make an informed decision on buying a massage chair.

Mr Robert didn’t even thought that things will be different this time. He woke up at 6 AM, ate light and energetic breakfast and went jogging. He’s been taking care of himself and was satisfied with the progress. His mind and body was doing better, but… this time exhaustion, first symptoms of discouragement and lack of motivation have snuck. Possibilities, that he had, were endangered. He knew that he must do something. Maybe massage… whenever he wants… at his place…

This website was different. Mr Robert did not know anything about massage armchairs, but the more he read the blog, the bigger his knowledge in this topic was. It was visible in every sentence that experts from Rest Lords know what they are talking about.

When he already found out which armchair he wanted, Mr Robert was surprised with only few models of massage armchairs in the shop’s offer. After having a closer look he came to the conclusion that there is everything he can wish for – exclusive japanese Fujiiryoki, noteworthy Keyton, innovative Massaggio Stravagante or economic, functional and compact Massaggio Bello. Wondering and precise selection…

Each massage armchair was different, one of its kind and high quality. Each armchair had many functions and the newest technological solutions. But how to choose the one that suits you the most? He called…

In the morning it was out of Mr Robert’s mind that he will be talking about massage armchairs and now, expert from Rest Lords is patiently answering to all his questions. Step by step they were together choosing perfect massage armchair. Mr Robert felt more confident, he knew more and more, he was getting closer to the final choice.

In the meantime he found out that delivery of massage armchair is realised with our own transport, plus carrying in, assembly and instructions are guaranteed. This is real Carefree Delivery. It’s obvious that he couldn’t carry in a package which weights 90 kilograms! There is also an option of ordering an individual, non-committal presentation. The expert assured that massage chairs work practically without failure, but words are words. He was reassured by the fact that Rest Lords has its own, fast, mobile service.

It was also a surprise to him that each model is personally tested by the company owners before implementing them into the offer. Care, which isn’t common on market nowadays. That explains why our offer is so narrow and carefully picked.

He was sure that massage armchair is what he wants and what he needs. He was choosing between two models

Mr. Robert made a choice. He uses the massage chair every day, whenever he wants to. By massaging, the armchair relieves tension, relaxes muscles, brings soothing relief, regenerates and relieves stress. Regular massages significantly improved his well-being, he is relaxed, relaxed and more effective. He doesn’t even admit to his wife that he likes L-SHAPE the most ;-)

And wife? She also uses the massage chair regularly. In addition, not only she – sometimes family or friends visits… more and more frequently. Time to think about moving the massage chair from the salon … ;-)

Mr. Robert and hundreds of satisfied Rest Lords customers know that the slogan “Your wellbeing is all that matters here” are not words thrown to the wind. And you?