Deep tissue massage in a massage chair


This is one of the most popular forms of massage, well-known to regular visitors of massage and physiotherapy centers. Until now, this treatment, bridging the gap between relaxation and therapeutic massage, was performed only by professionals, and now it is also available in massage chairs. This article will tell you about what deep tissue massage is, how it is performed, and what indications it has.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage where the masseur’s touch or the massaging arms reach down to the soft tissues, effectively influencing their structure and mobility. Its main goal is to reduce pain. Besides, it also affects muscle relaxation, maintaining proper body posture, and improving the range and quality of movement. This is possible thanks to gradually removing tensions and dysfunctions that have appeared precisely in the area of the soft tissues. And although the name might suggest otherwise, this massage is extremely gentle and kept at a slow pace, so every movement is made with precision and appropriately selected pressure. Deep tissue massage does not cause pain or discomfort to the person being massaged.

Indications for deep tissue massage

The use of deep tissue massage is very wide, but there are several particular indications for its use. It is recommended especially for people experiencing chronic muscular pain, but also for people with reduced joint mobility, inflammatory conditions of joints, muscles, tendons, or symptoms of sciatica and shoulder pain. It is effectively used also in posture defects. And although deep tissue massage is primarily useful for health reasons, it perfectly suits when experiencing neuralgia, stress, or fatigue.

Effects of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage influences the increase in joint mobility and significantly reduces stiffness and muscle pain, as well as increases the length and elasticity of muscle fibers. It is especially recommended for active people, those practicing sports, and those at risk of injuries. Like other types of massage, it contributes to the improvement of general well-being and comfort.

Deep tissue massage in the Fujiiryoki JP3000 massage chair

The Fujiiryoki JP3000, the most advanced chair of the Japanese brand, has been equipped with a 5D AI+ massage system. To customize the massage, it uses an improved artificial intelligence algorithm and a two-massage-ball mechanism that has been refined for many years. The massage balls extend in a specific movement sequence towards the muscles – to a depth of up to 12.5 cm. Precise and effective ball movement is possible thanks to the double scanning system: the chair marks 8 key points along the spine line, so the massage is individually tailored and accurate. JP3000 is able to adjust the technique, fluidity, and speed of the massage to the current muscle condition of the user in real-time. Such a deeply acting massage effectively releases tension and removes chronic pain, leaving muscles fully relaxed and pleasantly soothed. It’s also worth mentioning the foot massage rollers, performing Shiatsu massage. The feet are held in place by air cushions, while the soles are massaged by specially shaped rollers, making them quickly regain lightness.

One might ask: is it safe? Yes, it is safe: the Fujiiryoki JP3000 massage chair, as one of the few in the world, has a Japanese medical equipment certificate.

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Published: 2023.11.03

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