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We are continuing the series – another article on our blog with a detailed comparison of the functions and capabilities of two Massaggio massage chairs. Massaggio Bello and Massaggio Piccolo are two models with compact sizes and basic massage functions that introduce our offer. As in previous comparisons, the chairs differ in price and colour, but obviously the most important are the functions. We presented the differences in the following article.

The advantage of Massaggio Bello massage chair over Piccolo

The advantages of Massaggio Bello over Piccolo, although not numerous, significantly affect the quality and comfort of the massage. 

  • More extensive back massage – Massaggio Bello massage chair is famous for a more advanced back massage. It offers 7 automatic programs and 5 massage techniques in 15-minute cycles. Massaggio Piccolo, on the other hand, offers 3 automatic programmes and 3 massage techniques.
  • Unfolding into a lying position – is an extremely important difference in the compared models. Massaggio Bello chair automatically folds out into a lying position. It can also be freely adjusted – the massage can be started in any position, whether slightly inclined or maximally unfolded. Massaggio Piccolo chair does not fold out, the massage is performed in a sitting position. 
  • Calf massage – is another very important function, noticeable when comparing the external appearance of the chairs. Massaggio Bello’s calf massage in Massaggio Bello massage chair is performed by using airbags and a stretching programme that bring relaxation and lightness to the legs. Massaggio Piccolo chair does not have this function.
  • Heating – the backrest of Massaggio Bello massage chair is heated up to 40 degrees Celsius using infrared radiation, thanks to which during the massage the chair pleasantly warms the back, providing pleasant relaxation and comfort. 

The advantage of the massage chair Massaggio Piccolo over Bello

Massaggio Piccolo, in addition to being cheaper, has several features that Massaggio Bello does not have, which can certainly provide many pleasant sensations.

  • SL-shape – is a technology that is used in the most expensive massage chairs. Thanks to this technology, the range of massage ranges from the neck to the thighs. In Massaggio Bello chair, however, the massage is performed on a shorter distance – from the neck to the lumbar.
  • Music via Bluetooth – to increase the effect of relaxation, you can listen to your favorite music while massaging in Massaggio Piccolo chair. Just connect your phone or Hi-Fi system with the massage chair. 

We hope that this article will be helpful when comparing models and deciding on the ideal chair. A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the model can be found on the product page of Massaggio Bello or Massaggio Piccolo. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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Published: 2018.08.23

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