Privacy policy

§ 1
Privacy policy

  1. The present privacy policy determines rules of:
    • storage and access to information on User’s devices by using Cookies, which task is to realise services perceived electronically,
    • storage of personal details,
    • using newsletter service.

§ 2

  1. Administrator – means the Seller and owner of the website Rest Lords Limited liability company with its registered office in Olsztyn (10-274) at Tarasa Szewczenki 7 Street, local 11, NIP PL 7393926470.
  2. Cookies – means IT data, especially small text files, saved and stored in devices via which User surfs the websites,
  3. Administrator’s Cookies – means Cookies published by Administrator, related to providing electronic services by Administrator via website,
  4. Outside Cookies – means Cookies published by Administrator’s partners, via website,
  5. Website – means
  6. Device – means electronic device, via which User gets access to internet service.
  7. User – means subject on whose behalf, according to rules and law regulations, services can be perceived electronically or with whom can be made an Arrangement about perceiving services electronically.

§ 3
Types of used Cookies

  1. Cookies used by Administrator are safe for User’s device. Especially in this way impossible is transferring viruses, unwanted software or malware to Users’ Devices. Those files enable identifying software used by User and individually adjust The Website to every User. Cookies usually have name of internet domain, from which they come from, time of their storage on device and assigned value.
  2. Administrator uses two types of Cookies:
    • sessional Cookies: they are stored on User’s Device and remain there till the end of browser session.
      Saved information are permanently deleted from Device’s memory then. Session cookies mechanism doesn’t allow on downloading any personal details and sensitive information from User’s Device.
    • permanent cookies: are stored on User’s Device and remain there till the moment of deleting them. Ending browser session or turning off Device doesn’t cause deleting them from User’s Device. Permanent Cookies mechanism doesn’t allow on downloading any personal details and sensitive information from User’s Device.
  3. User is able to limit or turn off access of Cookies to your device. In case of taking advantage of this option. Surfing on the Website will be possible, except functions, which by definition require Cookies.

§ 4
What cookies are used for?

  1. Administrator uses Own Cookies to:
    • Configurate website: recognizing device of website User, suitable website displaying, adjusting to his individual needs; font size, web page appearance.
    • Realization of processes necessary for full functionality of websites: adjusting content of web pages to User’s preferences and optimization of websites use. Those files enable to recognize basic parameters of User’s Device and display web page adjusted to its individual needs.
    • Analyses, researches and preview of viewership: making anonymous statistics, which are helping to understand, how Users use the website, what enables improving its structure and content.
    • Providing safety and reliability of web page.
  2. Service administrator uses Outside Cookies in following purposes:
    • collecting general and anonymous statistics mediated by analytic tools Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
    • using interactive functions to popularize web page via Facebook.
    • using interactive functions to popularize web page via Twitter.
    • using interactive functions to popularize web page via YouTube and Vimeo.

§ 5
Ability to determine conditions of storage or access by Cookies

  1. User can manually and any time change Cookies settings, determining conditions of storage and gaining access via Cookies to User’s Device. Change of settings, referred in previous sentence, can be done in internet browser settings or via service configuration. Settings can be changed in such way, to block automatic Cookies support in browser settings or inform about each insertion on User’s device. Detailed information about possibility and ways how Cookies support works are available in software settings (internet browser).
  2. User can delete cookies at any time using available functions in internet browser that he is using.
  3. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Website.

§ 6
Data storage

Pursuant to the contents of Article 13(1) and (2) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) Official Journal of the European Union 2016, L 119,  p. 1, as amended. – hereinafter referred to as GDPR, we inform you that:

  1. The controller of personal data is Rest Lords Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Olsztyn, ul. Tarasa Szewczenki 7, unit 11, 10-274 Olsztyn, phone (89) 888 12 22, e-mail:, REGON 383085620, NIP 7393926470, KRS 0000780982.
  2. Personal data shall be processed only for the purpose for which it is collected, i.e. sending an advertisement, presenting a commercial offer, preparing, concluding and executing a contract, proper functioning of the website and social media accounts.
  3. Personal data shall not be made available to entities other than those authorised by law. Recipients of the data include, among others, entities providing IT services, maintenance of e-mail servers and the website, entities providing legal or audit services, as well as courier companies delivering our supplies. Appropriate data processing entrustment agreements have been concluded with all processors.
  4. The data submitter shall have the right to demand from the controller access to his/her personal data, to edit, delete or restrict the processing thereof, or to object to the processing, as well as the right to transfer such data. Requests to exercise the aforementioned rights are available to the data subjects at the controller’s premises.
  5. The data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority in accordance with the procedure and principles described on the website of the Office for Personal Data Protection at:
  6. Provision of data is voluntary and may result from a provision of law, a concluded contract, and in some cases, processing is carried out under an expressed consent, which may be revoked at any time without affecting the legality of processing carried out on the basis of consent given before its revocation.
  7. Personal data shall be processed until the purpose for which they have been collected is achieved. Detailed information on the data processing period will be provided to the data subject as soon as it is received by an authorised employee of the company. Such information can also be obtained from the Data Protection Officer.
  8. The list of entities cooperating with the controller and entrusted with the processing of personal data is available at the controller’s headquarters.
  9. In relation to personal data, decisions will not be taken by automated means; this includes profiling.

§ 7

  1. To use this service required are computer with Internet access, any internet browser, active and properly configured e-mail.
  2. Newsletter is free service, which consists of informing Users about bargains, contests, events, newnesses via periodic sending e-mails.
  3. Newsletter subscription consists of writing User’s e-mail address to form shared by Administrator on web page. Newsletter subscription by User constitutes User’s agreement on receiving free newsletter.
  4. Administrator, in a written agreement, can forward processing personal data to another subject, according to art. 31 of the act issued on 27th August 1997 about personal data protection.
  5. User has rights to his personal data access and to correct them.
  6. User has rights to get information if and how his personal data are processed and also information about purpose and range of processing his personal data.
  7. User has right to resign from newsletter service at any time. Subscription can be cancelled by clicking on link “Resignation”, which is at the bottom of each e-mail.
  8. Deleting User’s e-mail address from newsletter address database is instant and is signalled with an announcement confirming the operation.
  9. Customer by subscribing the newsletter agrees on sending by Administrator via newsletter advertisements and commercial information within the meaning of act issued on 18th June 2002 about providing electronic services (Journal of Laws from 2013, item 1422) on User’s e-mail account.
  10. Administrator reserves the rights to deleting account, which user violated those regulations or law in force in the Republic of Poland or intervenes in undisturbed taking advantage of service bu other users or delivering illegal content.

§ 8
“Cookies” policy:

  1. The data administrator informs that in order to ensure proper access to the website, short text files (hereinafter “cookies”) are stored on the computer of the user using it.
  2. Cookies are not used to process or store personal data, but only to maintain the session of the person visiting the website and to create viewing statistics, as well as help in the preparation of online surveys and campaigns.
  3. Based on the content of cookies, it is not possible to identify the person using the website.
  4. Each person using the website has the option of completely or partially excluding the option of saving cookies on their computer, but must take into account that the changes may hinder or prevent access to the website. Leaving the option of saving cookies is tantamount to agreeing to saving cookies on the computer of the person using the website.
  5. In its website uses the following cookies:
    • Domain: | Cookie name: IDE Validity:> year
    • Domain: Cookie name: fr | Validity: 3 months
    • Domain: | Cookie name: 1P_JAR, AID, APISID, CONSENT, HSID, NID, SAPISID, SID, SIDCC, SSID | Validity: from 7 days to 21 years (depending on the cookies)
    • Domain: | Cookie name: 1P_JAR, CONSENT, NID | Validity: from 7 days to 21 years (depending on the cookies)
    • Domain: Cookie name: DV, UULE Validity: from 10 minutes to 24 hours (depending on cookies)
    • Domain: | Cookie name: PHPSESSID, _dc_gtm_UA-28797913-2, _ga, _gat_UA-28797913-2, _gid | Validity: from the end of the session to 48 hours (depending on the cookies)

§ 9

Questions and comments should be reported directly via:

  • Contact form
  • e-mail:
  • telephone +48 729 086 390
  • Forwarding address:

Rest Lords Sp. z o.o.
st. Tarasa Szewczenki 7 loc.11
10- 274 Olsztyn, Poland

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