B2B cooperation

Fotele masujące Rest Lords - współpraca B2B

Rest Lords has been present on the market since 2009. Over this time we have built an efficient, scalable and profitable business model based on values, structured processes, technology, innovative product and natural approach to sales. Our focus is on sales using e-commerce and locally operating showrooms.

Our massage chairs provide relaxation for thousands of customers in Poland and Europe, and our company is constantly developing. We are currently looking for foreign business partners ready for close B2B cooperation.

If you want to generate profits, participate in the development of a proven business model, if you possess the ability and skills to operate a business, have own experience on a similar market, if you are able to commit time and resources, then there’s an open way to establish cooperation.

Professionalism and partnership are of great importance to us, therefore we’ll be glad to get to know you better. Contact us, let’s have a talk. We will analyze your potential and the situation of the market you operate on, and we’ll choose the most suitable business model to work with.

Direct contact regarding foreign cooperation:

Przemysław Pichalski
skontaktuj się z Rest Lords mob: +48 726 40 30 30