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Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo

Extraordinary power of independent leg massagers

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo



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Special product features:
  • independent leg massagers
  • XD Pro massage system
  • Brain and Mental Massage
  • Rovo Mode
  • body scanning in 15 s
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Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo leg move gif


The movement of leg massagers is inspired by the movement we perform while riding a bike. The left and right leg massage units operate separately from each other to allow for new range of motion, excellent stretching with asymmetrical extension and relaxation of deep muscles.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo icon rovo mode

Rovo Mode

Programmes using independent movement of leg massagers.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo icon healthcare massage

Healthcare Massage

Programmes aimed at alleviating various indispositions.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo Brain Massage icon

Brain Massage

Unique massage modes to improve brain activity.

Bodyfriend Phanrom ROvo Mental massage icon

Mental Massage

Unique massage programmes to boost emotional stability.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo XD PRO


Ultra-fast, yet comprehensive scan of the body for the most precise massage. A wide selection of meticulously designed automatic programmes. Technology that allows you to adjust the massage force to your specific needs and detect individual body parts. Finger Moving is responsible for the increased, precise range of motion of the massager balls reaching deeper into the body (in increments of 1.25 mm), as if you were being massaged with the fingers of a masseur.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo fast auto body scanning icon

Quick Auto Body Scanning

High-speed automatic body scan in 15 s.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo XD PRO icon

XD PRO Massage

Massage system with 5 levels of intensity adjustment and body part recognition.

Bodyfriend Phantom rovo Adjust each part icon

Each Body Part Adjust

High-precision massage settings for each individual body part.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo automatic programmes icon

Auto Mode

Standard automatic massage programmes.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo airbags


Holistic airbag massage with attention to individual body parts. Deceptively reminiscent of the one performed at the massage therapist… Pleasant feeling of being hugged brings relief and helps to reduce pain. Operating in compression and vibration mode effectively stimulates blood and lymph circulation within the body.

fotel masujacy bodyfriend phantom rovo icon 87 airbag massage

Airbag Massage

87 air pockets working in compression or vibration mode.

fotel masujacy bodyfriend phantom rovo icon pelvic thigh massage

Thigh-Stimulation Massage

Stimulation of thigh muscles producing a stretching effect.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo leg massage


A one-of-a-kind massage for fatigued legs in need of revitalization and regeneration. Unique heated foot massage rollers provide a warm in-depth acupressure massage. Heating around the calf area releases tensions accumulated after a long day, bringing blissful relaxation.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo sole rolling massage icon

Sole Rolling Massage

Triple roller foot massage.

Bodyfriend phantom Rovo heating calf sole icon

Calf/sole heating

Heating the calves and soles of the feet.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo auto leg icon

Auto Leg Adjust

Automatic adjustment of footrest extension.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo heating


Triple heating power. Warm and cosy massage with heated massage balls, supported by warming mats for the back and calf area. For a more comfortable massage, foot massage rollers are also equipped with heaters.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo pilot


47 automatic programmes
6 massage techniques
5 levels of intensity

Intuitive and efficient control of all the functions of the chair. Rovo saves and stores individual user preferences – favourite mode or massage position. Sitting in this chair means comfort, confidence and a guarantee of risk-free use, thanks to several built-in safety sensors.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo favorites icon


Stores up to eight frequently used modes and settings.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo quick on off icon

Quick on/off

Quickly turn the massage on and off for each body part.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo safety sensors icon

15 Safety Sensors

15 sensors to watch over user safety.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo position


The massage chair comes with numerous features that contribute to its efficiency and usability.

Fujiiryoki Phantom Rovo zero gravity icon

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity position that alleviates stress on joints and muscles.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo auto slide icone

Auto Slide

Saving space – the chair will move away from the wall by itself.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo bluetooth mode icon

Auto Bluetooth

High-quality Bluetooth speakers with automatic pairing.

Bodyfriend  Phantom Rovo Design


Rovo is a modern, uniquely futuristic design that is sure to catch the eye. Elegant finishing and avant-garde shapes allow the chair to blend perfectly into modern interiors, adding even more exceptional character to them. The chrome elements and metallic embellishments add to the exclusivity. Using this chair is a true feast for the senses and a soothing balm for the body and mind.


Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo in numbers

Additional information





Number of automatic programs


Own program memory


Number of massage techniques


The scope of operation of massage techniques

holistic, in the selected range, pointwise

Range of massage with massage arms

SL-shape: neck↔︎thighs

Massage strenght levels for massage arms


Levels of airbag massage strength


Massage width levels for massage arms


Massage speed levels for massage arms


Massage system


Air massage zones

arms, feet (two zones), hands, hips, pelvic floor, back, forearms, waist, thighs, buttocks, calves

Number of airbags


Foot massage

airbags, rollers

Roller massage speed levels



Zero Gravity


feet (in massage rollers), neck ←→ buttocks (in massage balls), back (carbon matting), calves (carbon matting)


whole body, asymmetric stretching



Additional functions

acupressure pad in the calf and hand area, WiFi communication for autonomous software updates, special programmes: Rovo, HealthCare, Brain, Mental, independent leg massagers, 15 safety sensors, Zero Wall, quick on/off of individual batches, Bluetooth speakers, USB charger

Height limit

190 cm

Weight limit

200 kg

Dimensions in a sitting position

141 x 86,5 x 123 cm (L x W x H)

Dimensions in a lying position

212 x 86,5 x 73 cm (L x W x H)

Seat width

48 cm


159,7 kg

Rated power input

170 W


eco leather


12 mth (companies), 24 mth (individuals)

Country of production

South Korea

Warranty extension

+1 year, +2 years, +3 years


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Videos about Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo

Massage chair Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo - Extraordinary power of independent leg massagers

See how the unique Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo massage chair with independent leg massagers works! The left and right legs move separately here, which enables a completely new range of work, perfect stretching with asymmetric stretching and relaxation of the deep muscles.


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