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Hotel – a place where sometimes we are only passing through, and sometimes we stay for longer. A good hotel is not only a place to stay, but also an experience that we often do not have on a daily basis… such as massage in a massage chair. In the following article we elaborate on what benefits a massage chair in your hotel or guesthouse can bring.

Where to place the massage chair in the hotel?

The placement of the massage chair depends on who will use it and what its main purpose will be. Will it be an amenity for all hotel guests, guests in the wellness area, or maybe it will be an exclusive addition for guests in the apartments?

In fact, there are three places in the hotel where you can put a massage chair. Of course, you may find more of them in your place, but we suggest you the most popular ones and those that work best for our clients. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to decide what you want the most and what is the purpose of inserting a massage chair right there.

Massage chair in the lobby

If placed close to the reception desk, it will be one of the first things your guests will notice upon arrival. And the moment of waiting for the room will be a great opportunity to propose a massage. Who doesn’t dream of relaxing and massaging tense muscles after a long journey? Most guests will surely be delighted by this possibility. It is worth remembering, however, that when placing the massage chair in the lobby, you should at least take care of a minimum of privacy and should not place the chair in the centre, so that the guests do not feel embarrassed by the presence of other people.

Massage chair in the apartment

Another place where you can place a massage chair is a suite or a room of a higher standard. Customers who decide to book such a room, for which they have to pay extra, look for additional amenities. Most often it is a larger bed, a nice view or a larger area. Inserting a massage chair into the apartment gives your guests a unique opportunity to receive a professional massage, and thus increase the prestige of your apartments. This also makes you stand out from other similar offers and increases the interest of guests in these rooms.

Massage chair in the hotel’s SPA

However, most massage chairs are placed in the hotel’s wellness area. This is a place where every guest will find rest and relaxation, so the massage chair fits perfectly into its concept. A perfect solution is to create a separate room like a salt cave or sauna, but with massage chairs. It’s a great enrichment of your offer and an alternative for guests even in a large spa with swimming pools and jacuzzi, as well as the possibility to charge additional fees – but it’s all up to you. 

A wellness area with massage chairs in small hotels or guesthouses

Many hotels, in order to diversify their offer, decide to employ a professional masseur, but not all of them can afford it. Usually it is connected with covering the costs of the employee’s travel to the hotel and paying for his work, although the truth is that there is not always something to do. A small hotel, due to the smaller number of guests, is not able to provide the worker with a sufficient number of visits. In such a situation it is worth to bet on a maintenance-free wellness zone, where, for example, next to the Jacuzzi, there will be a massage chair. Such an investment is an excellent alternative for smaller hotels or guesthouses, which would like to raise the standard of their services and do not necessarily want to employ another employee.

As you can see, the massage chair can become another reason why guests will visit your hotel or guesthouse willingly. It also increases the chances that they will recommend the stay to their friends, and you know well that it is worth its weight in gold:-) If you are still thinking about placing the massage chair in your hotel, have a look at our offer or contact us.

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Published: 2019.01.31

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