Who we are?

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My name is Paweł Majer and I am co-owner of Rest Lords and I’d like to briefly tell about us…

Rest Lords evolved from our experience and passion, which was born in 2009, behind the western border when we felt for the first time massage in massage armchairs and full of delight imagined the rest possibilities that they provide. We came back to Olsztyn and immediately started working to implement our vision.

Since then, many things have changed. We were experimenting with different massage armchairs models, testing offers from Poland and abroad. True statement is that we’ve browsed through the whole international market… or at least his bigger part ;) By visiting trade shows in EuropeAsia, exhibition rooms in Dubai, watching how massage armchairs are produced from scratch in Japanese and Chinese factories, we’ve discovered every aspect of this industry. We’ve discovered technologies applied in massage armchairs, possibilities provided by them and noticed their development direction.

We were massaged by hundreds of massage armchairs and composed their individual offer. First thing we created was Massaggio brand, then we estabilished “World of Armchairs”, but we were listening your needs and opinions for the whole time to gain experience and knowledge that is required to make a high quality offer of products.

We listen, observe, learn and improve all the time. We follow the trends and have a lot of ideas how to provide the best offer of massage armchairs on the market. Massage in those armchairs captured our heart and we also want You to fall in love with it.

About our values (do podmiany, tłum z google)

Expert knowledge – it is manifested in the constant broadening of detailed knowledge in the broadly understood market of massage chairs as well as massage itself and its translation into the needs of the client.

A real partnership – both in relation to our clients, with whom we build long-term relations, and employees, whom we treat with great respect, creating an open and friendly atmosphere at work.

Conscious commitment – we understand both as an active approach to the implementation of ongoing tasks as well as open mind and own initiative. The whole consciously implemented in the spirit of work-life balance.

Above-standard reliability – in every area of ​​our work we show attention to detail, paying great attention to the accuracy and precision of our activities.

Striving for perfection – we analyze the results, draw conclusions and gradually introduce improvements, constantly increasing the efficiency of our activities and satisfaction with the work performed.

About our mission

We believe that offer provided by us, backed up with expert knowledge, full commitment, reliable information and care about your comfort at each stage of decision, will ease making conscious choice. Remember that your good frame of mind, achieved in perfectly picked massage armchairs, is our priority.

About our brands

We carefully pick brands, which, according to us, produce the best massage armchairs. Our company is the only distributor of those brands in Poland. We pick particular models, test them, control their quality and comprehensively develop information about them.

They can be described like this.

logo fujiiryoki


First massage armchairs brand that connects incredible realization of product and very high level of technological advancement. Fujiiryoki means relaxation for the most demanding people that expect high quality of massage in professional massage armchair – no compromises!

logo massaggio


Connects innovative solutions with high build quality and modern style. Perfect for people, who like modern solutions both in terms of techniques of massage execution and design of massage armchair.

logo keyton


Present all over the world Spanish brand is the first to offer a massage chair with full personalization. Starting from the choice of design, leather type and color to highly personalized projects for individual orders. Her models meet the expectations of clients seeking a professional massage and modern relaxation with 100% freedom in arranging their own interior.

About ourselves :-)

Paweł Majer

I am working with pleasure to make the entire Rest Lords mechanism work properly, consistently and with the right vision and motivation. I try to make clients, employees and contractors appreciate our brand. After all, “your well-being is all that matters here!”. And privately … it’s hard to find time for “private”, after all I live Rest Lords and massaging chairs :-), and seriously, I’m just happy…

Grzegorz Najmowicz

I always know how many massage chairs are in our warehouse, check, count, and then I order the right amount. At Rest Lords, I also deal with the entire logistics of Carefree Delivery, I take care that the massage chair ordered is delivered to you on time. And privately … I’m enjoying life :-)

Marek Słodkowski

Bring the chair to the 3rd floor, lift it to the basement or move it through the narrow door? No problem. You will meet with me, ordering a carefree delivery. In Rest Lords I am also responsible for any services – the construction of the massage chair has no secrets from me. And privately … I like everything and everyone.

Damian Kęszczyk

In Rest Lords, I’m responsible for the presentation of massage chairs. I show how, what and where to turn on, how to run something that is not in the manual ;-) And if you want to compare two armchairs, I will show you the differences and help you choose the best one for you. And privately … I’m a football fan, I like traveling and riding a bike.

Piotr Kossakowski

In Rest Lords I take care of internet marketing. Social media, SEO, Google Ads or Marketplace is my everyday life. I make sure that we can be seen on the Internet and that you can find our website looking for a massage chair. And privately … Happy husband and father. Also football, Asian cuisine and of course social media fan.

Marta Wójcik

First of all, I write in Rest Lords – I create blog articles and all texts that are to be written. I am responsible for every letter that appears on the page. And in addition, in cooperation with accounting, I look after all our company documentation, invoices, contracts and other unnecessary documents :-) And privately … I am a happy wife and owner of Bajka. I love travels, books and TV series.

Ireneusz Stolarski

In Rest Lords, I’m responsible for content updates on the portal of restlords.com, SEO, publications on advertising portals and support of e-commerce activities. I make sure that our “house” that you are visiting is working properly and that you feel good here :-) And privately … I am interested in news from the world and role playing games .

Monika Podlewska

You talk to me first, contacting Rest Lords. I will tell you about every massage chair from our offer and answer your questions. I think that together we will find the perfect model. Later we will look for the right delivery date, prepare documents and confirm when the armchair will appear at your place. And privately… happy wife and busy mother. In my free time I love reading books, especially criminal literature.

Przemek Pichalski, specjalista od zagranicy

Przemek Pichalski

At Rest Lords I am responsible for cooperation with partners in Europe, and at the same time I coordinate B2B sales and marketing activities on the domestic market. From the moment I felt the energetic power of the armchair, I propagate the idea to arrange relaxation zones with massage armchairs in every company. Thanks to my determination, you will have the most pleasant breaks at work, and the company’s wellbeing will be raised to a higher level ;) And privately… I am happy husband and dad, a fan of a healthy lifestyle and Polish rock.

Give yourself up to delightful relaxation in massage armchair. Familiarize yourself with our offer and advices. If You have doubts, we are ready to answer to all your questions. Your well-being is all that matters here… as you can see in our example ;-)