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My name is Paweł Majer and I co-own Rest Lords. I’d like to treat you to a ‘storytelling’ about why us, why massage chairs and where we came from in the first place. Let’s start with our creed.

Our mission

We firmly believe in the importance of a carefully prepared offer, combined with expert knowledge and reliable information, prepared with great care. We are confident that our full commitment and care for your comfort (at every stage), will translate into making an informed choice and ultimately your well-being… attained, of course, in an ideal massage chair we’ll help you choose.

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Our History

Rest Lords company was born out of passion and our never-ending desire to learn new things. In 2009, while on a trip to Western Europe, Grzegorz Najmowicz and I came across massage chairs purely by accident. It was there that we experienced the massage in them for the first time and acknowledged their potential. Inspired and with heads full of ideas, we returned to our home town of Olsztyn to turn our ideas into reality.

As time went by, we constantly strived to provide our customers with the best possible product range on the market for our future endeavours. We tested various models of massage chairs, reviewed offers from Poland and abroad. We attended the most prominent trade fairs in both Europe and Asia. We observed the chair manufacturing process in Japanese and Chinese factories. Thanks to this, we know the technologies used and recognise the directions of development worth following.

This prompted the decision to create our own brand – Massaggio. The next logical step was to open the World of Chairs website, which saw the addition of a global brand, the forerunner of massage chair manufacturing – Fujiiryoki.  

Having gained further experience and with a new strategy, in 2015 the company started to officially function as Rest Lords. We based our business model on e-commerce activities, which, enriched with new brands and continuously developed, grew stronger with each successive year. The following year, the first showroom with massage chairs opened under the Rest Lords brand. However, we weren’t going to rest on that, so a few years later, we opened a second showroom, this time in Wrocław.

A major milestone in the company’s history, however, was the decision to expand into foreign markets, opening a franchise in the Netherlands and attracting distributors in other European countries. Thanks to this, during the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rest Lords came out on top, which only strengthened our position on the Polish and European markets.

Today, Rest Lords is a strong brand with a clearly defined direction of development, enjoying the trust of customers, with a carefully selected portfolio of massage chairs with a wide range of features. A brand that listens, observes and improves all the time – thanks to you. We follow trends and appeal to an ever-wider audience.

About us

Here we are – the people who make up Rest Lords: management, sales, marketing, finance, logistics and service. . . people who only care about your well-being :-). This team will take care of it like no other!


Starting from left: Paweł Majer – President of the Management Board, Justyna Nowak – Proxy, Grzegorz Najmowicz – Member of the Management Board

We take great pleasure in striving to make the entire Rest Lords machinery function properly, consistently and with the right vision and motivation. We do our best to ensure that customers, employees and contractors value our brand. We actively support the sales department, marketing department, finance department, customer service and logistics. So we make sure that all the elements of our business combine to form a professionally and reliably functioning whole.



You’ll meet us in Rest Lords showrooms in Olsztyn, Wrocław and Warsaw, and if you decide to make a call – we’ll pick up the phone. You can speak to us about any massage chair in our product range. With great pleasure and with perceptible enthusiasm, we will explain to you the way things work and discuss the advanced technologies, answer all your questions. We’ll help you choose the right type of delivery and confirm when you can have the massage chair at your doorstep.


Business Development

Business Development

We coordinate all B2B activities and establish cooperation with new business partners in both domestic and international markets. So if you want to enter the massage chair industry or are already in it, but are interested in the iRest or Massaggio brands – we are the right people to contact. We provide a fast and reliable consultation, help you select the optimal product list for your industry, ensure the right type of delivery and support partners with service issues. We are responsible for cooperation with both foreign dealers and large retail chains wishing to expand their range.

Przemysław Pichalski – Business Development Specialist

Przemysław Pichalski – Business Development Specialist

Piotr Kajda – Business Development Specialist, CEO of GPP company

Piotr Kajda – Business Development Specialist, CEO of GPP company



Planning and implementation of all Rest Lords marketing activities – that’s the job of our team. Each day we work to develop the corporate image of the brand, the company and the products in our range. We coordinate the introduction of new products to the market. We prepare media campaigns and advertising materials. We make sure that when you are looking for a massage chair, you find us.



Our daily routine at Rest Lords revolves around invoices, statements, tables and charges. All the invoices, contracts and a lot of documents that are difficult for others to decipher pass through our hands. The tax law is no mystery to us either, and the accounting software holds no surprises for us… for the time being. Finally, we take care of order processing, transfer of payments, proper circulation of invoices and we make sure that every document that comes into our hands is properly handled.



The warehouse is our kingdom! At Rest Lords, we are responsible for efficient courier shipments as well as planning and preparing optimal Carefree Delivery routes. Assistance in bringing the chair in, presentation, operating instructions of the chosen model are areas in which we feel like fish in water. We know massage chairs like the back of our hand, which is why we have no problem servicing any of them.

Our values

Rest Lords logo

When developing the Rest Lords brand, we have come up with a policy designed to guarantee our customers a massage chair selection of an unprecedented quality. At each stage of our operations, we aspire to reach the peak of our potential and obtain the highest possible satisfaction from cooperation with us. 

Expert knowledge – this manifests itself in continually expanding our expert knowledge of the massage chair market seen in its broadest sense, as well as of massage itself, and then translating this knowledge to the needs of the customer.

True partnership – both with our Customers, with whom we build long-term relationships, and with our Employees, whom we treat with utmost respect, creating an open and friendly working atmosphere.

Conscious commitment – we understand this to mean both a proactive approach to the execution of current tasks as well as open-mindedness and own initiative. All consciously implemented in the spirit of work-life balance.

Above-standard reliability – we demonstrate attention to detail in every area of our operations, paying very close attention to the precision and accuracy of our work.

Striving for perfection – we analyse results, draw conclusions and successively introduce improvements, constantly boosting the effectiveness of our performance and satisfaction with the work we do.

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