Massage of the buttocks and thighs in a massage chair


The buttocks and thighs – these are often the most challenging areas on the road to success, i.e. the physique of your dreams. Typically, it is women who work up a sweat in the gym to keep these parts in perfect shape and eliminate cellulite, but men are no stranger to this workout, either. Physical activity alone, however, doesn’t guarantee success; regeneration is equally important… If, for this purpose, in addition to sleep or the sauna, you regularly attend a massage, it’s worth knowing that the massage in the massage chair has a highly beneficial effect not only on relaxation, pain reduction and improvement of well-being, but also on the appearance of this part of the body.


The appearance of the buttocks is defined by the amount of fat tissue stored in them and the shape of the muscles. Anatomy divides these muscles into three types: the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. In every human body, the buttocks perform very important functions, mainly:

  • Allowing you to maintain a stable and upright posture,
  • Being responsible for extending the hip joint,
  • Playing a key role in stabilizing the pelvis.

As you can see, taking care of the condition of the gluteal muscles is essential for maintaining health and motor fitness – it helps avoid injuries and improves overall quality of life.


Buttock pain can have many causes – the most common include overloading of the gluteal muscles, prolonged sitting, mechanical injuries, hip joint dysfunctions, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Muscle overload may result from intense physical exercise or improper techniques during daily activities, while prolonged sitting often leads to shortening and weakening of the gluteal muscles, which can lead to pain.


If you want to avoid future problems such as lumbar region issues or buttock muscle pain, you should not neglect these body parts during workouts, and remember about recovery afterward through sauna, sleep, or indeed massage. Regular massage:

  • regenerates,
  • relaxes muscle fibers,
  • Improves blood circulation, resulting in the influx of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • It supports the elimination of unnecessary metabolic products, which is why using a massage chair after training is advisable. It can help reduce pain and speed up the removal of lactic acid. A special type of massage, lymphatic or compression massage, can also help in the process of cellulite removal from the skin and improve its firmness.
  • Cyclical massage improving the appearance of buttocks and thighs can also be performed using methods like cupping, rolling, or dry brushing.

The range of massages available in the SPA and wellness market is truly broad, however, massage of the buttocks and thighs is still not the most common among them. Therefore, it serves as a reason why it’s worth choosing a massage chair. It will be an excellent companion for those who desire beautifully sculpted thighs and buttocks.


In the chairs from our offer, the massage is mainly provided by massaging arms. Extremely precise, because their movement strikingly resembles human hand movements. They operate in specific manual massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, or shiatsu. Some of them provide stronger sensations, while others fulfill their function in a more subtle and relaxing way. They can work on a specific section from the neck, sometimes down to the buttocks and thighs. Here, the SL-shape function is important, as models possessing it guarantee the range of action of the massaging arms precisely to the buttocks. This is alongside foot roller massages and back massaging arms one of the most enjoyable functions. Additionally, the buttocks are an intimate part of our body and we do not always want a masseur to touch them, here we do not have this problem.


Among the wide range of our products, we have selected a few models that attract attention with special functions focusing on the massage of the buttocks and thighs.

Bodyfriend Davinci


An innovative chair distinguished primarily by the use of BIA and a special hand massage. Among the multitude of automatic programs, there are also those focused on the buttocks: Bowel – a massage of the buttocks and main stimulating points beneficial for the bowel, Queen’s – a massage of the hip and buttock area (especially recommended for women), Waist/Butt – an acupressure and kneading massage of the waist and buttocks, Pilates – stimulation of the buttocks and lower abdominal muscles – causes relaxation and helps maintain proper posture.


A technologically advanced model featuring automatic programs focused on the buttocks and thighs. Independent leg massagers and Rovo Mode settings allow for a completely new range of work and asymmetric stretching, unavailable in any other model on the market. The automatic Rovo programs significantly enhance the flexibility of the rear thigh and buttock muscles, as well as alleviate pain. The range of the heated massage balls from the neck to the buttocks makes muscle massage easier and more pleasant.

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo

iRest Maesthron (A801)

iRest Maesthron (A801)

A unique feature of the Maesthron is its two independent 4D and 2D massagers. One works from the neck to the lumbar area, the other from the lumbar to the thighs. The automatic program designed for waist and buttock modeling, based on kneading and tapping massage, effectively relaxes tense muscles of the lower body parts.


Among the 12 automatic programs of the Supearl, there is A10 – a program focused on the buttocks and thighs. It plays a role in body sculpting and affects the reduction of excess fat tissue accumulation in these body parts.

Massage chair iRest Supearl gallery 315 swatches

Massage of the buttocks and thighs in a massage chair brings many benefits. Although using the chair alone will not cause a radical loss of kilograms from the aforementioned buttocks or sculpt the muscles by itself, it can still be a great addition to physical effort or a planned diet. Both women and men, by using the massage in the massage chair, can excellently regenerate their body before the next workout. The chair proves to be excellent in reducing pain in the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

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Published: 2024.01.05

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