Massage of the buttocks and thighs in a massage chair


The buttocks and thighs – these are often the most challenging areas on the road to success, i.e. the physique of your dreams. Typically, it is women who work up a sweat in the gym to keep these parts in perfect shape and eliminate cellulite, but men are no stranger to this workout, either. Physical activity alone, however, doesn’t guarantee success; regeneration is equally important… If, for this purpose, in addition to sleep or the sauna, you regularly attend a massage, it’s worth knowing that the massage in the massage chair has a highly beneficial effect not only on relaxation and improvement of well-being, but also on the appearance of this part of the body.

About the effects of massage on thigh and buttock muscles

As is generally known, the appearance of the buttocks is defined by the amount of fat stored in them and the shape of the muscles. Anatomy divides these muscles into three types: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They perform vital functions in the human body, first and foremost: 

  • enable you to maintain a balanced and upright posture, 
  • are responsible for the straightening of the hip joint.

If you don’t want to develop lumbar pain in the future, for example, you shouldn’t overlook these parts of the body during training and you should remember to regenerate them afterwards by visiting the sauna, sleeping or just having a massage. Regular massage regenerates, relaxes the muscle fibres, increases blood circulation and results in an influx of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. It also participates in the excretion of waste products. A special type of massage, the lymphatic or compression massage, can also contribute to the process of ridding the skin of cellulite. A regular massage in a massage chair will therefore serve as a perfect companion for those who want beautifully modelled thighs and buttocks.

Although the range of types of massage available on the spa and wellness market is really wide, gluteal massage is still not among the most common. This is the reason why it’s worth opting for a massage chair.

Massage techniques and automatic programmes – for the buttocks and thighs

In the chairs we have on offer, the massaging arms are responsible mainly for the massage. They are extremely precise, as their movement is deceptively similar to that of human hands. They operate within specific manual massage techniques, such as kneading, patting or shiatsu. Some will provide a more powerful sensation, while others will perform their function in a more subtle and relaxing way. They can work on a specific section from the neck, sometimes all the way down to the buttocks. This is where the L-shape function (or its more modern variant SL-shape) comes into play, as models with this function guarantee a working range of the massaging arms right down to the buttocks. This is one of the most pleasant functions, along with the roller foot massage and the back massage. On top of that, the buttocks are an intimate part of our body and we don’t always want a masseur to touch them; here we don’t have this problem.

Massage in the massage chair offers a number of benefits. Although the use of the chair alone won’t lead to any radical loss of weight from the buttocks, nor will it model the muscles by itself, it can, however, serve as a great addition to your planned workout or diet. Thanks to the massage chair, everyone can regenerate their body before the next workout session.

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Published: 2023.01.19

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