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This Asian massage technique has amazing effects on the human body and psyche and has already appeared in practically every massage device. But what exactly is shiatsu and how does it work in a massage chair? This oriental name stands for a simple, universal massage technique based on seemingly regular pressure. Find out more about shiatsu massage, how it works and how it is applied in the article below.

What is shiatsu?

When translated from Japanese, shiatsu means “finger pressure”. According to the principles of shiatsu, the masseur uses his/her body weight to apply pressure with the palm of the hand on the energy channels running through the body. This smooth, yet rhythmic compression is aimed at restoring the natural and free flow of energy through the said channels. According to the shiatsu philosophy, the cause of all physical and mental ailments experienced by people is the disturbance in the flow of energy throughout the body. These disruptions may be caused by stress, lack of rest, improper diet or too frequent use of stimulants.

Shiatsu in a massage chair

The mechanism found in massage chairs mimics the movements of a masseur’s hands with great accuracy, which is why it is possible to programme various massage techniques, including shiatsu. The shiatsu massage can be activated in the massage chair by selecting the appropriate manual technique. However, shiatsu also looks a little different in different brands. In Massaggio chairs, e.g. Eccellente 2, Esclusivo 2 or Stravagante 2, the massaging arms smoothly press on points along the spine. In the Japanese Fujiiryoki JP2000 the pressure is very gentle, intensifying further in the second stage of the movement. The shiatsu technique may not be spectacular, but it is extremely effective. By reaching all the way to deep muscles, it provides maximum relaxation and relief from discomfort.

Shiatsu massage in a massage chair – the benefits

Apart from unblocking energy channels, the shiatsu massage provides numerous other beneficial effects on both the body and psyche. First of all, the massaging arms relax and unwind by applying pressure to the muscles. Basically, the massage relieves accumulated tension, restores harmony and balance. It is especially recommended to people who suffer from headaches, backaches or muscle spasms. It helps with depression, prevents insomnia and has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate. Pressing particular points on the body regulates the proper lymph flow and blood circulation.

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Published: 2022.03.03

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