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Ranking of the most popular massage chairs


The beginning of a New Year has always been the time to draw up a report on what we managed to achieve and to plan our course of action for the foreseeable future. For us, it is also the best time to sum things up and recognise the most popular massage chairs. Which chair enjoyed the greatest popularity? Which model was most frequently mentioned by our customers and which caused the most excitement? In the article below we present our list of the most popular massage chairs.

The People’s Choice Award,…

namely, the best-selling massage chair in 2021. Last year we mentioned the terrific launch of our new products. Back then, the most popular model was the Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro. This year again it won the hearts of our customers, what’s more, it took the top spot on the podium. 

Fotel masujący Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO

Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro combines all the most indispensable, as well as most advanced massage functions in its beautiful design. Its greatest asset is definitely excellent value for money, which makes it an ideal choice for people who look for a massage chair that has everything they need to relax. The Pro version stands out with its relaxing roller foot massage. Besides, it has Zero Gravity, SL-shape, heating and an airbag system, of course. And it comes in as many as three colour versions: black, beige and the unusual but popular caramel-mahogany edition.

And even though the top spot on the podium can only be occupied by one model, it is impossible not to mention one other, whose popularity is constantly growing. We wrote about it many times before, e.g. when we mentioned our biggest and most innovative massage chair. The Massaggio Stravagante 2 stands out with its 3D spatial massage and an entire list of innovative functionalities that provide high-end relaxation and exceptional relaxation. The unit features an all-round futuristic design.

Fotel masujący Massaggio Stravagante 2

The most groundbreaking massage chair

The massage chair that can be easily called a game changer is the Fujiiryoki JP2000.

Fujiiryoki JP2000

This most technologically sophisticated model in the world stands out among other models thanks to a true technological revolution. This model is the first to use artificial intelligence, which we have already discussed in one of our blog articles, and which makes the massage experience extraordinary!

Apart from the artificial intelligence, the Fujiiryoki JP2000 has numerous other advantages as well. There’s the relieving airbag system, the innovative heating used for the first time to cover the abdominal area, and the foot massage with uniquely shaped rollers. It’s also important to mention the advanced and highly enjoyable body stretching, deep muscle massage and the vast number of massage options provided by automatic programmes and massage techniques.

The ranking features the most popular massage chairs. However, don’t forget that there are other exciting models available in our offer, satisfying even unusual, highly individual requirements, e.g. the innovative Massaggio Esclusivo 2 or the only fully customisable Keyton H10. So if you are thinking about a massage chair and have questions, feel free to contact us and together we’ll certainly choose the perfect model for you.

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Published: 2022.05.25

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