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In the privacy of homes, where the rhythm of life finally slows down a little, there they appear… unlikely heroes, ready to face the fatigue and tensions of everyday life. We are talking about massage chairs, guardians of well-being, offering relief to both body and mind. And since every superhero deserves to be appreciated, today we will introduce the profiles of those that have repeatedly shared their superpowers with our customers in 2023, despite not wearing capes.

Best of the best

The undisputed favourite of the past year was the Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO. The chair features the useful Zero Gravity function, which makes it possible to effectively reduce the strain on muscles and joints during the massage. The SL-shape technology available here provides massage from the neck down to the thighs. On top of that, you can enjoy a blissful stretching of the lower body and much-loved roller foot massage. The embracing warmth of the carbon mat in the back area is particularly popular with those using the chair on chilly evenings. An excellent complement to the massage is the airbag massage, which boosts blood and lymph circulation through the body. In addition, magnetotherapy in the hand and leg area promotes cell regeneration. Customers also appreciate the unique colour palette of the chair: beige, caramel-mahogany, black, which makes the model fit easily into a variety of interiors. The chair also impresses with its streamlined curves and modern design, which makes it a perfect match for a stylish showroom or cosy bedroom.

Massage chair Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO 3 colors

Year after year at the top

The years go by and it… enjoys lasting fame. We are referring to the Massaggio Esclusivo 2 model. How is this achieved? First and foremost, thanks to the phenomenal leg massage, the built-in massager and the ‘wave-like’ calf massage. The chair offers a comprehensive massage of the entire body and is appreciated by users who like intense sensations. The model comes equipped with the enjoyable reclined Zero Gravity position.  Relaxing back heating adds another dimension to the massage.  The built-in airbag system guarantees perfect relaxation: calves, forearms, shoulders and feet. The model features the useful Zero Wall function, which means that the chair takes up less space. The built-in Bluetooth speakers ensure that you will enjoy a pleasant listening experience, while the built-in air ioniser, which is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers, promotes well-being. The magnetic field generated in the chair has a beneficial effect on cell regeneration and health of hands. Esclusivo 2 is available in two colour versions – cream and brown-graphite. The high quality of materials and technology used here provides the user of the chair with a profound sense of comfort.

Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 order

Massaggio Bello 2 chair has maintained its high standing since its launch in 2019. Its prominent features, appreciated by customers upon selection, are its compact size and, at the same time, functionalities until recently seen only in more advanced models: the Zero Gravity position, which relieves pressure on muscles and joints, or the SL- shape, which allows for massage from the neck down to the thighs. Customers also greatly appreciate the retractable footrest on this model, which allows for comfortable leg support or relaxing calf massage using airbags, depending on the needs.  Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speakers, the massage session can be accompanied by the sounds of your favourite music. The model is available in two classical colours – black and beige or black. The organic leather of various textures, combined with the streamlined design, makes it impossible not to fall in love ;)

Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 order

A debut with a bang

The chair that saw the best launch in 2023 was the Fujiiryoki JP3000… which, all in all, comes as no surprise. The Fujiiryoki brand never disappoints and always sets the bar high. What is so striking about this chair? Customers are hugely impressed by the chair’s medical qualities and capabilities, which have been confirmed by a Japanese medical equipment certificate. Plus the 5D AI+ system with enhanced artificial intelligence algorithm. The users can choose from 38 automatic programmes and as many as 53 massage techniques! During the dual scan, the chair detects the position of the arms, scans the line of the spine and then registers up to 8 points crucial for massage. The Fujiiryoki JP3000 is a real treat for those looking for a precise massage of both superficial and deep muscles. The level of relaxation is further elevated by the comfortable Total Relax Position. A special Mindfulness programme based on the concept of meditation, 5 dedicated programmes for stretching, Shiatsu massage for the feet performed with the massage rollers, allowing owners of the chair to keep their bodies in great shape. The airbag massage can be regulated here in as many as 7 steps for 8 different body zones! All this is complemented by heating of the torso, back and feet areas. Fans of high quality sound will appreciate the Bluetooth speakers with bass-reflex system, DSP processor and multiband equalizer. The chair is available in three colours: graphite-black, brown and white. The carefully selected materials and precise finish appeal to those who appreciate quality and aesthetics. It is simply the Rolls-Royce among massage chairs.

fotel masujacy fujiiryoki JP3000 design

While our ranking showcases the most popular massage chairs of the past year, it is worth taking a look at the entire range, especially as the second half of 2023 saw the addition of as many as 9 new products. August marked the addition of the aforementioned Fujiiryoki JP3000 model, as well as 2 models from the Korean brand Bodyfriend – Phantom Care and Phantom Rovo. Towards the end of the year, in December, 6 unique iRest models were added to the range – QL (A185), Chillin (A360), Chillin Open (A360-31), Supearl Open (A336-31), Grandease (A550) and the mighty flagship model Maesthron (A801) – we will tell you how these models were received in a year’s time ;) 

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Published: 2024.01.11

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