Massage chair at home – vlog #4

Massage chair at home

 With great pleasure we are working on our massage chair vlog and today we are delivering yet another episode.

Until some time ago, massage chairs were used in hotels, spas and shopping malls. Today, the vast majority of them appear primarily in private households. That is why in the latest episode Paweł suggests where it is best to place it, how much space it takes, and even how much power it draws. 

Massage chair in home

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 – Paweł, I’m wondering if this will fit in here…

– There are two groups of chairs. The first one consists of smaller, compact chairs. For these models you should provide an approximately 70 cm wide and one meter long rectangle. Of course, depending on the function, whether the chair additionally has a calf massager or whether it reclines, a few centimeters more in length may be necessary, but these chairs are clearly suitable for small apartments and small rooms. 

The second group, on the other hand, includes chairs that are larger and in fact the rest of the chairs are more or less of these dimensions. This is one meter wide by two meters long. 

– Even the biggest one, the grey one? 

– The biggest gray one brings up the rear. It’s our biggest model, but it can massage a well-built person as tall as 1.95m, so it has to have its size too. A rectangle measuring one meter by two meters with the chair fully extended is the required space, where the chair will fit easily and will work. 

– And what about the massage chair’s location at home?

– There is a basic division – we can see that from experience – into placing a chair either in the bedroom or in the living room. And now, what is special about these options? First of all, in the bedroom it will be more individual, just for you, more intimate. You will be the main user, whether in the morning after waking up or in the evening before bedtime, but it will always be reserved for users of this very bedroom. The living room, on the other hand, means it will be used by the entire family, and what’s more, even by guests who visit you, so the chair can be an attraction during a home party for family or friends.

However, apart from these two places, we have seen many different situations. Once, wife didn’t allow one of the clients to have a chair, so we had to put it in the garage and this client could use it only there. The massage chairs were placed in corridors. On the other hand, there were chairs set up in rooms designed specifically for this purpose. These were rooms for relaxation, tranquility, with a minibar, pool table, or next to the home gym or even a swimming pool, so it was just an excellent place for people to relax. It’s really up to you where you set it up, and yes, we’ve seen from our experience that it works more or less in such rooms.

– Is the massage chair plugged in to a regular socket?

– Yes, it’s a regular socket, you plug it in normally. What’s more, we have a very low power consumption here, because these seats chairs operate in the range from 100 to 200 W.

– Even the biggest one?

– Yes, even the biggest one. It’ s the one that brings up the rear again, but the 200 watts of the power intake means using all the functions at once: including heating, legs and back massage. We still have to remember that this is some 1/5th of a microwave oven, so it’s also very low energy consumption. ​