In order to get the best results from your massage in the massage chair, it’s important to know how often you can use it. After all, massage in the massage chair involves a pleasant, but rather intense pressure on the muscles. So Paweł explains how to manage your time in the massage chair, so that you can relax even better.

There’s one question that often comes up before buying a massage chair:

How many times a day can you massage yourself?

This is not limited in any way, but as with everything, you shouldn’t overdo it. Everyone has their own individual limit. There are people who are extremely tolerant of pressure, who enjoy massage and frequent sessions on a massage chair. There are also those who experience complete relaxation and improved well-being after one session every two days. Our body will inform us naturally how often we can use it.

However, according to common recommendations, two to three one-hour sessions per week are acceptable with a traditional massage. On the other hand, a massage chair shouldn’t be used more than twice a day.

And how long should a massage last before it’s effective?

Automatic programmes in massage chairs usually last between 15 and 20 minutes. This is enough to relieve the body of tension and to improve your well-being. It’s worth remembering this, because after an excessively long session, build-up of lactic acid may occur. There are also massage chairs with automatic programmes that last up to 30 minutes. They are, however, appropriately programmed, as there are certain massage phases, such as: introduction (warming up), proper massage and relaxation (calming down).

Moreover, the cyclical nature of the massage is also of great importance. Thanks to regular sessions in the massage chair, massage will be more effective, thus becoming an excellent way to reduce the occurring ailments and will have long-term effects.

Best time of day for a massage

Any time is a good time for a massage. The key is to find the right massage to suit the time of day. In the morning, when you get up, massage will wake you up and provide you with energy and positive attitude for the day ahead. An automatic programme – stretching – can be great, as it “pulls” our sleepy muscles for us. For those lucky enough to have a massage chair at work during the day, massage will quickly eliminate tension from the back or neck, regenerate the body and increase productivity. And if you find time for a quiet massage in the evening, it’ll be the perfect way to unwind and mellow out. The massage chair will gently relax your muscles and prepare you for sleep. You can decide on the type of massage by choosing the right programme.

How long can a massage chair work without any breaks?

There is no limit, there are models that switch off and go to standby when “overheated”, after which they are ready to work again. For instance, let’s consider a four-member family, where each of the members will use the chair twice a day for 20 minutes – the chair was designed to handle this workload. What’s more, guests will also be able to enjoy it :)

Chairs in hotel SPAs or gyms, where they work continuously for several hours in a row, are much more frequently used. This is a much heavier load than in domestic use. In this case, we recommend extending the warranty to include commercial use, which ensures an express service response.

You already know how often you can use the massage chair and how long it can keep working. If you have any further questions or are wondering which massage chair to choose, feel free to contact us.


Paul, how many times a day can I use a massage chair?

It can depend on how accustomed you are to having a massage.

Ok, so once we get used to it, how often should we use it?

Manufacturers don’t suggest a limit, because we are all different and have individual requirements, so we need to be sensible. Normally we advise 2 or 3 massage sessions per day. Each session takes about 15-20 minutes.

In some models there are automatic sessions with 30 min. programmes. They start slowly to warm up the muscles before moving to the main massage and then slow down at the end.

The cyclical nature of the massage is also really important. Thanks to regular sessions in the massage chair, massage will be more effective and can have long-term effects.

Would you suggest that there is a good time of the day to use a massage chair?

Any time is a good time for a massage, you can use the chair whenever you want to.
In the morning – after waking up, use it to stretch your body a bit.
During a break at work – to help to regenerate productivity.
To chill out before sleep – there are special auto programmes which are really useful just before you turn off the light.

So it will work ok, if you use it several times throughout the day?

After use, some models automatically turn off for a few minutes so they don’t get overheated. For home use, even for the whole family there is no risk of overworking it.
In SPA’s, gyms and hotels where massage chairs are in constant use, they generally don’t have problems, but in these cases, we advise extending a business warranty.

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Published: 2023.04.27

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