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Another article and another detailed comparison of two massage chairs from our brand Massaggio. This time we will compare Massaggio Conveniente and Massaggio Bello, which apart from colour and price, differ quite significantly. Either a model with basic functions, but at a lower price, or maybe a more complex but also more expensive massage chair – you can read about all the differences between these models in the following article. 

The advantage of the Massaggio Conveniente massage chair over the Bello

Massaggio Conveniente does not have many advantages over Bello, but these differences are so important that they fundamentally affect the quality of the massage and the feeling of comfort.  

  • Foot massage – the biggest difference, which can be seen at first glance when comparing the appearance of the chairs. Massaggio Conveniente’s feet massage is done with air bags that press the foot from above. In addition, there is another airbag under the toes, which massages the foot from below, providing a sense of lightness and pleasant relaxation. In the Massaggio Bello massage chair, only the calf massage is available.
  • Shoulder and forearm massage – this advantage can also be seen in the appearance of the compared massage chairs. In Massaggio Conveniente, the massage of the arms and forearms is performed with 24 airbags, which pleasantly relieve the tension and remove unnecessary weight from the arms. In Massaggio Bello massage chair, the hands can be placed on comfortable armrests. 
  • Automatic “body stretching” program – is a very relaxing function referring to the morning dragging just after awakening. It perfectly helps to relax the muscles and prepares for further, often stronger massage.
  • Vibrating massage – a function of gentle vibrations in the seat of Massaggio Conveniente chair stimulates muscles to work. 

The advantage of the Massaggio Bello massage chair over Conveniente

The advantage is, of course, the price, but Massaggio Bello is also distinguished by the function which sometimes determines the purchase of this specific model.

  • Heating – infrared rays heat the backrest of Massaggio Bello massage chair up to 40 degrees Celsius, pleasantly warming the back, which increases the comfort during the massage. 
  • No feet massage – ironically, lack of feet massage may be an advantage for Massaggio Bello. Once put in the waiting room for customers or in the relaxation room for employees, there’s no need for them to take off their shoes for massage.

We hope that this article will help you choose the ideal massage chair and compare the two models. You will find a detailed description of the functions and possibilities of the chair on the product page of Massaggio Conveniente or Massaggio Bello. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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Published: 2018.08.09

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