Bodyfriend Davinci vs Fujiiryoki JP3000 – comparison of massage chairs


A duel of giants! In today’s article, we will focus on the most technologically advanced massage chairs available in our offer: Bodyfriend Davinci and Fujiiryoki JP3000. Both models stand out with a range of extraordinary functionalities and innovative solutions. What are the differences between the Davinci and the JP3000? What are the advantages of one over the other? Let’s find out. 

Advantages of the Bodyfriend Davinci massage chair over the Fujiiryoki JP3000

The Davinci massage chair is a top-of-the-range model from the world’s leading Korean healthcare brand Bodyfriend, which specialises in luxury designer massage chairs. What characterises it?

  • BIA body composition analysis – Bodyfriend Davinci is the world’s first and only massage chair using bioelectrical impedance analysis. Thanks to special sensors in the hand and foot area, it measures and evaluates the user’s current body composition and then suggests 3 optimally adapted massage programmes based on the 7 parameters collected. 
  • Acupressure hand massage with LED and thermal therapy – a unique combination of light hand therapy, acupressure and heating to help relieve bone and joint pain.
  • XD PRO massage – a massage system with 6 levels of strength adjustment and body part recognition. In addition, the chair uses Finger Moving technology, which is responsible for the increased, precise range of movement of the massager balls deep into the body (in 1.25 mm increments).
  • A wide range of automatic programmes – there are as many as 46, including the unique Brain, Mental and Meditation Massage programmes, which cannot be found in the JP3000 which offers 38 automatic programmes. 
  • Advanced heating system – heating has been installed directly in the massage balls, which provide a moving source of heat – from the neck to the buttocks. In addition, an innovative heating fibre warms the waist, hand, calf and foot areas. What’s more, it is possible to use all the heating zones together or each of them separately. In the Fujiiryoki JP3000 chair, the user has the option of heating 3 zones: back, chest and feet.
  • Possibility to store settings for up to 29 users! The JP3000 is equipped with personal settings memory for 2 people.
  • Space-saving with the Auto Slide function – the seat can be located just 10 cm from the wall. It will move away from it by itself. The minimum free space behind a Fujiiryoki armchair without this function is 50 cm.  
  • Object Detection Sensors – built-in sensors to watch over the user’s safety is another feature that sets the Davinci apart from the JP3000. 
  • Controlling the chair via a large touchscreen tablet with access to your favourite apps. In the Jujiiryoki JP3000 chair, control is via a dedicated touchscreen remote control. 
  • Italian design – inspired by Italian style and the automotive world, the design of the armchair was created in collaboration between Bodyfriend and Italdesign. Maintained in cool shades of grey and navy blue, the Davinci presents futuristic elegance with its form, while its fluid, aerodynamic shapes add lightness.

Advantages of the Fujiiryoki JP3000 massage chair over the Bodyfriend Davinci

The Fujiiryoki JP3000 is the most refined model from the Japanese pioneer of massage chairs. Many years of experience and uncompromising quality translate here into a massage with clockwork precision. What makes the JP3000 model unique and sets it apart from the Davinci Bodyfriend? 

  • Enhanced 5D AI+ artificial intelligence algorithm. The algorithm adjusts the intensity, technique and smoothness of the massage to the user’s current needs in real-time, replicating the work of human hands and increasing the precision of the massage to the maximum. The Fujiiryoki chair is the only model in the range to use such a solution. 
  • Japanese medical equipment certification – confirms the positive effects of regular massage in the JP3000 chair on the human body.  
  • Dual sensing body scan with the marking of 8 key massage points. Thanks to it, the massage mechanism precisely targets both superficial and deep muscles, thus reducing the user’s pain.   
  • Automatic Mindfulness programme – not found in other massage chairs, based on the concept of “meditation”, a 30-minute massage performed exclusively with airbags.
  • Extended airbag massage system – covers 8 zones: shoulders, forearms and hands, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet. What’s more, the strength of the airbag massage can be adjusted in as many as 7 levels of intensity for each zone separately. Bodyfriend Davinci has 6 airbag massage zones with adjustable intensity in 5 stages. 
  • Flat and Total Relax positions – the chair reclines to a lying position, which increases the intensity of the massage, especially during stretching programmes. However, you can stop this process at any time by choosing the most comfortable massage position for you. Davinci offers a 3-degree adjustable Zero Gravity position but does not recline to the Flat position. 
  • Extremely effective stretching – definitely sets the JP3000 apart from the Davinci. The chair offers up to 5 dedicated stretching programmes – from subtle to extreme, as well as stretching focused on a specific body part (neck, shoulders, back, waist, knees or legs).  
  • Shiatsu foot roller massage – another unique feature of the Fujiiryoki model. A special foot massage roller provides a shiatsu massage, airbags keep the ankle and instep of the foot in place and a perfectly adjusted footrest allows it to be adapted to users of different heights.
  • As many as 53 massage techniques, while the Davinci has 7. In addition, the Fujiiryoki JP3000 has 12 levels of massage intensity for the massage arms. On the Bodyfriend Davinci, the user can adjust the strength of the massage arms in 6 levels. 
  • Bluetooth speakers with bass-reflex system – allow for luxurious sound quality. The speakers used are full-range and stereo sound is realised with a DSP processor and multi-band equaliser.
  • Minimalist, elegant design – in the JP3000 chair’s unique design, modernity meets tradition. Every detail here is the result of Japanese precision and relentless attention to quality. The armchair is available in 3 classic colours: graphite-black, brown and white. 

As you can see, the Bodyfriend Davinci and the Fujiiryoki JP3000 massage chairs are very different models with many surprising features. Both chairs use state-of-the-art technology and offer an extremely precise massage. Which model you choose is up to you. If you want to find out more about the specifications of Davinci and JP3000, take a look at their product pages. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right model – please contact us.

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Published: 2024.07.04

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