New address for massage chairs


We moved! It is bigger, more spacious, brighter, more comfortable, and at the same time it is still intimate climate. Our new showroom in Olsztyn.

We just finished his equipment. And in it … all, we emphasize, all models of massage chairs from our offer at your disposal and tests.

We heard a lot of warm words from visiting our guests about the intimate atmosphere of our previous salon. So the priority was to make you feel at least as comfortable in our new place as guests in the previous one. In a calm and pleasant atmosphere you will be able to see what a massage on a massage chair looks like, find out every detail, try every model, see for yourself how high quality finishings and materials, touch, enjoy … without haste, without restrictions. Your well-being is all that matters here :-)

New address of our showroom

The showroom is located in the Wawel Passage in Olsztyn, at 7 Szewczenki Street. 1. It is the center of the Zatorze district, which can be reached by one of the main streets of Olsztyn. Coming to us, head to ulica Wrocławska 1. You will find a car park at TESCO, and our salon is in the building next door.

We invite you, we will talk and together we will choose the perfect massage chair for you.

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Published: 2018.07.12

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