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Bodyfriend is a world-leading South Korean healthcare brand that specialises in massage chairs. Its two models, Phantom Care and Phantom Rovo, have recently joined our range. In the article below, we outline the differences between these two massage chairs.

Both chairs are named Phantom, which already suggests that they are similar… and indeed they are. You could say that they are the same family, but what differentiates them is their area of focus: the Phantom Care is a neck specialist and the Phantom Rovo is a stretch specialist. Let’s go into more detail.


Each of the Phantom Rovo’s features ranks among the most advanced technologies in massage chairs.

  • Phantom Rovo is clearly recognisable for its independent leg massagers. This innovative solution was inspired by the moves performed while cycling. It enables an entirely new range of movement, excellent, asymmetrical stretching that relaxes the deep muscles. 
  • The chair makes use of the XD Pro Massage system, which makes it possible to adjust the massage intensity to individual needs and to recognise body parts. Finger Moving, on the other hand, is responsible for the precise range of movement of the massager balls deep into the body in 1.25 mm increments, making the massage even closer to that performed by the hands of a masseur. Phantom Care features the XD Massage system. The XD Pro system is more precise and the massager movements are smoother than in XD.
  • Comprehensive, fast body scan – up to 15 seconds. The duration of the scan depends on the user’s posture. With Phantom Care, the scan takes slightly longer, around 40-60 seconds. 
  • The Phantom Rovo comes with as many as 47 automatic programmes, while the Phantom Care has 32. Although the basic programmes are similar, the higher number of automatic programmes in the Rovo results mainly from the possibilities offered by the independent leg massagers.
  • 87 airbags operate in compression and pulse mode, just like the airbags in the Phantom Care, but here there are fewer of them – 59
  • High-tech heating system: heated massaging balls work from the neck down to the buttocks, the back and calves are heated with a carbon mat and the feet are heated with massaging rollers. In Phantom Care, only the back is heated, using a carbon mat.
  • 15 safety sensors to detect unwanted objects within the range of the Phantom Rovo chair. Phantom Care is equipped with the Anti-Trap Sensor. It is seemingly the same thing, but because of the independent leg massagers in the Rovo, there are simply more sensors.
  • Fine adjustment of the massage settings of each body part separately and their quick activation / deactivation.
  • Updating the chair’s firmware is possible via WI-FI and the app.


It’s clear, that the Phantom Rovo model sets the bar very high when it comes to the use of advanced features. So, what sets the Bodyfriend Phantom Care chair apart?

  • The Phantom Care massage chair is certified in Korea as a medical device.
  • The device offers a specialised neck massage. Thanks to the stabilisation of the neck and head on the unique headrest, the use of an electromagnetic field (PEMF) and special massage programmes, it is possible to eliminate pain and tension in these areas.
  • PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, is a system located between the massager balls, moving along the line of the spine. Combined with mechanical massage, it helps to further relax and regenerate muscles and reduce pain. Magnetotherapy also applies to the hands and feet.
  • Care Mode – modes attested by Korean medical equipment certification.
  • Unique roller calf massage.

As was mentioned at the beginning, the Phantom Rovo and Care are quite similar. The similarity is largely due to the health-promoting automatic programmes and special massage modes that improve brain activity and emotional stability; these are available in both models. The Bodyfriend brand has also developed proprietary Brain Music technology, playing music and sounds at specific frequencies – this improves mood and relaxes the mind. Both Rovo and Care have additional features that improve their usability, such as Zero Gravity (the most comfortable, joint- and muscle-relieving massage position), Thigh-stimulation Massage (giving a stretching effect), and Auto Slide (the chair moves away from the wall by itself). The high-quality Bluetooth speakers are also worth mentioning, as they will make any massage session more enjoyable.

Both chairs stand out among other brands due to their modern design. Which chair you go for depends on you and your expectations: whether you prefer more of a neck massage or more of a stretch. We hope the article will be useful when deciding which Bodyfriend brand chair to choose. If you have any questions while reading the article, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2023.10.26

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