Fujiiryoki JP3000 vs Bodyfriend Phantom Care – comparison of massage chairs


The time has come for another comparison of chairs from our range: the Japanese Fujiiryoki JP3000 and the Korean Bodyfriend Phantom Care. The following article outlines the features of these two models from Asia, the cradle of therapeutic massage.

The Fujiiryoki brand is synonymous with attention to every detail – from the technology used in the massage chairs to the design and craftsmanship. What makes the JP3000 model stand out?

  • Fujiiryoki JP3000 uses an enhanced 5D AI+ artificial intelligence algorithm. It selects the technique, intensity and smoothness of the massage in real time according to the user’s current needs. The result of using AI+ is an extremely accurate and effective massage. Japanese engineers have spent 20 years perfecting the mechanism of the two massaging balls to achieve the effect that is deceptively similar to that performed by human hands. Phantom Care, on the other hand, uses the XD massage system, implemented by 4 massaging balls. The manufacturer states that it detects the position of the arms in real time and adjusts the massage intensity to the user’s needs. There are 5 levels of massage intensity to be adjusted manually.
  • Double scanning – the chair detects the position of the neck and then scans the spine and marks 8 key spots along its line for an even more precise massage of the superficial and deep muscles. In Phantom Care, automatic scanning is also an integral part of the massage session and it takes 40-60 seconds. 
  • It is also worth mentioning that the JP3000 can store individual massage settings for two users – these include, for example, the result of an AI+ scan, the manual adjustment of 8 points on the spinal line, or the adjustment of the parameters of all airbags. This is a great convenience – once a user is seated in the chair, it immediately starts a massage tailored to personal preferences.
  • 38 automatic programmes and up to 53 massage techniques – by comparison, Phantom Care offers 32 automatic programmes and 6 techniques.
  • Another important feature of Fujiiryoki is the division into airbag massage zones, for which the settings can be manually adjusted. Here we have 8 zones: calves, back, forearms, shoulders, feet, thighs, buttocks and hips. In Phantom Care, the airbag massage does not extend to the hips. JP3000 lets you adjust the strength of the airbag massage in 7 steps, and Phantom Care in 5 steps. 
  • Foot massage is carried out using special roller massagers with the option of shiatsu massage and airbags. This combination ensures maximum relaxation of this part of the body and restores lightness to the feet. Phantom Care does not offer shiatsu foot massage, but instead offers a triple roller foot massage.
  • Both chairs feature a heating function and both JP3000 and Phantom Care use carbon mat heating. The significant difference, however, is the heating area: in JP3000 it is the back, torso and feet, while in Phantom Care it covers only the back.

Bodyfriend’s chair provides a comprehensive massage, particularly focused on neck relief. What are the main characteristics of the Phantom Care model?

  • The chair is fitted with a special headrest to stabilise the neck and head during unique neck area massage.
  • Beyond magnetotherapy – Phantom Care uses PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic field. This is a system placed between the balls of the massager, moving from the neck along the line of the spine. Magnetic field has also been applied to the soles of the feet and hands. Combined with classical massage techniques, it contributes to better muscle relaxation and regeneration, and above all to pain relief.
  • Advanced massage modes – dedicated automatic programmes to support emotional balance and improve brain activity. Their positive effects on the human body have been confirmed by a Korean medical certificate. Another noteworthy feature is Bodyfriend brand’s proprietary Brain Music technology, which plays music and uses different sound frequencies to relax the mind and put you in a positive frame of mind. In this regard, JP3000 has its Mindfulness automatic programme: a 30-minute rhythmic massage performed exclusively with airbags. It soothes both body and mind.
  • Phantom Care definitely dominates when it comes to the number of airbags, 59, and they work in both compression and pulsation modes. Fujiiryoki JP3000 has 24 airbags, but as mentioned earlier, their positioning is slightly different and, importantly, they operate in a unique pulsation mode. It is worth mentioning that, owing to this large number of airbags in Phantom Care, it is possible to stimulate the thighs, which has a stretching effect..
  • Both chairs are certified as medical equipment because of their positive effects on the human body: Phantom Care – Korean, and Fujiiryoki – Japanese certification. A distinguishing feature of the JP3000 is the way it reclines to a flat, i.e. horizontal position, which is complemented by the Total Relax position, enhancing the stretching effect. Phantom Care, on the other hand, reclines to the Zero Gravity position, one that provides optimum muscle relaxation and relief. In addition, the Auto Slide function is included – the chair moves itself away from the wall as it reclines, so it takes up less space.

The design of both massage chairs is also worth noting – Bodyfriend features a futuristic design, distinguished by metallic elements. Our product range includes it in white, beige and green. Fujiiryoki, on the other hand, opts for a more classical look. The JP3000 comes in three colours: graphite-black, white and brown.

As you can see, we have juxtaposed two pieces of technologically advanced chairs in our article. Which one you pick depends on your personal needs and taste. You can find out more about the specifications of Bodyfriend Phantom Care and Fujiiryoki JP3000 chairs on their respective product pages. We would be happy to assist you in deciding which chair to choose – just contact us.

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Published: 2023.11.09

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