Massage chair – which one to choose?

Which one massage chair should i chose?

What you really need to be aware of while buying a massage chair. Below you will find a list of articles that cover the most vital topics mentioned here.

What to consider when choosing a massage chair?

We have hundreds and even thousands of models of massage chairs available on the world market. Asia and the United States are overwhelmed with the number of seats offered there. In Poland you can decide between dozens of possibilities, however, to properly choose and have a sense of well-made decision, you just need to read a bit.

We will start with you and your needs, and in the next part of this article we will go to what you will encounter while searching the market for massage chairs.

So… You have your likes and preferences. It is possible that next to you is your partner, your family, your friends or maybe you choose a massage chair for your company. All aspects need to be analyzed. So from the beginning.

Who’s the target user? Who will be massaged?

You or yourself and your loved ones are looking for a massage chair to place in your home.

When buying it for yourself, you should answer the question whether you want to relax on it, permanently care for your condition, improve your mood or maybe you have some specific problems, diseases associated with the spine (I do not mean civilization diseases or standard tensions).

In case of more major issues, you should consult with a doctor, because despite the fact that it is completely safe and certified, there are contraindications to using it [1]. This is not a miraculous medicine for everything, but it can of course help you, allow to relax, eliminate muscle tension, de-stress, positively affect the mood… etc. [2] – I think that those aspects of life are worth it…… :)

You should also look for a massage chair that will suit your preferences regarding the strength of the massage (pressure). There are gentler or stronger massage chairs, some are more relaxing, the other offer more intense massage.

I was looking for a massage chair that can massage really hard. I didn’t believe it was possible, but I found everything I needed in the Fujiiryoki JP1000 massage chair including deep tissue massage… amazing!

Jakub from Wrocław

Most massage chairs are stronger than the so-called “skin strokers” who suggest massages in some hotels;) The pressure can be adjusted in some massage chairs – do not be confused by intensity, because it is the movement speed of the massager. In other massage chairs, you can adjust the position of the backrest (while lying down gravity presses the body to the massager more than usual) or a stronger/more gentle massage program.

Adolescents and the elderly should choose gentle massages. As for people who are tense, do physical work, sit a lot or actively do sports, a stronger massage will be required. [3]

You should also choose a massage chair which size is adjusted to your height and weight. As a standard, people over 155 cm in height can freely use the massage chair, but for those who are 2 meter tall, it will be much tighter. The matter with weight is a little bit different, but our seats are factory tested at a load of 150 kg, which they cope well. It is only natural that the higher our weight and height, the more we should look for larger armchairs.

The standard should also be the ability to scan the spinal line and to automatically adjust to the height and the position – which would be the extension of the foot massager. Without this adjustment, the foot massager would limit the possibility of stretching your legs (in armchairs without a foot massage this problem does not occur). Often there are present adjustable shoulder massagers. [4]

If you buy a massage chair for someone as a gift, you should consider all the above aspects and adjust them for the receiver. And if you buy it for the whole family, then these features must fit all the future users of the massage chair… Difficult to do, but possible, and we’re here to help :-)

Massage chairs offer

Once you choose the massage chair, you will have to think where to place it. Living room, bedroom… [5]

Are you looking for a massage chair for your company’s relaxation room or a hotel? Or maybe you want to open a relaxation salon?

It is worth taking into account the specificity of the place, in which the massage chair will stand and obviously people who are going to use it. You have to think about the number of people who will be massaged every day and adjust to this number the amount of massage chairs. On this occasion, you might also consider extending your warranty with Business terms.

Usually, simpler models are chosen. Their advantage is greater hygiene, as they do not massage feet and can be used without the need to take off the shoes. However, it is worth to think about more advanced massage chairs that will make a bigger impression, increase the prestige and make a customer crave to return and have the massage again. Thinking about the intimacy of the room, satisfaction of the other senses, such as hearing and smell, will also positively affect the perception of the whole project. [6]

Massage chairs in our company are really popular. They are used by employees during breaks but also during work, e.g. at long teleconference meetings. The armchair helps to relax the tense muscles of the neck and shoulders and a pleasant foot massage gives a pleasant relaxation.


The possibility of settling the purchase of a massage chair in the company’s costs is also significant. [7]

What features do you seek? What kind of massage do you expect?

Most vital is back massage…

One that takes place with the help of massage arms imitating the hands of the masseur, as it is the core of the massage chairs. The appropriate number of massage techniques and the ability to adjust their strength or speed will allow you to achieve what is most important – soothing back massage adapted to the needs of each user.

As a standard, we have a minimum of 5 techniques and several options for adjusting the strength or speed of the massage, which will ensure a proper level of massage. Massage arms along with the spinal line scanning system – this should be the standard.

The number of automatic programs is not insignificant. These are pre-defined 15 or 20 minute massage cycles, intertwining different massage techniques, places of their activity, their speed and width. “When sitting down on a massage chair, I do not always want to decide which massage technique and what body part to use. I just want to sit down and relax, which is why automatic programs, and mainly their variety, are important and affect the comfort of use.”- a statement of one of our female clients.

The scope of massage with massage arms. Standard armchairs massage with its arms in the range from the neck to the loin. More advanced massage chairs have the L-shape function, which extends the range of massage further as far as to the buttocks and thighs [8]

I have never felt comfortable with a masseur when I needed a massage around the loin and below. The Massaggio Esclusivo massage chair can massage to the thighs and the experience is great… without embarrassment :-)

Justyna Klimczak, Gdańsk

Massage arms are usually 4 knead balls placed on the head. Try to pull out two hands and straighten only the index fingers and thumbs – this is the “simplified” look of the mechanism. The most popular are 2D systems, which operate in two planes, on which the massage arms move.

Again, more advanced massage mechanisms have a 3D system that moves in three planes, more accurately matching the shape of the letter “S” of the spine. And so, at the level of the lumbar region, the massage arms extend more to the spine, while they “hide” towards the massage chair. This allows the massage chair to more accurately perform a massage, working evenly on the entire spine. What’s more, 3D systems allow you to adjust the pressure, which was mentioned before.

Massage with airbags

It is a very pleasant supplement to the proper massage, performed with massage arms. Airbags are most commonly spread around the calves, feet, arms, forearms, and in more elaborate seats also at the height of the loins, in the seat and at the thighs. By providing muscle contraction/relaxation, they make the massage more pleasant while stimulating circulation and reducing stiffness.

Leg/feet massage in the armchair

Basic models of massage chairs have a massage with airbags directed to the calves. And with the next armchairs we’ve got a foot massager providing pneumatic massage on the feet, pressing them to the acupressure  insert or to the next pillow placed under the foot. It is important that the foot massager is put forward. I mentioned it before while talking about the height.

Another sensational feature of massage chairs in the field of foot massage are massage rollers. Advanced models already have them, and massage in them is extremely pleasant. The feeling of several fingers massaging your foot from the sole… mmmmhhhh what a bliss! In the most advanced models, the airbags will also massage the fingers, and magnetic field will operate within the entire leg massager. [9]

Additional features of massage chairs

Each additional function of the massage chair strengthens the massage effect and makes it even more comfortable. Zero Gravity is a very popular feature among massage chairs. Typically massage chairs spread their backrest and footrests to a straight, lying position. The massage chair with Zero Gravity function unfolds, tilting the entire seat (as on a rocking chair), which reduces tension along the spine muscles, makes massage more pleasant and makes it more effective [10].

Other features that can be encountered are Zero Wall, air supply of ionized air, Bluetooth music, application control, etc. It is impossible to list them all, and new products appear all the time.

The selection of additional functionalities depends of course on you and your needs. Each additional function increases the effectiveness of the massage or simply raises the amount of pleasure you receive on the massage chair. The price is also rising… :)

Let’s move now to the external environment, or what you will encounter when checking the market of massage chairs. Maybe these issues are too simple and obvious, but we do not always pay attention to them.

Check if it is a massage chair at all

Take a good look, read and ask if the massage chair offered to you has massaging arms that imitate the movements of the masseur’s hands. Sometimes massaging mats on a wooden frame appear on the market, which imitate a massage on a massage chair. Under a coating of a massage chair, mats use fixed balls spinning around their own axis with possibly some vibration or heating. Such equipment is a simple “toy”, often poorly made and as a result unreliable, not at all comparable to a massage chair.

It’s good to know which countries manufacture massage chairs

It just so happens that the vast majority of the production not only of massage chairs takes place in Asia, in China specifically. Of course, massage chairs are also produced in Japan and Taiwan, while the production from the US is increasingly being transferred to China. On our continent there is currently only one center for the production of massage chairs. It’s in the province of Alicante in Spain.

Most European brands are also based on outsourcing mainly to China. It is important that you have knowledge of where the massage chair is actually produced, and not where the label is attached to it. It is known that the Chinese factory opening doors, with adequate control of the production process, are able to offer products of the highest quality. In the end, giants like Apple, Samsung and Mercedes commission their production there.

Massage chair from China

A great visualization would be an example of polo shirts, which can be ordered in China for 4 $ per piece. Of course, the Chinese will produce it, but the material will shine through, the seams will crack, the prints will wear down and the colour will fade – and this is the quality we are used to when speaking about Chinese products. But when we pay 40$ per  piece and introduce quality control procedures, we’ll get a high-quality T-shirt, a quality that rivals Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren polo shirts. It is an identical situation with massage chairs.

„The quality depends on the price, in China we can produce everything, and how we do it depends on how much will be paid” – Mr Jo – factory owner in China

Of course, products with the best precision and technology can be found in Japan. When testing massage chairs and peering into their interior, you can’t get out of admiration for such well-polished product. Japanese models of massage chairs can be written down in a will. We are lucky that the massage chair market does not yet have a lifetime design, as is currently the case with most of the equipment.

Also noteworthy are massage chairs manufactured in Europe, in this case we are dealing with only one manufacturer, whose products significantly distinguish themselves from all the other massage chairs due to the possibility of full personalization. Massage in Keyton armchairs is more “European”, that is, gentler, more subtle and relaxing. Design, quality of finishing materials and the possibility of almost free choice of materials and shape play a very important role here, which in this matter sets the bar very high for the whole world competition. [11]

It is important to pay attention from whom you buy massage chair

When choosing a seller, whose offer you’re going to take, remember that the whole thing counts, but even small elements should attract your attention. When looking for an offer on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of different sellers. Before you decide to buy, contact, ask and see if the retailer can reliably advise you which massage chair to choose. Check how long he has been on the market, his knowledge about his offer and his products… Or maybe the very first thing that he told you was the discount that you will receive… :)

When you look at the offers, you will probably notice that many retailers sell scooters, fountains and even barbecues in addition to massage chairs ;-) How much time do you think such a salesperson spends getting acquainted with what he sells? Are low prices and massage chairs of unknown origin worth the risk? Or maybe it is better to focus on a company that specializes in the sale of renowned massage chairs. One that has the best brands and selected models, where employees are experts in their field, who know the product from the smallest detail, who know what they sell, are able to advise you and provide the highest quality service? The choice is yours.

On this occasion, it is worthwhile to mention a few points:

Promotions and discounts for massage chairs

Think about what the horrendous discounts symbolize. Don’t the companies sometimes vanish from the market, or maybe sell off their leftovers, want to divert your attention from the product or use marketing tricks below the belt and offer products for the doubled price?

Think about your goal! Are you looking for an offer of massage chair that is on the best bargain or one that will be adjusted to your needs, which will satisfy you, ensure relaxation, your peace and give perception of a good purchase? Because it was certainly your point at the very beginning and it still should be.

Check the warranty terms and conditions

Please note that extending the warranty period is always a risk for your retailer. In order to provide warranty protection in a professional manner, it must provide for the costs of its execution. Therefore, read or ask about the terms of the additional warranties, especially those which extend beyond the statutory 24-month thresholds. Sometimes tempting at first glance 5-year warranty period turns out to require from you independent ordering of additional paid technical inspections.

Beware of misleading presentations

Two different types of presentations should be distinguished here: group presentations and individual presentations.
Unfortunately, part of the group presentations is a well thought-out and planned “show” with aim of manipulating the customers. If you buy during such presentation a massage chair with bedding, pots, creams or seemingly preferential financial terms, you can later – to put it mildly – regret it. Such practices have created negative image of group presentations.

It is worthwhile to use individual presentations. They are made only on your request, in a place indicated by you, where you do not have to invite your neighbours or family members. You are not obliged to buy anything either. They are conducted so that you can freely test your massage chair, check its capabilities and make the right decision based on your own impressions in the comfort of your home.

How much are you going to pay?

And now we have the substance… :) Now, expectations and desires must be weighed against financial possibilities. You will have to decide if the massage chair is worth it and whether it pays off?

There are several factors that influence the price of massage chairs. Of course, the more functions a massage chair has, the more innovative these functions are, and the more powerful the chair is, the higher is the price. At the same time, the price of a chair depends on the place of production. It is not going to be a discovery if I say that the cheapest ones are massage chairs made in China or Taiwan. Next there are the chairs from Spain, and the most expensive massage chairs are manufactured in Japan.

There are three classes of massage chairs.

  • Economy class – massage chairs that start at 3 thousand pln, mostly in basic configuration, without accessories such as foot massage, hand massage or other extra functionality, but providing a relaxing back massage.
  • Advanced class – massage chairs that cost more or less 10 thousand pln, extended with other functions, where the massage is enriched with various accessories, such as airbag systems, foot massage, heating, L-shape, position Zero Gravity and others.
  • Exclusive class – massage chairs with high price bar, polished to perfection, the highest quality workmanship, with surgically precise massage and innovative massage techniques. [12]

In this article I covered the most important issues connected to the purchase of a massage chair. However, if you wish to know more about it, then at the end you will find a list of articles that elaborate on the topics discussed here. I hope this will make it easier for you to choose your massage chair. If you have any questions, doubts or you just now begun to face with the problem of choosing a massage chair ;-) I am at your full disposal – please contact me.

Paweł Majer.

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