2D, 3D, 4D and 5D massage in massage chairs


Up to this point, we’ve associated multi-dimensional technologies mainly with TVs or cinema screenings. However, as it turns out, this technology has also made its way into massage chairs and what is more, it keeps evolving. In the video below, Paweł explains the differences between the individual “dimensions”, shows how the massaging arms move in each of them and how this affects relaxation in a massage chair.

2D massage in a massage chair

Most massage chairs available on the market have massaging arms that move in two dimensions. This means that the movement of the massager is carried out over two planes – horizontal and vertical. Although there is no third plane and the pressure intensity can be adjusted, thanks to the appropriately constructed mechanism, the balls attached to the massaging arms move closely to the back.

3D technology in the massage chair

3D means three-dimensional space. Just as the name suggests, mechanical massage in 3D technology is applied in three planes. While moving along the entire length of the spine, the massaging arms deliver the massage up and down your back, as well as to the right and left, and also adjust themselves to the exact shape of the spine, adapting to its natural curvature. The massager goes further down in the lumbar area and moves away in the thoracic area, keeping evenly in line with the spine at all times. Thanks to the spatial massage function, available in our offer in Massaggio Stravagante 2, while marking the most important points, the chair scans the spine even more accurately, which translates into greater precision of the massage performed. Moreover, the massage chairs with the 3D massage function provide users with the option to adjust the intensity of the massaging arms’ pressure.

4D – the fourth dimension in massage chairs

During a mechanical massage performed with 4D technology, the massaging arms do not move at the same speed. This is because a suitable combination of acceleration in the massager movement has been added to the three planes. The speed is therefore the fourth dimension of the massage. When a massage is performed using this technique, the massaging arms accelerate and decelerate at specially programmed moments. Nowadays, this technology is rather absent, as it has evolved into 5D technology in the latest models. 

5D technology in massage chairs

The latest and most advanced models of massage chairs come equipped with innovative 5D technology. We have it available in the Fujiiryoki JP2000 chair. The five-dimensional system is based on artificial intelligence which, in addition to speed, also regulates the intensity of the massage and does so in real time. An algorithm developed by Fujiiryoki’s engineers senses current muscle tension and adjusts the intensity of the massaging arms accordingly. Read more about how the 5D system works in our blog article Artificial intelligence algorithm (5D AI) in a massage chair.

As you see, thanks to the addition of more “dimensions”, the massage in the massage chair becomes more precise and mimics the massage given by the masseur even better. If you would like to try out massage technology in multiple dimensions or if you have any further questions after reading this, feel free to contact us.


Paul, can you explain what is meant by 2D or even 5D technology?

“D” relates to visual technology like 3D films or 5D cinema, but I need to explain it in more detail.
With massage chairs, there is an additional dimension. If you put your hands in front of you, point your index fingers upwards, straighten out your thumbs, to create a 90° angle. Then you will imitate the shape of the massaging arms. Move them up and down, and you will see how a 2D massage mechanism works. If you then create a forward and backward movement, you will add a third dimension, which is called 3D.
3D technology allows a massage mechanism to adjust strength in a particular place and to massage consistently on the whole back, whether at lumbar or chest level.

Is 3D linked to the scanning system and S-shape?

The 3D technology is the movement which allows scanning systems to adjust a massage according to the shape of a spine. S-shape is about the frame on which the massage mechanism moves and can work with 2D and 3D.

What about 4D?

4D works by matching an appropriate tempo to a massage technique movement. Mechanisms accelerate and decelerate the massage in a specially programmed movement, which simulates the action of a natural human hand. The most state-of-the-art mechanisms have 5D technology, which involves the AI algorithm which can recognise muscle stiffness in a particular point on the back and automatically adjust the strength to relieve tension.

Wow, is there 6D?

Not yet, in the massage chair industry. However, I hope that in the near future, technology will have advanced to greatly improve a massage chair experience.

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Published: 2023.07.13

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