Contraindications to massage in the massage chair


One of the most frequently asked questions before buying a massage chair is whether there are any contraindications to having a massage delivered by such an equipment. Massage chairs are safe, but of course not everyone and not always can benefit from a massage in them. In this episode, Paweł discusses the most common contraindications to massage, and explains what doesn’t preclude the use of this form of relaxation.

Massage chairs are very safe and can be used practically by everybody. They are thoroughly checked and tested before they are released for use, with special certificates issued. The single most important document required by the European Union is the CE certificate, which every massage chair must be given. This means that it meets the requirements of all EU directives, is approved for use and is one hundred percent safe!

Massage chairs are a trusted piece of equipment, but there are situations when they shouldn’t be used. The most common contraindications to massage on a massage chair include:

  • high fever
  • bone fractures
  • osteoporosis
  • injuries in the area of massage
  • varicose veins of the legs
  • pregnancy or menstruation
  • fresh surgical wounds
  • implanted pacemakers, by-passes or other electrical devices
  • trauma of the spine
  • scoliosis above several degrees
  • tumour

As you see, certain contraindications limit the possibility to use the massage only for a short time, and others for longer or completely, in the case of varicose veins you shouldn’t use the leg massager at all, and after overeating you should just wait it out for a few minutes :-)

As with everything, it’s worth remembering to approach the subject of contraindications with common sense. Manufacturers, especially American ones, adhere to the “duty of care”, according to which they include all possible risks in the instructions. These, in turn, sometimes go to the point of absurdity, such as the ban appearing in the instructions on putting a plastic container on a child’s head (sic). On the massage chair market, one such example would be kidney stones, in the case of which, as every person with this ailment knows, it’s not recommended to climb stairs or sleep on a particular side. The same is true of treatments relating to the circulatory system. Pacemakers are always included in contraindications, but implanted devices are constantly being improved and now have the most diverse parameters. Therefore, it is advisable to make a decision about massage in a massage chair, taking into account your health and well-being, or as always, in case of any doubts – consult the possibility of massage with your doctor.

Pregnancy always turns up in contraindications. A growing belly can put a strain on a woman’s spine and cause other pains, so massage in a massage chair can be helpful in relieving aches and pains and the resulting tension. And usually, if the pregnancy is going well and the woman feels fine, there are no contraindications to massage. Of course, every mum-to-be is different and endures pregnancy in a different way, so it’s always a good idea to consult with your attending doctor before getting a massage in a massage chair. We wrote more about massage during and after pregnancy in the article Massage chairs during pregnancy.

If you already know that the massage chair is right for you, we invite you to take a look at our offer or contact us. On the other hand, if you are still unsure and have doubts, remember that it’s always worth consulting it – as we repeatedly emphasise – with your doctor and have complete peace of mind and pure pleasure from the massage.


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Paul, are there any contraindications for using a massage chair?

That’s a common question and a wise one, that requires careful consideration.
We’ve discussed the advantages of using massage chairs and you have to remember that all the machinery is tested and certified, approved for the European market, so they are safe to use at home without the need for an expert or instructor. However, with all equipment there are some contraindications and in our experience, sometimes it’s simply common sense.

What do you mean?

Many contraindications are self-evident and most people would know that it’s not sensible to use a massage chair if you have specific wounds, broken bones or spinal injuries for example. However, the list can be longer and sometimes you do need to check with a doctor to see if it’s advisable to use a massage chair or not.

Can you give me some examples of what else might be on the list?

Of course, for instance, If you have a high fever or for example ladies who are pregnant or having a menstrual cycle may not feel comfortable in a massage chair. Other contraindications can include varicose veins, pacemakers, by-passes; kidney stones and cancer.

Please remember that it depends on individual circumstances, these can all be complicated issues and sometimes debatable reasons for being cautious. You should take your health and well-being into account before deciding to use a massage chair. As always, if in doubt, consult your doctor.

So if you’re sensible and fully informed there should be no problem?

Basically yes – if used responsibly, massage chairs are safe. More importantly, they leave the factory with special attestations and the CE certificate, which is required by the European Union. It states that it meets the requirements of all EU directives, is approved for use and is 100% safe. You will always find them on our massage chairs.

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Published: 2023.08.31

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