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The fundamental function of massage chairs is primarily to massage the back – this feature is present in every unit. However, for some people, the option to massage the legs is the most important function of a massage chair. So here, Paweł demonstrates how this massage differs from one model to another and explains the main functionalities. He also shares his thoughts on which functionality is worth paying attention to in particular.

Massage chairs and various leg massages

The vast majority of massage chairs offer leg massage function. Depending on the model, it can be more or less complex. The most basic leg massage, available in the Massaggio Ricco, Massaggio Bello 2 and Massaggio Eccellente 2 chairs, for example, focuses primarily on pleasant calf massage. Compressing them with airbags causes the muscles to contract and relax and stimulates blood circulation. The legs feel light and relaxed.

Next, Bello 2 and Ricco come equipped with a rotating leg massager. This rotating leg massager allows the chair to be used in two ways. When fixed, it can be used, for example, as a comfortable leg rest. The massage chair will then act as a great, traditional lounge chair. In the other option, if you want or need to, you can rotate the massager and use it for massage. A 15-minute calf massage session will restore lightness to your calves and bring enjoyable relief and relaxation. There is one other, less obvious yet vital advantage. The concealed leg massager further reduces the size of compact massage chair models – simply put, the massager frame doesn’t protrude outwards. Such a chair is ideal for smaller rooms.

Massage chair Massaggio Ricco order

Massaggio Ricco massage chair is no longer available in our offer. Take a look HERE to learn more about the other models.

Meanwhile, further massage chair models have already incorporated a foot massager. For example, in the Massaggio Eccellente, airbags apply gentle pressure to the feet from above, while an acupressure pad underneath the foot delivers massage to certain points from below.

Leg massage in the top massage chair models

The leg massagers in the following, higher-end models are much more sophisticated. Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro offers massage of the feet with airbags, but it can also massage using special rollers. The sensation that will accompany such a massage session can be visualised as a massage performed with two thumbs alternately massaging the underside of the foot. 

An even more advanced whole-leg massage is available with the Massaggio Esclusivo 2. This unique built-in foot massager is equipped with 3 pairs of massaging rollers which, in combination with airbags, eliminate any accumulated tension. If your day has been really hard – you can opt for a more intensive massage, as there are 3 levels of roller speed adjustment at your disposal. Also featured for the first time in this very model is an innovative kneading massage of the calves. It’s performed with airbags that move in pre-programmed patterns to stimulate circulation and relieve tension accumulated in the calves even more effectively.

Esclusivo2 - masaż łydek

The ultimate model from the Massaggio brand, the Stravagante 2, also boasts an extraordinary leg massage. The airbag massage is supported by 2 pairs of massage rollers, but of a more complex design than in the previous model. In addition, it also reaches the Achilles tendons and heels, resulting in even deeper relaxation. The heating, which in this model appears around the calves, increases the satisfaction from the massage and makes it easier to massage the most sore areas. Additional feature of the massage chair is the automatic extension of the footrest and the sensor that detects the position of the legs, which allows the massage to be perfectly adapted to the person.

The leg massager in the world’s most advanced massage chair, the Fujiiryoki JP2000, is also particularly noteworthy, as it reflects the experience and precision of the Japanese manufacturer (inventor of massage chairs). And this model comes equipped with the long-awaited roller foot massager. The feet are massaged with incredible sensitivity and extreme precision by rollers having a unique, specially developed shape. And what’s more, only in this chair does heating become active around the feet, giving a feeling of exceptional comfort. All this, combined with the airbags, pleasantly massages the thighs, calves and feet and works wonders when it comes to relaxing accumulated tension.

In certain massage chair models currently on the market, the foot massagers are firmly connected to the calf massager, which causes some discomfort for people taller than 175 cm. When reclining the chair, the knees stick upwards. This is not the case with the Rest Lords chairs. Each of the chairs we offer features extendable footrests that guarantee a fully comfortable position. Thanks to the extension, you can easily adjust the position of the massagers to your height.

It sometimes happens that we ourselves stand all day long. Conversations with customers, chair demonstrations, consultations – we always enjoy a leg massage after a long, hard day. Surely you too have situations where you could use such a stress-relieving massage. So if you’re thinking of a chair and leg massage function, check out our product range or contact us.



Paul, can you explain how leg massage works?

Sure, leg massage is an important feature which can deeply affect the feeling in the whole body. I need to go back to my explanation about basic models, where you get a simple air massage for the thighs and calves. You need to look at a more advanced model if you want the option for the feet.

How does it massage the feet?

In premium massage chairs, it is mainly done by airbags and rollers working together. However, to be clearer, with inferior models there is an acupressure insole instead of a roller. In some models the foot part has airbags which work on the toes, heels and Achilles tendon. Rollers for the feet are one of the most famous and extremely relaxing features in massage chairs.

Is there only one type of roller?

There are several types of roller mechanisms. Depending on the model, it can have two or more rollers, they can be individual shapes and move on different axles. It is difficult to advise if one is better than the other, because each of them differ a bit and they all give a pleasant massage.

Can we expect something more for the calves?

In advanced models, the airbag massage has an extra special kneading function for the calves. It is quite strong and very effective.

Is it possible to regulate the strength?

Yes, you can regulate the pressure of the airbag. It is crucial for individuals who have very stiff legs to build the strength up very slowly with every massage session. With the rollers, we can choose a speed and people who are ticklish, need to get used to this. :)

Any other things I should know?

Yes, as an extra function in some models, there is heating for the feet or calves. It complements the massage and makes it more pleasurable. The last thing to mention is the extension slide for the feet. Sometimes it is automatic, sometimes manual, but the range of this slide is important, as it is more comfortable for taller people.

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Published: 2023.04.06

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