Artificial intelligence algorithm (5D AI) in the massage chair


Until a few years ago, artificial intelligence was associated with functional machines used in sci-fi movies that able to take over the world. Since then, however, a lot has changed and today artificial intelligence is seen as an opportunity and an extension of human capabilities. Machine learning has settled in with us for good… Such advanced solutions are already being used in many devices of day-to-day use, and now they are also applied in the massage chair. In the following article you can read about what artificial intelligence in the massage chair is and what it is responsible for.

What is artificial intelligence?

There are numerous definitions that describe artificial intelligence. However, this complex technology can be described as a field of computer science and automation, the aim of which is to recreate the human way of thinking and perceiving reality in such a way that it can then be imitated by computer programs, systems or machines. Also, artificial intelligence has the advantage of constantly improving its own algorithms on the basis of collected data, as well as optimizing and accelerating tasks. Artificial intelligence is another step to relieve us – people – of some tasks (especially repetitive ones), and this in turn should give us more time to relax ;)

Artificial intelligence supports humanity in technological development and helps to automate processes that up until recently required the involvement of many people. It’s used from scientific processes to everyday objects, such as smart phones and computers. Its application is also becoming increasingly popular in cars that can read traffic signs or automatically brake in front of obstacles. We see advanced research on autonomous cars that don’t need a driver :-) Recent times have seen an abundance of applications of artificial intelligence in medicine – be it for robots supporting patient care or medical research and analysis. However, from our point of view, an interesting implementation is the use of artificial intelligence in the massage chair.

Artificial intelligence in the massage chair

This is the first such an advanced solution on the market, where artificial intelligence has been used in the massage chair in order to achieve a perfect massage. A specially designed algorithm developed by Fujiiryoki engineers leads to the best possible adjustment of the massage intensity in real time, based on the actual muscle tension detected by the chair. The multidimensional, smooth yet deep massaging arms’ movements imitate human hands as precisely as ever. The aim was, of course, to create a massage as similar to the one performed by the masseur as possible and also adapted to today’s lifestyle, which is still changing. This is the result of many tests and discussions that the Fujiiryoki team has conducted with their clients. Therefore, in Fujiiryoki JP2000 the massage and its intensity changes to fully adapt to individual muscle tension and perfectly relax it.

We realize that it can all sound like a fairy tale. We do admit that we ourselves were a bit sceptical about the performance of artificial intelligence in Fujiiryoki JP2000, especially since this is the first such implementation in the world. However, knowing Fujiiryoki’s products one could expect everything… so curiosity triumphed. All doubts were gone after the first tests. IT WORKS… and it’s incredible! The chair’s ability to detect tensions and adjust the massage intensity accordingly is simply stunning. Every change of the sequence is preceded by “sampling” our body, and the chair seems to read our mind. The movements of the massaging arms are smooth, fluent and accurate. At the same time, the massage rollers, resembling a physiotherapist’s thumb, massage your feet, and airbags stimulate lymph flow in your body. Everything is in tune and synchronized like in a symphonic orchestra. It is impossible to describe it, you just have to try and experience it for yourself.

So if you would like to see first-hand how accurate and perfectly fitting the massage in the JP2000 chair is or have any questions, feel free to contact us. JP2000 is waiting for you…


Paul, can a massage chair scan your body?

Massage chairs can scan your back, but primarily the shape of your spine, not the whole body. Superior models have a scanning system, which is designed to follow the S shape of the spine. The results of the scan moves the mechanism closer to the spine in the lumbar region and at chest level it moves the opposite way. Then it will give a consistent pressure along the whole length of the spine.

So is it like an X-ray machine?

It works in a different way and it’s safer. Accuracy depends on how advanced the model is. In basic models, the scanning system is limited to recognising the height of the user. It is important that the head is not massaged and so the mechanism stops at neck level.

Can it recognise a scoliosis of the spine?

Unfortunately not, any degenerative changes will not be accurately identified, and as I have previously mentioned, this is a part of therapeutic massage and is not really appropriate for a massage chair.

During scanning, an advanced massage chair can recognise back muscle stiffness and adjust its strength accordingly. This is done by specific motors within the massage mechanism, which measure the tightness of a muscle and determine how much energy is needed to work through it.

Ok., but will it know when a particular tension is released?

You will feel it and then you can change the technique or programme. During a single massage session, high-end massage chairs use an AI algorithm which recognise the best possible adjustment of the massage intensity, in real time, based on the actual muscle tension detected by the chair.

Currently, artificial intelligence used in massage chairs scanning systems is a premium function and its use will definitely increase in next generation models.

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Published: 2020.07.16

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