Where massage chairs are produced

Massage chairs production

Just before a purchase of a massage chair we are often asked about where it was manufactured, because the place of production used to predetermine our final product. Indeed, Japanese products were characterized by perfect polishes, Chinese ones by worst quality, while Polish products were the safest choice. We all know this saying “Polish is good”. In this article we would like to clarify issues that involve the place of production. So how does it really look like with massage chairs?

Countries that produce massage chairs

The vast majority of the production of massage chairs takes place in Asia, primarily in China. Asia is the home of massage and de facto massaging chairs. It is an enormous market which consumers use massage chairs at least as often as we watch TV. The production located there can be divided into Japanese, already mentioned Chinese and the rest. We are also acquainted with productions in the United States, which are increasingly “pushed” to China, and the only European production in Spain. Unfortunately, there is no production in Poland. So in turn..

Japanese massage chairs

Japan is famous for its accuracy, reliability and precision in many products manufactured at home. The seat of the most famous brand of massage chairs is located in the Land of the Rising Sun in Fujiiryoki. They were the first in the world to produce a massage chair and to introduce it to mass production.  Massage chairs made there are characterized by the most advanced technology that uses layers of vast knowledge and many years of experience. Massage chairs are products of extraordinary effectiveness, offering simply a medical massage, and they are all finished with a perfect, durable performance. To sum up: perfection in every inch, which, however, has its price..

Massage chairs manufactured in China

China still remains the country in which the vast majority of massage chairs is produced. This is where the largest factories are located, in which the manufacture of their products is commissioned by the most well-known brands in the world. Until a few years ago, Chinese products, to put it mildly, were not associated with the best quality – just the opposite. Nowadays, a lot has changed in this matter. At one time China’s advantage was cheap labor and thus the lowest price. Today, on this basis, economy of China has expanded to the second in the world. China offers high-quality production – for the right price… And here you need to stop. If Apple or Mercedes can demand the highest quality from Chinese production, the same rule can be also applied in massage chairs. However, there are still producers in this market who do not count on quality and sell “disposable” massage chairs. So here you need be careful. Yet there is still the question of where the production will be outsourced and for how much.

But enough about the origins. And it is safe to say that the armchairs professionally produced in China often outperform their colleagues from other countries by their innovativeness and functionality. Valued and often preferred technologies of foot massage rolls or L-shape are  China’s concept and production. Massaggio brand has been using Chinese factory for 9 years and currently we can not imagine ordering production elsewhere. We are proud of our quality of massage, performance and negligible failure rate. For us, “Made in China” has changed the meaning and we will gladly mark our products with the “Properly made in China” mark.

The production of massage chairs in other Asian countries is constantly developing. However, it is a small percentage. The expansion of the Taiwanese Tokuyo brand shows that the global market has accepted these products and their quality. However, you have to be doubly careful here and with the “inferior sort” of armchairs from China.

Massage chairs manufactured in United States

Outside Asia massage chairs are manufactured or possibly were in the United States. Therein lies the problem with determining the exact place of production, because manufacturers such as Human Touch, which are associated with the “States”, increasingly outsource production in China. Massage chairs of those brands will be bigger, more bulky, often relating to the so-called Recliners, adapted to the client there.  

Massage chairs manufactured in Europe

When it comes to Europe, massage chairs are produced in only one place. The Spanish brand Keyton is the only one that produces its armchairs on the Old Continent. Their brilliant designs are a combination of imported from Italy or Norway natural leather, beautiful walnut or oak wood. Massage is different here, completely original and incredibly good, as befits a European … Keyton’s armchairs provide a pleasant rest and relaxation. They distinguish themselves with unique design, which attracts attention, and the highest quality materials.

Check where the massage chair was manufactured

In this whole discussion about the production of massage armchairs, the most important thing is that the client should be aware of where his armchair is actually made.

On the market you can often read or hear that the massage chair was made in Germany or Poland, or that we deal with “Japanese technology” or “Polish producer”. All these psychological manipulation about “Japanese robotics” etc. are designed to divert attention from the actual country of production. Why? It’s difficult to say… Maybe the sellers are afraid of this information or maybe it’s the inferior sort of armchairs from China or Taiwan. In the end, it does not matter where the screw was screwed or the cushion sewed, but rather where the product was assembled and components made.

Therefore, if in doubt when buying a massage chair, ask the seller about CE certificates. These are the documents issued for each massage chair. They are proof that it is safe equipment, compliant with European standards, and what is more, they directly determine the country of production. It is always worth asking.

But what is the most essential is the massage. The most important thing is how you feel in this armchair, whether the massage is pleasant and whether you are satisfied – it is not so imperative whether the chair was made in Japan or China. If you still have questions related to the place of production of our massage chairs or the massage chairs themselves – contact us.

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