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Up until recently we used to associate massage chairs with shopping malls, hotels, beauty spas or sanatoriums ;-) Today, this point of view has somewhat changed and massage chairs are becoming more and more common in private homes. Advantages such as the opportunity to relax anytime you want without the need to leave home plus the use of innovative technologies are winning more and more people over to the idea of owning a massage chair. Massage chair for the living room, bedroom, or perhaps for the office? Below, we suggest how to choose a location for a massage chair and where it will work best.

How do you find a suitable spot for your massage chair?

Nowadays, the market offers massage chairs of all sizes and dimensions. The vast majority of models, especially those that are technologically advanced, require preparation of a 1×2 m space inside the house. However, there are also really small and compact chairs that not only fit into any room (you need a 70×100 cm space), but also deliver massage of excellent quality. A perfect example is the Massaggio Bello 2 chair, which is the first so compact chair with high-tech features available so far only in more powerful models, e.g. massage in the Zero Gravity position or SL-shape. Limited space doesn’t have to require compromising and giving up on innovative functions.

When looking for a place to put a massage chair, you should also pay attention to the way it reclines, as this will determine how much space you actually need. There are models that don’t recline, ones where only the footrest can be extended and chairs where the footrest can be extended together with the backrest. The Zero Wall function plays an important role in this last group, making it possible to move the chair closer to the wall without having to leave any space for the backrest to move down. Thanks to this function, when standing against a wall, the chair presents itself better and requires less space, even if it is large.

Massage chair for the living room

massage chair at home - living room

A massage chair for the living room should look good and match the style of the interior. Among our offerings, the compact chair with a footrest – iRest QL (A185) stands out. Its rounded shapes, tasteful stitching, and subtle, universal color scheme will easily fit into practically any living room. However, if you have more space available and your living room is decorated in a modern or industrial style, a good choice might be the majestic iRest Maesthron (A801) or the futuristic Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo.

Massage chair for the bedroom

massage chair in house - bedroom

However, if you want to keep the massage chair for yourself and your significant other, then the bedroom will be the ideal place. By placing the massage chair here, you can fully focus on relaxation and ensure silence, peace, and comfort. A massage session before sleep can help you unwind, which may positively impact the quality of your sleep in the long run. In the morning, you can use an energizing automatic program that will wake you up and set a positive tone for the upcoming day. If you have a gym or private wellness area at home, using the massage chair there will provide excellent recovery after workouts.

Massage chair – home office

If you are considering setting up a separate home work zone, a massage chair will be the perfect addition to your equipment. An essential element of effective work is also the ability to rest and properly utilize breaks. In our selection, we offer massage chairs with special automatic programs dedicated to relaxation after or during work, such as the iRest Brillactiq (A665). For instance, it features a Frozen Shoulder program, designed with office workers in mind who suffer from back pain – especially in the cervical spine. Just a fifteen-minute massage session can relax the muscles and help reset the mind. And if a “traditional” massage in a massage chair is not enough for you – sessions in Bodyfriend brand chairs (Care, Rovo, Davinci) can be accompanied by binaural music, affirmations, and also voice instructions, supporting a relaxing breathing exercise. A comfortable, functional home office is not just about the right desk and chair :)

Moving the massage chairs

Occasionally, however, the initial placement of the massage chair in the chosen location turns out to be unsatisfactory and you decide to move it or relocate it to another room. The size and weight of the massage chair depends on the model, but in most cases they are not lightweight. However, thanks to the castors installed in the massage chair, you can easily move it. On most models, the castors are located at the back – so simply use the backrest to raise the front of the chair, resting its centre of gravity on the castors, and then move it. 

You should also remember to unplug the cable from the remote control or remove any other obstacles that may stand in your way. Don’t move the chair if there’s a risk of scratching the surface or protect it properly beforehand.

The situation gets slightly more difficult if you want to move the chair, for example, to a room on another floor. Then it’s necessary to have at least one person assist you. Two people, grabbing the armrests, can lift the chair and move it, then carefully lower it to avoid damage. 

Remember that all our chairs are designed to always have precise dimensions. You can find all the dimensions at the product card which will hopefully help you choose a chair. And if you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


Paul, please can you tell me which room is the best to put a massage chair in.

It’s totally your choice, it depends on how you intend to use the massage chair and where you like to relax. Some people find it difficult to choose between the living room and the bedroom. If you put a massage chair in the lounge, it’s convenient for the whole family and your friends when they come to visit. Everyone can use it all the time, however, you won’t always be able to guarantee peace and quiet when you’re relaxing.

Why would you put a massage chair in the bedroom?

A massage chair in the bedroom is a good solution for somebody who wants privacy and somewhere to relax in a quiet place. It’s also really useful for a quick massage before bedtime and when you wake up in the morning.

Any other places?

There are plenty, and it depends on your home and imagination. The third most popular place is in a home office, next to a bookshelf or a HIFI system. If you have one, why not beside an indoor pool or in a home gym, or alternatively there’s always a hallway, or we have even been asked to put one in a garage. As I said, it’s entirely up to you.

How much space should I save for a massage chair?

For the majority of massage chairs, about 1 meter by 2 meters, which is the space you need for the reclined position. Compact models should need less space and can go in smaller rooms. If you have a massage chair with zero wall function, this helps significantly when you’re deciding where to put it.

Can I move it by myself?

Some of the models, yes. They should have wheels underneath, so it should be easy to move them if you don’t have to use stairs. However, be advised that wheels can damage some floor surfaces. In this case and with larger chairs or moving between different levels, you will need some assistance.

Can I just plug them straight into an electric socket?

There is no battery inside, so you need to plug it in. It’s interesting to note that massage chairs have very low power consumption, because they can operate between 100 and 200 Watts. Using all the functions on the larger models, only consumes 200 W which is 5 times less than a microwave.

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Published: 2023.05.18

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