Renovated massage chairs

We offer carefully selected massage chairs, manufactured in trusted factories - we want to provide you with the best quality, and with it the longest possible life of our products.

In the "Exchange for a new model" program, we buy used massage chairs from our clients. We carefully renovate them, clean the upholstery, check the components and replace them if necessary. Only after a thorough assessment of the condition of the massage chair, we provide it with a second life. On this page you will find armchairs that have restored youth - fully functional, with renewed upholstery and at attractive prices. We provide a 3-month start-up guarantee for every armchair.

Available renovated models


Year 2017. Used massage chair - renovated. We have checked all components, the massage chair is fully functional. The leather upholstery has no signs of use, no scratches or other damage on the chair casing. The original foil is still on the remote control. Visible in the photos is a slight pilling of the material at the massagers for the legs and arms.

List price: 29900 zł
Current price: 14500 zł


Pictures of the offered item:



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