Renovated massage chairs

We offer carefully selected massage chairs, manufactured in trusted factories - we want to provide you with the best quality, and with it the longest possible life of our products.

In the "Exchange for a new model" program, we buy used massage chairs from our clients. We carefully renovate them, clean the upholstery, check the components and replace them if necessary. Only after a thorough assessment of the condition of the massage chair, we provide it with a second life. On this page you will find armchairs that have restored youth - fully functional, with renewed upholstery and at attractive prices. We provide a 3-month start-up guarantee for every armchair.

Available renovated models


We currently don't offer any renewed armchairs. See newest promotions



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Fujiiryoki JP2000 - the long-awaited premiere of the latest massage chair model

We present Fujiiryoki JP2000 - an extraordinary massage chair. The first chair to use artificial intelligence to provide a perfect massage.

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Larger, more developed, with multiple modern functionalities. What is the difference between advanced massage chairs? Enjoy our latest video.

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Here's another interesting massage chair's functionality with an enigmatic name. We explain what a great and pleasant L-shape function is.