Massage chair

Massaggio Conveniente

Classic of comfortable massage
Massage chair Massaggio Conveniente on sale promotion
Fotel z masażem Massaggio Conveniente aranżacja
Zdjęcie fotela masującego w aranżacji
Massage chair Massaggio Conveniente on sale promotion
Fotel z masażem Massaggio Conveniente aranżacja
Zdjęcie fotela masującego w aranżacji


Wysuwanie fotela masującego Massaggio Conveniente

Use stretching mode every morning, and you’ll find out that mornings will be more enjoyable. The armchair with an air cushion system and the right combination of massage techniques with a great sense will gradually awaken your body, invigorate endorphins and will provide a positive dose of energy that will accompany you for the rest of the day.

Simple handling

Remote control

Incredibly easy to use and readable remote control will allow You and your family to easily switch massage chair functions. Control location of backrest and footrests by going to your favorite massage position.

Relax with 5 massage techniques, 5 automatic programs, or create 2 individual programs by saving them in the armchair memory.


Adjustable arm massagers and footrests

The armchair was designed with the best possible adaptation to the preferences of each user. Thanks to fully adjustable footrest and adjustable forearms massagers, you can sit back and relax in armchair and enjoy a massage.

Foot massage

Time of massage

Deeply relaxing feet acupressure supported with soft air cushions massage will give a rest to your feet and calves by drawing out useless tension and aches.
Get up after 15 minutes of incredible massage and “float” above the floor, feeling lightness and freedom.

Arm and forearm massage

Massage armchair airbags

Set of 24 air cushions will cover your hands, pleasantly massage them and pull every stiffness. During one massage session You will be nestled few times, what will make You feel very comfortable and want to go on another sessions on armchair.

Build quality

Beautiful quality leather

Durable build in both the part you see and the one inside the armchair will make you enjoy a massage chair for a long time. Synthetic leather in high-end upholstery, will easily be used in next massage sessions, without need for additional attention.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.



    Visualize the massage chair in your interior using your smartphone or tablet and the 3D AR function, i.e. augmented reality. See for yourself what it might look like in your house or office, whether its colour matches the interior, the place you've chosen for it…

    While browsing the website on your mobile device, click the AR icon and place the virtual chair in the desired location. Move, rotate and adjust.

    An AR-supporting web browser is required for proper operation. We recommend using Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS). The 3D AR feature may not work properly on older smartphone models.

    Remember - AR technology is not yet perfect. The dimensions of the displayed model may differ slightly from its actual size. This depends on the device and the process of the first scan. The model can also be scaled to adjust its size if necessary.


    Fotel do masażu Massaggio Conveniente
    Price: 7 970 6 970 zł


    • includes rebate in the amount of 1 000 zł
    • includes express delivery by courier
      Included in to the price of a massage chair. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. Delivered within 72 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made.
    • valid until 4.11.2021

    Reviews about Massaggio Conveniente

    Marek | 26.04.2021

    It took me a long time to find the right massage chair. I bought the Massaggio Conveniente in June 2019. My wife and I are very happy with the purchase of this model. Before we got this chair at home, my wife had had to resort to massage therapists because she suffers from back problems. Since the purchase and continued use of this chair, my wife hasn't felt any pain in her spine and she can function normally. I reported a technical problem to the technical support after two years of using the chair practically every day. The service team came to my apartment after a couple of days. The chair was fixed within an hour. I'd like to commend the repairmen for their professionalism, politeness and extensive knowledge concerning maintenance. I rate the service at 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. I'm really glad that I chose this chair and now I don't have to worry in case of any malfunction as I had the chair repaired without any problems. I recommend shopping at Rest Lords to everyone. You'll be truly satisfied.

    Małgorzata Maj | 08.01.2021

    Massagio Conveniente, the very name envelops you (oh, how I love Italian) comfortable, affordable, convenient, cost-effective, economical, beneficial purchase, effective, affordable.
    That's all... ha ha ha NOPE! I'm just getting started.
    My début with Massagio Conveniente happened after 8 hours of hard work (I'm a hairdresser). What can I say, my dear readers?
    I'm sitting comfortably in the chair, my eyes are closed, and I feel like in a friendly and popular rehabilitation centre.... Only no one asks anything (which is great after 8 hours of working with people ;)
    - is it comfortable?
    - is it good?
    -not too hard?
    - not too much of this or too much of that?
    All this comes from the mouth of a masseur - a human ;)
    Anyway, I wasn't able to visit him regularly, because of my workaholism ;)
    Well, yes, it feels wonderful, marvellous inside the Conveniente chair !
    My experience during the massage includes relief and relaxation, you can safely compare it to the effect of massage in "Dunston Checks In" ;) How I envied Mrs. Dellacroce, I imagined how wonderful it must've been!
    And what else my darlings? I am like Mrs. Dellacroce !!! Cool!
    I won't wait days, weeks, months, to write an opinion. I'll do it right away ! This is a hit !!!
    Massagio Conveniente is a technological marvel! Apparently the machine knows exactly what I need. It seems to be just a chair but you feel as if in the presence of someone who deeply cares about your comfort! It seems that you have the remote control, there's a program, but you actually feel like in the hands of a master masseur :D
    I am more than pleased, delighted that my spontaneous decision to buy this chair from Rest Lords has brought so much happiness and joy to me and my housemates. XD
    It's a pity it wasn't here during the pre-Christmas period, I would certainly be less tired and sore (but this weariness caused me to start looking for a chair .... that chair. At Easter I'll feel like a young deity XD
    What about the service? Well, my dear friends, there's a very nice saying: 'a golden wall will not defend itself today'. Rest Lords service team is at the top of their game! It took less than two days from the decision to the delivery, and a phone conversation with a very nice lady from Rest Lords helped to dot the i's and cross the t's!
    I strongly recommend to everyone! Don't hesitate!!! If only your finances allow you to, don't wait, don't overthink it. Massagio will satisfy even the most demanding! I recommend it one hundred percent !!!!

    Zbigniew Rybicki | 22.05.2020

    I recommend this model. My whole family is delighted, after a month of using it we feel less tired. Quick service, good quality and a dream come true!



    Automatic programs
    • 5 automatic programs
    • plus the memory of 2 programs composed by themselves
    Techniques and range of massage
    • 5 massage techniques
    • point massage, in the scope, comprehensive
    • 3 levels of air massage strength
    • 5 levels of speed of mechanical massage
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage width
    • 2 levels of vibrational massage intensity
    Range of massage with massage arms
    from the neck to the loins
    Place of performing aerial massage
    • feet
    • calves
    • arms
    • forearms
    Foot massage
    acupressure + airbags
    Automatic unfolding
    to straight, lying position
    Scanning the backbone line
    yes, whole body
    Additional functions
    • vibration massage in the seat
    • Polish menu
    • wheels for moving on flat surfaces
    Maximum height
    190 cm
    Permissible weight
    140 kg
    Dimensions in a sitting position
    127 cm x 76 cm x 118 cm (L x W x H)
    Dimensions in lying position
    178 cm x 76 cm x 73 cm (L x W x H)
    Carton dimensions
    118 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm (L x W x H)
    Seat width
    51 cm
    The minimum width of the door opening
    80 cm
    Avalaible colours
    78 kg
    Power consumption
    120 W
    < 58 dB
    • 24 months (individual clients)
    • 12 months (entrepreneurs)
    • On-site guarantee with access to the service technician
    • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
    A comfortable armchair that provides comprehensive body massage. Foot acupressure, air bags massaging the arms and forearms, full body stretch function, adjustment to height, Polish menu and friendly design. Classic, solid, providing a versatile massage.

    Files to download

    User manual of massage chair Massaggio Conveniente (PDF)

    Product card of massage chair Massaggio Conveniente (PDF)

    3D solids for architects (ZIP)

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