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My name is Paweł Majer and I’m co-owner of Rest Lords.
Below You can find elaborately selected offer of massage armchairs, in which You will find suitable chair – from the most exclusive Fujiiryoki armchairs to trusted and affordable solutions, like Massaggio Bello. Familiarize yourself with each massage armchair and decide, which one is for You.


massage chair JP2000


The peak of technology from Japan. An armchair that thinks, massages and relaxes... like never before!

√ 5D AI artificial intelligence
√ Japanese craftsmanship
√ 45 massage techniques

Price: 41700 zł +premiere!
massage chair JP1000


Prestige without compromises. World class massage armchairs with Japanese lineage. Quality and experience!

√ Japanese production
√ 41 massage techniques
√ W-sensor scanning

Price: 32700 31000 zł +gift card worth 1000 zł
Massage chair Keyton H10


Your interior is going to love this elegant armchair! Model fully personalized: upholstery, colour, wood…

√ natural leathers and finishing
√ European production
√ 5 patterns with 2 in 1

Price: 17900 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Stravagante


Massage armchair, which redefined concept of relaxation. The most modern, the biggest...

√ precise 3D massage
√ foot rollers
√ stretching function

Price: 17970 15970 zł +gift card worth 1000 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo


Pleasure goes further... ! Massage armchair with the most innovative solutions and futuristic design.

√ longest L-shape
√ foot rollers
√ Zero Gravity position

Price: 13970 12470 zł +gift card worth 1000 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Eccellente


The most advanced technologies in classic line. Great massage thanks to innovative solutions.

√ Zero Gravity position
√ L-shape massage
√ heated backrest

Price: 9970 8770 zł +gift card worth 700 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Conveniente


Classic of comfortable massage! Everything that is necessary in massage armchair… For your comfort.

√ stretching function
√ foot acupuncture
√ easy navigating

Price: 7970 6970 zł +gift card worth 500 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

Bello 2

Soothing massage in a compact frame. Technologies so far unheard of in this class of massage chairs.

√ Zero Gravity position
√ SL-shape massage
√ bluetooth speakers

Price: 4970 4470 zł +gift card worth 400 zł
Massage chair Massaggio Ricco


Double the joy of a massage. A wealth of pleasurable sensations in futuristic shapes.

√ two massage mechanisms
√ SL-shape massage
√ bluetooth speakers

Price: 3970 3570 zł +gift card worth 300 zł
Fotel masujący Massaggio Piccolo


Small massage armchair, which surprises with its abilities! Created with small rooms in mind.

√ SL-shape massage
√ bluetooth speakers
√ small and light

Price: 2970 2670 zł +gift card worth 200 zł


Add-ons to massage armchairs

When ordering a massage chair, you can also order useful accessories:

Massage armchairs cleaning and leather upholstery maintenance kit

Care & Protect Set

Massage armchairs cleaning and leather upholstery maintenance kit.

Blanket and pillows for massage chair

Blanket and pillows

Dimensionally adjusted set – blanket and two pillows.

Cover for a massage chair

Cover for a massage chair

Specially prepared cover for massage chair, for individual orders.


Financing the purchase of a massage chair.

Massage chair in installments
Leasing of massage chair

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