Is it worth it? Benefits offered by the massage chair


Although it may seem rhetorical, the answer to the question of whether it’s worth using a massage chair requires an explanation of how exactly it affects us, what benefits it brings, and whether it is… healthy. We’ve addressed all of this, with the final aim of allowing you to find it out for yourself.

The countless benefits of massage

It’s impossible to list all the benefits of massage, but let us try to put them in order, so that we can see its enormous potential more clearly.

The most commonly known benefits are associated with the reduction of muscle tension, caused mainly by lack of movement, sedentary work or staying in one position for too long. Through massage, we can prevent the formation of such tensions, but also eliminate the pain that has already appeared. What’s more, a regular massage, complementing sport and a healthy lifestyle, will increase our mobility, stretch our muscles, influence our condition and range of movement.

The option to relax the mind forms a second group of benefits. Massage contributes positively to our mood, releases endorphins and allows us to switch off our thoughts for a while. It also reduces the feeling of anxiety and helps to combat stress. By relaxing the body and mind, massage sessions can relieve migraine pain, at times more effectively than pills. There’s also some chemistry at work during massage, as we lower cortisol levels while increasing dopamine levels in the blood, which leads to a better mood and counteracts depression.

Massage also improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, oxygenates muscles, and this in turn has a direct effect on efficient recuperation after physical or mental exertion. Properly functioning circulation facilitates detoxification and lowers blood pressure. When coupled with sport, massage serves as an effective means of supporting metabolism and weight loss. And finally, thanks to cyclical sessions (e.g. in massage chairs), we strengthen our natural immune shield and thus contribute to better performance of the immune system.

Proper calming of both the body and the mind accompanied by improved circulation will ensure a better quality of sleep, which will be followed by a number of benefits, because when people are well rested and in a good mood, they can achieve much more.

Massage in a massage chair as a healthy habit. Is it safe?

While enumerating so many benefits, customers often wonder whether the massage chair is healthy, or rather whether a massage in such a chair is. In the previous paragraphs we have provided quite a bit of information regarding the benefits that clearly support the fact that massage has a beneficial effect on our body and mind. It’s crucial to remember that we classify massage as therapeutic, preventive and relaxing. Especially the last two types can be delivered by a massage chair, which is discussed in more detail here.

As with any piece of equipment, also in the case of chairs there are contraindications that may prevent or limit the use of massage. It’s worth becoming familiar with them, but if we don’t experience any major problems with our health in general and we haven’t found any contraindications to massage, then massage sessions in a massage chair will be as healthy for us as possible.

We should also keep in mind that massage chairs are safe devices that undergo thorough checks and tests and, above all, have the required certificates for use. The tradition of massage chair design dates back to the 1950s! That’s a long time to gain experience and long enough for technological advances such as artificial intelligence to take hold in massage chairs. Massage chairs are therefore becoming more and more advanced, imitating the movements of the masseur’s hands with increasing accuracy and, most importantly, they are completely safe.

Is it worth it to own a massage chair?

Let each person answer this question for themselves. Attention should be drawn to the fact that many ailments can be remedied with various types of medicines, but is this the way? Thousands of years ago, it was discovered how to naturally protect the body from various problems. We sometimes envy Asians such good health or longevity. This is due to a healthy lifestyle, i.e. taking care of the body, a balanced diet, sports, but also taking advantage of massage. The Asians know how important it is, it’s been inscribed in their culture, and massage chairs are a natural household accessory for them. Of course, the massage chair is not a miraculous and omnipotent device that will do anything you wish it to do, but when used periodically, preventively, for the purpose of relaxation, it turns out to be incredibly useful and effective.

As you can see, massage in the massage chair brings numerous benefits and frequently contributes significantly to improving our health. We hope that we’ve cleared up any doubts you might have with this article, and if there are any further questions, feel free to contact us.


Paul, what are the benefits of using a massage chair?

There are several benefits. The principal one is to achieve a better sense of wellbeing.
First of all, I have to explain the advantages of a massage. Primarily, it allows you to relax, especially your mind. Using a massage chair releases endorphins, it enables you to switch off your thoughts for a moment. It can also help to relieve stress, migraine pain and improve your frame of mind.

Does it reduce muscle stiffness?

Yes, massage will reduce muscle tension, which is often caused by lack of exercise or sitting at work. A massage can help to prevent this type of tension and reduce pain that may have already started. What’s more, as a supplement to sport and a healthy lifestyle, cyclical massage can stretch the muscles and improve the range of motion.

Massage can also improve blood and lymph circulation around the body, oxygenating the muscles, this directly affects recovery after physical or mental effort. Effective circulation can help detoxification and lowers blood pressure. Massage is not a miracle, but in combination with exercise can be an effective factor to support metabolism and aid slimming. Finally, cyclical sessions on massage chairs can help our natural immune system and protect our body.

Could it help me to sleep better?

Appropriate silencing of the mind and body along with improved circulation will ensure a better quality of sleep. When we take care of our well-being and are well-rested, we can do so much more.

What about the health and safety aspects of a massage chair?

It is important to remember that massage is divided three ways into therapeutic, preventative and relaxing. The last two can be applied in a massage chair. As with all equipment, you should always be careful. If you do not have major health problems and any contraindications for using a massage chair, then it can be healthy for you.

It should be noted that massage chairs are safe devices that have been carefully examined and tested, and above all, have the required certificates for home use.

So, Paul, is it worth having a massage chair?

I believe, everyone should answer this question on their own. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a good diet are important factors towards a long life. A massage chair may not be a miraculous invention, but why not follow the example of Asian Culture, which has used natural remedies for thousands of years and massage chairs are a standard piece of home furnishing. A massage is a positive and effective method which helps your body and enhances your mind and soul.

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Published: 2023.03.16

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