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Bodyfriend is a South Korean-originated, world-leading healthcare brand that specializes in the production of technologically advanced and designer devices, such as the massage chairs available in our range.

Well-being and longevity

South Korea is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world. It comes as no surprise that the Bodyfriend brand’s mission is to extend a human healthful life expectancy by 10 years. The belief that this goal is within reach is the foundation of the company’s business. To achieve this, Bodyfriend constantly develops its research and scientific facilities. Today, these include an in-house research laboratory, a design center, a medical research center and more than 200 researchers working to make human longevity a tangible reality. ​​The idea behind the brand’s founders is to shape healthy lifestyle habits and well-being. The use of Bodyfriend chairs is intended to directly support both the physical and mental well-being of the user.

Luxury and art

During the process of creating each massage chair, Bodyfriend uses all its know-how and innovative ideas to create a masterpiece. As a result, every massage session is an almost mystical experience. Luxury here transcends mere technology and design; it encompasses the joy experienced by individuals in any encounter with Bodyfriend’s products. The manufacturer believes that by creating seats characterized by exceptional design excellence and superior user experience, he will not only provide users with a wonderful visual and sensory experience but will also enhance their quality of life. 

The company has introduced and patented innovative technologies that have been recognized by renowned institutions and industry competitions. Bodyfriend’s massage chairs have won awards such as the 2022 Korea Luxury Brand Grand Prix and have been recognized by the jury of the annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products – the CES 2021 Innovation Awards.

Bodyfriend brand at Rest Lords

Korean massage chairs are loved by fans all over the world. One of our ambitions is to provide the best product range on the market – and that certainly includes the Bodyfriend brand. Sharing the brand’s values and constantly looking out for your well-being, we have become its authorized distributor.  

We started with the launch of two unique massage chairs: Phantom Care – a neck muscle regeneration expert and Phantom Rovo – a model with independent leg massagers. Davinci – the world’s first massage chair with BIA body composition analysis – was the third to join them.

If you are interested in the Bodyfriend brand and its luxury massage chairs, take a look at our offer. If you would like to try out the armchairs and choose the perfect model for you, please visit our showrooms.

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Published: 2024.03.21

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