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Chinese Massage, known as Tui Na, is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and serves to regulate the flow of Qi (hypothetical life energy) in the meridians, which are lines connecting acupuncture points in the body. This massage is conducted using acupressure techniques and body manipulation to stimulate and balance the energy of Qi, contributing to health and healing. It aims to restore energetic harmony, which aligns with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, emphasizing the importance of internal balance to maintain health. The scientific approach to Qi and Tui Na often focuses on observable changes in the body, such as pain reduction, improved circulation, and stress relief. In our article, we explain what Chinese massage is and how it is performed by our massage chairs.

What is a Chinese massage?

Chinese massage Tui Na, used in traditional Chinese medicine, employs various techniques aimed at stimulating the flow of Qi and improving blood circulation. Basic techniques include:

  • Compression, involving pressing and twisting, which helps alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation;
  • The swing technique, using pushing and kneading; rubbing, which generates heat to strengthen subcutaneous circulation;
  • Vibration, which revitalizes Qi and improves gastrointestinal function;
  • Pinching and grasping, used at tendon attachment sites;
  • Stretching, which increases the flexibility of limbs and the spine.

How Does Chinese Massage Work in Massage Chairs?

Chinese massage is one of many automatic programs available to users in iRest massage chairs. Models like Grandease (A550), Brillactiq (A665), and Maesthron (A801) utilize gentle, rhythmic movements of the massaging arms working in 4D, with variable width. During the massage, techniques such as kneading, rubbing, and Shiatsu are applied, including gentle stretching of the back muscles. Massagers press specific points on the back to remove blockages and relieve tension and strained waist muscles. The experience is complemented by foot rollers and cushions, as well as mechanical calf massage. The upper massager of the Maesthron (A801) performs a massage similar to the other two iRest models, while the lower one taps the body from the lumbar to the thighs. A pleasant addition to the Chinese massage is the option to turn on heating, which facilitates muscle massage and enhances the entire process. Chinese massage in iRest chairs stimulates blood circulation, soothes meridians, and alleviates back and waist blockages. It is an automatic program of relatively low intensity, intended for people experiencing pain and tension in the waist and back area, as well as lumbar muscles. However, it is important to remember that each user experiences massage differently, and the intensity of the massage may be perceived differently.

Chinese massage is valued for providing pain relief, improving circulation, and supporting overall well-being. It alleviates stress and relaxes. Both this and many other advanced automatic programs can be found in iRest massage chairs – Grandease (A550), Brillactiq (A665), and Maesthron (A801). If you are interested in the capabilities of our models, check our offer or contact us – we will help you choose the best chair.

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Published: 2023.09.02

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