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We continue with our series of comparisons – the time has come to describe and list the features of another pair of compact models from our product range. The Massaggio Bello 2 and the Massaggio Piccolo are two chairs that share a compact size, SL-shape function as well as Bluetooth. However, everything else about them is different. We have highlighted these key differences in the article below.

Advantages of the Massaggio Bello 2 massage chair over the Piccolo

Massaggio Bello 2 stands out in its class thanks to its advanced functionalities. Therefore, there will be quite a few differences between it and the Massaggio Piccolo, which comes up first in our product range. 

  • Reclining to Zero Gravity – This is by far the most significant difference between the compared chairs. The Massaggio Bello 2 chair automatically goes to the Zero Gravity upon activation, a position that is considered to be the most comfortable one. Thanks to the positioning of the body so that the knees are at heart level, the massage is more intense and accurate and the joints are relieved. The Massaggio Piccolo chair does not recline, and the massage is performed while seated.
  • Calf massage – another important feature that cannot be noticed at first glance in this case. Calf massage in Massaggio Bello 2 is performed using airbags placed in a retractable footrest. Depending on your needs, you can use it to massage your legs or as a soft calf support. Massaggio Piccolo does not feature the massage of the calves.
  • Extensive massage techniques – Massaggio Bello 2 massages the entire body using 6 massage techniques, which allow you to adjust the speed of the massager depending on your needs. Massaggio Piccolo offers 3 massage techniques.
  • USB charging – and finally, the function without any direct impact on the massage, but extremely useful. Right next to the control panel of the Massaggio Bello 2 there’s a USB charging interface for a mobile phone or other personal device. Massaggio Piccolo doesn’t include this option.

Advantages of the Massaggio Piccolo massage chair over Bello 2

  • Price :) The Massaggio Piccolo massage chair is cheaper… much cheaper :-) For people who are looking for a small chair with a basic, but still very pleasant massage, it’ll be a great choice.
  • Size. The Piccolo is smaller than the Bello 2, so if there is very little room for a massage chair, the Piccolo, being the most compact in our range, may be the only option.

Colours of massage chairs

What may be of importance to many, the Massaggio Bello 2 and Massaggio Piccolo also differ significantly in terms of colour palette they come in. Massaggio Bello 2 allows you to choose from two classic colour options – deep black or its subtle combination with beige, which together with the leather in two types of textures will be a perfect choice for most interiors. Massaggio Piccolo, on the other hand, is available only in brown and black colours. However, it’s distinguished by velvet, perforated upholstery, which emphasizes its unique and luxurious appearance. 

Detailed descriptions of the functions and capabilities of both chairs can be found on their respective product pages: Massaggio Bello 2 and Massaggio Piccolo. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2019.06.19

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