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With a detailed list of features and capabilities of the two smallest massage chairs that open the Massaggio brand offer, we continue our series of comparisons of individual models. Massaggio Ricco and Massaggio Piccolo share a lot – compact dimensions, SL-shape and Bluetooth function, but there are also a few significant differences between them. We indicated them in the article below. 

Advantages of Massaggio Ricco massaging chair above Piccolo

Although Massaggio Ricco is a compact model, it is distinguished by modern features. Therefore, the differences between him and the smallest Massaggio Piccolo will be quite a lot. 

  • Calf massage – the most important difference, although invisible at first glance. In Massaggio Ricco, calves are massaged with airbags placed in a rotating footrest. So the footrest constructed in this way can be used for a soothing calf massage or as a discreet leg support. In Massaggio Piccolo you cannot massage your calves. 
  • Double massage mechanism – another, very important difference. Massaggio Ricco is the first massage chair on the market in which this solution appeared. Extremely precise massage is carried out with the help of two massage systems, the first of which massages the neck and shoulders, and the second – the back, reaching up to the thighs. In Massaggio Piccolo the massager consisting of 4 massage balls moves along the guide from the neck to the thighs. 
  • Heating – the neck massager heated during the massage makes the massage more pleasant and allows you to thoroughly massage the tensions. Massaggio Piccolo does not have a heating function. 
  • Additional things include:
    • charging USB – although it has no direct effect on the massage, it may be useful for some. At the back of the control panel there is a USB charging interface for a mobile phone or depending on the needs of another device. There is no such possibility in Massaggio Piccolo. 
    • cup stand – a special cup holder allows you to enjoy your favorite drink even during a massage, which is not possible in Massaggio Piccolo. 

Advantages of a Massage Chair Massaggio Piccolo over Ricco

  • Price :) The Massaggio Piccolo is cheaper. The price difference is not big, but for people who are looking for a basic and very pleasant closed massage in a small size, Massaggio Piccolo will be a great solution. 
  • Size. Massaggio Piccolo is the smallest model from Massaggio. If there is not much space available, Piccolo will be the best, and it may happen that the only choice. 

Choose freely

For some, information about the differences in the color of two massage chairs may be the key one when comparing them. Massaggio Ricco and Massaggio Piccolo also differ in the colors in which they appear. Massaggio Ricco offers two color options to choose from: classic black or its subtle combination with beige. Classic colors are emphasized by leather with two types of texture, which will look great in most rooms. In contrast, Massaggio Piccolo is distinguished by a beautiful, perforated upholstery, which occurs only in brown-black color. 

A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the compared massage chairs is on their Massaggio Ricco and Massaggio Piccolo product pages. If you have additional questions, please contact us

Massaggio Ricco massage chair is no longer available in our offer. Take a look HERE to learn more about the other models.

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Published: 2019.07.04

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