Massage chairs in movies


Every movie brings a little magic to our lives. It presents extraordinary stories, illustrates everyday life, moves or entertains. Can anyone become a hero of a movie? Is it necessary to possess superpowers, to distinguish oneself with unusual skills or to have an incredible story to tell? As it turns out, anyone can become the hero of a movie, even a massage chair. And although it may come as a surprise, there’s a lot of movies starring massage chairs. It’s not just another armchair, but an armchair that performs massage :-)

Massage chair as a character in movies

In what kind of movies can we usually see a massage chair? It seems to us that it’s not going to be a big surprise. Although it might appear that massage chairs should appear in drama, they are definitely most frequently featured in comedies. They are usually presented as something special and unusual. Occasionally, they take on a more of a sci-fi form, when they’re packed with innovative features and fascinate everyone who sits on them. However, their humorous image is usually associated with vibrations and intensive massaging, after which makes it difficult to stay in the chair, which has little to do with real massage chairs. 

In what movies have the massage armchairs been used so far?

As you can see, the massage chairs are real stars :-) Fortunately, they also found a moment and appeared in several of our productions.

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Published: 2019.07.18

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