iRest Maesthron (A801) vs iRest Brillactiq (A665) – comparison of Massage Chairs


iRest is a rapidly growing manufacturer of massage chairs, renowned globally for the exceptional quality of its products. Known for blending advanced technology with comfort and style, iRest offers a wide range of massage chairs designed to provide maximum relaxation, pain relief, and health benefits. This article compares two of the brand’s most advanced models available in our offer: Maesthron (A801) and Brillactiq (A665). At first glance, the chairs seem similar, but there are many aspects in which these models differ. You can learn everything from the article below.

Advanced Massage Systems 

The iRest Maesthron (A801) boasts the longest massage range among the brand’s chairs with SL-shape of 153 cm! The massage covers a user’s body from the neck to the thighs with two independent 4D and 2D massagers. This unique feature creates the effect of having two masseurs working simultaneously on the user’s body. In contrast, the Brillactiq (A665) features a single 4D massage mechanism with four rollers covering a shorter range of 135 cm. Despite this, the Brillactiq guarantees excellent relaxation and tension relief.

Both models include the iOpen divided guide bar, allowing them to recline to a Flat position, enhancing body stretching and muscle relaxation. Both also offer a Zero Gravity position, though only the Maesthron allows for its two-level adjustment.

Each model comes with 20 automatic programs, focusing on specific body parts or just effects like stretching. Maesthron has a slight edge with 17 massage techniques compared to Brillactiq’s 11. Both chairs allow for adjustments in massage strength, width, and speed with five levels of regulation and offer two memory settings for custom programs.

Relaxing Airbag Massage and Heating 

Airbag massage is a highly enjoyable feature in massage chairs. Maesthron has 36 airbags, while Brillactiq has 40, but Maesthron covers more areas including calves, forearms, arms, feet, and hips. Both chairs offer five levels of airbag massage intensity. An interesting feature of the newer iRest model, however, is the adjustable position of the calf massage cushions – so that both lower and taller people can enjoy a perfectly adjusted massage. 

The bigger difference between the seats is noticeable in their heating systems. The Brillactiq (A665) has a carbon heating mat in the backrest and collar, which pleasantly warms the back zone and torso. The Maesthron (A801) has up to 2 independent heating systems. The first, in the form of a graphene heating mat, is placed in the same zones as in the Brillactiq. The second heating system is made up of heated natural jade stones, built into both massage mechanisms of the chair. They work exactly where the massage is currently taking place by distributing heat from the neck to the thighs.

Health Detection System 

The customized massage on the iRest models is, of course, supervised by features such as spinal line scanning, the SL-shape guide, as well as individual adjustment of the individual parameters. In addition, the Brillactiq (A665) and Maesthron (A801) feature the innovative Health Detection System, which thanks to special sensors, detects 3 indicators of human health – oxygenation, microcirculation and heart rate. Based on the collected results, the chairs’ algorithms check the user’s fatigue level and select a perfectly adapted automatic programme.  

Leg Massage

An important feature of the seats is the mechanical calf massage performed with the cooperation of massage rollers and airbags. The Maesthron (A801) is equipped with two rollers massaging per calf for a thorough massage, while the Brillactiq (A665) is equipped with one. Such an extensive massage system comprehensively cares for the calf area and quickly brings relief to tired legs. Both armchairs also offer an extremely effective foot massage, carried out using 3 massaging rollers. The Maesthron allows you to adjust their speed on a 5-point scale, and the Brillactiq on a 3-point scale. In addition, one of the rollers in the Maesthron focuses on massaging the heels deeply to stimulate this area, further increasing the effectiveness of the foot massage. 

Unique Features of iRest Maesthron 

In addition to the two independent massagers described at the beginning, Maesthron offers other unique features like the Piano forearms massage, whose extremely subtle and pleasant wave stimulates blood and lymph flow like never before. Supported by airbags, the mechanical forearm massage is ideal, for example, for desk workers, where the forced position of the forearms and hands causes pain and tension. Compared to the Maesthron, the Brillactiq (A665) offers a classic, kneading forearm massage with airbags

A very useful and distinguishing feature of the Maesthron is also the individual adjustment of the roller range to the size of the user’s foot. The rollers focus on specific points on the soles of the feet – appropriate to their length so that the massage is carried out exactly where needed to deeply relax tensions. 

Additional features that set the Maesthron apart from the Brillactiq also include an induction charging function and an air ioniser

Controls and Additional Features 

Both massage chairs feature intuitive controls via a touch panel, handheld panel, and voice commands. Moreover, Maesthron adds control via a mobile app with the proprietary iRest software. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, the iRest Maesthron (A801) and iRest Brillactiq (A665) are similar in terms of the features available in them, as well as visually. Their additional amenities not previously mentioned include the Zero Wall function, which means that the seats do not take up as much space despite their sizeable dimensions; built-in Bluetooth speakers so that you can connect to your device and relax during a massage to the sound of your favorite music; a USB charger to charge your smartphone; and magnetotherapy to aid faster cell regeneration. 

Both massage chairs by iRest also feature similar modern lines and outstanding build quality. The Maesthron (A801) is available in black-brown or beige, while the Brillactiq (A665) comes in graphite-black and beige.

As you can see, iRest Maesthron and iRest Brillactiq offer an impressive set of features that make them technologically advanced models. You already know what the iRest brand’s flagship models feature and what sets each one apart. However, if you have any questions after reading this article – please do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors will be happy to dispel your doubts and help you find the perfect massage chair to meet all your requirements. 

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Published: 2024.06.06

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