iRest Chillin (A360) vs Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO – comparison of massage chairs


In the next article of our massage chair comparison series, we will take a closer look at the iRest Chillin (A360) and Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO models. Although they differ in some aspects, they showcase a range of similarities in terms of features and capabilities, making the choice between them an interesting dilemma. We invite you to read the comparison of these two massage chairs to better understand what each offers and which one would be the best choice for you.

Massage system and basic functions

Both massage chair models offer a relaxing 2D massage system that effectively loosens muscles. The massage range is also quite similar – the massaging arms of these two chairs move along an SL-shape track, covering from the neck down to the thighs. In both chairs, the massage can be tailored to individual needs: the width is adjustable on a 3-level scale and speed on a 3-level (Chillin) and a 5-level (Eccellente 2 PRO) scale. To make the massage sessions even more enjoyable, the chairs utilize heating mats (Chillin uses a graphene mat, Eccellente 2 PRO uses a carbon one) in the back area.

The iRest Chillin (A360) is equipped with 28 airbags, located in the zones for feet, calves, forearms and hands. The intensity of their operation can be adjusted on a 3-level scale. Meanwhile, Eccellente 2 PRO has 20 airbags in the same zones as Chillin, as well as massaging airbags for the arms. The massage strength of the airbags in the Massaggio model is adjustable on a 3-level scale.

Leg massage

The leg and foot massage in the iRest Chillin (A360) is primarily based on the action of airbags. They perform pulsating and compressive massages, stimulating circulation and providing deep relaxation. The soles of the feet are massaged using an acupressure insert, which – with the help of airbags – presses specific points on the feet, offering relief. In Eccellente 2 PRO, the airbags serve the same role, but the foot massage differs slightly from that offered by Chillin: besides the acupressure insert placed under the toes, the soles are massaged by rollers. This combination is very effective and pleasant, with the speed of the rollers adjustable on 3 levels.

When discussing leg massage, it’s also worth mentioning the stretching function, as it depends on the operation of the footrest in the Massaggio model. In Eccellente 2 PRO, it is possible to stretch the lower body parts. Stretching reduces muscle tension and additionally improves muscle flexibility. The iRest Chillin (A360) does not have this feature.

Control and additional features

Chillin (A360) and Eccellente 2 PRO are controlled by traditional remotes. However, the difference lies in the fact that Eccellente’s remote has a display showing the parameters of the ongoing massage. Chillin can be controlled with a remote without a display, and it also offers Voice Control in English

Zero Gravity – a massage position that relieves joints and muscles (with Eccellente 2 PRO offering 2 degrees of position adjustment and Chillin 3 degrees of position adjustment). An interesting addition in Eccellente 2 PRO is hand and foot magnetotherapy, aiding in cell regeneration. Meanwhile, the Chillin (A360) features Bluetooth speakers, allowing for the enjoyment of your favorite music during the massage.

The iRest Chillin (A360) and Massaggio Eccellente 2 PRO are very similar both in terms of functions and dimensions. What Eccellente is equipped with that Chillin lacks (magnetotherapy, roller foot massage, lower body stretching) influences the price difference between the two models. The chairs also differ in their color options: Eccellente 2 PRO is available in beige, black, and caramel-mahogany, while iRest Chillin (A360) comes in two versions – beige and black. Both models are also available without a foot massager – iRest Chillin Open (A360-31) and Massaggio Eccellente 2, available in one variant – black

We believe our article will help you choose the right massage chair – if you have any questions, please contact us.

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Published: 2024.05.09

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