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In Rest Lords we suggest two options of your massage armchair delivery, each one has its pros.

Carefree delivery

First of all, we provide professional and comprehensive service that’s why each of our massage armchairs (in standard offer) is delivered in formula that we call “Carefree Delivery”.

When You choose this type of delivery, massage armchair is delivered to You in previously arranged date, around within 3-5 days. Armchairs are delivered by trained representatives, with our own transport and as the name suggests delivery is made without your care about it. Our representatives carry in, assemble and carry out operating manual of massage armchair, providing professional service and possibility of focusing only on massage armchair and relaxation. We appreciate your valuable time and we offer late afternoon, evening and weekend deliveries.

Big plus of this form of delivery is that You receive ready to use massage armchair in previously arranged date and place.

Courier delivery

Second form of delivery is express delivery by courier performed by professional courier company, with which we cooperate by delivering massage armchairs to every place in Poland.

In this delivery option massage armchair, properly secured, is sent on a pallet and on the following day since forwarding a parcel is delivered by a courier. You need to carry in and assemble massage armchair by yourself. For 2 people that have user’s manual only 30 minutes is required to enjoy your massage armchair.

Plus of this form of delivery is lower cost of realization and high speed of execution. By ordering before 12 AM, You can wait for the courier with massage armchair the following day.

Courier delivery abroad

We also deliver by courier beyond the borders of Poland. Delivery is executed by professional courier company that we cooperate with by sending massage armchairs on the premises of European Union. In this form of delivery massage armchair also is properly secured and sent on a pallet. You need to carry in and assemble massage armchair by yourself. Cost and time of delivery depends on detailed address of package destination.

More information about this are on our blog.


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