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The time has come for another detailed comparison of the functions and capabilities of Massaggio massage chairs. We will compare an extremely popular, often juxtaposed pair. Modern or classic – it is precisely this choice that face customers who compare Massaggio Eccellente i Massaggio Conveniente. However, they are not just different in design and price. You can find out more about other differences in our article. 

The advantage of Massaggio Eccellente massage chair over Conveniente

Although there are not that many superior features, they are of great importance, have a huge impact on the comfort of the massage and each of them is one of the most advanced massage chair technologies.

  • L-shape – this technology allows for a massage not only along the entire length of the spine, but also on the buttocks and thighs that are often skipped during the massage. The system is 95 cm long in Massaggio Eccellente. Massaggio Conveniente on the other hand, does not have L-shape technology – the massage is carried out from the neck to the loins. 
  • Zero Gravity – positioning the body in Zero Gravity position, in which after lowering the backrest the knees are at the height of the heart which makes the massage more comfortable, more intense and accurate. Massaggio Conveniente does not have this function, but the chair unfolds horizontally to a lying position 
  • Zero Wall – is a function which, although not directly related to the quality of the massage, is extremely useful as it enables the armchair to be placed against the wall. When unfolded, it moves away from the wall and saves space. Massaggio Conveniente is not provided with a Zero Wall function and it is necessary to leave at least 50 cm to unfold the massage chair. 
  • Heating – it is a function thanks to which the backrest of the massage chair is heated by IR rays up to 40 °C, which makes the massage even more pleasant and comfortable. 

The advantage of Massaggio Conveniente massage chair over Eccellente

In addition to the obvious price advantageMassaggio Conveniente has several functions that you won’t find in the higher model. 

  • Automatic program – body stretching – an extremely relaxing and pleasant function, which resembles a wake up drag. It allows you to relax your muscles and maximize your relaxation, and it prepares you for further massage sessions. Body stretching is not available in Massaggio Eccellente. 
  • Shoulder massage – this is a slight advantage that can already be seen when you compare the appearance of the massage chairs. Massaggio Conveniente provides a pulsed shoulder massage with airbags. It gently stimulates blood circulation making the hands relaxed and pleasantly light. In Massaggio Eccellente, however, arm massage, which is also performed by airbags, is limited to the forearms. 

Feet massage in the massage chairs

Both Massaggio Eccellente and Conveniente have a feet massage function. Massaggio Eccellente is characterized by its acupressure insert, which puts pressure on the appropriate points of the feet from below, while it is pressed against the top by airbags. Massaggio Conveniente, on the other hand, has one under-finger cushion, which in addition to two pressure cushions, pleasantly massages the feet from below. 

We hope that this article will be useful when you compare the massage chairs and make a decision. A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the seat can be found on Massaggio Eccellente or Massaggio Conveniente product pages. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us

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Published: 2018.07.12

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