9 Knowledge 9 About massage chairs. How does it massage?

About massage chairs. How does it massage?


So far, there have already been numerous articles on our blog about massage chairs, their functions or how to choose the perfect model. However, we would like to use this article to go all the way back to the beginning and tell you what a massage chair actually is and how it delivers the massage.

What is a massage chair?

Massage chair is a device that massages your body by means of massaging arms and other elements, such as airbags and rollers. The massaging arms are an essential part of the chair, they are the parts designed to mimic the movement of the hands. The presence of this element is what makes the difference between a massage chair and a massaging mat. Using an advanced massage system, the chair both massages and relaxes the body. Such a massage relaxes tense joints and muscles, boosts energy and takes care of your well-being. It will provide you with much needed rest and relaxation after a stressful day at work.

The first massage chairs offered a very simple massage, and their design could hardly be associated with relaxation. With time, however, technology began to evolve, new manufacturers appeared, more Asian countries became interested in massage chairs, and then the United States and Europe. Today, our market offers dozens of models to choose from in a very wide range of quality and prices.

How does the massage chair give you a massage?

The main massaging work in the chair is carried out by the massaging arms. These are two or four balls made of soft rubber material. Placed at the ends of the profiled arms, they move along the line of the spine from the neck down to at least the lumbar region. They move in different sequences, with appropriate speed, force, but also in different planes and widths.

And all about what massage in the massage chair looks like and what elements it consists of was explained by Paweł in this episode of the vlog.

One addition to the purely mechanical massage is the air massage. It is carried out by a number of airbags which inflate in specially configured cycles, affecting various parts of the body. The airbags support the effects achieved by the massaging arms by contracting and relaxing muscles accordingly, thus stimulating blood circulation.

On top of all this, there is the third element, which comes in the form of additional functionalities that, to a greater or lesser extent, positively contribute to the effect of relaxation in the massage chair. These include stretching, heating, foot massage rollers, Zero Gravity position, SL-shape or advanced scanning systems.

By now you know how the massage chair works. If you’re thinking about a model for yourself and need assistance in making your choice, or if you have any questions after reading this, feel free to contact us.


– Paul, please can you explain the range of movement of a massage mechanism?

The simplest way to explain it, is to imagine massage arms moving along a chair frame, but there is more to it than that. This is a well-developed feature in massage chairs. Manufacturers have worked hard to improve the length and shape of this frame. Let’s start by looking at the length of the mechanism. Some models only give a massage on the back from the neck down to the lumbar region, sometimes as low as the coccyx. The maximum length of the frame in these models is about 90 cm.

– Can the length of the frame be increased beyond 90 cm?

Yes, there is an L-shape form of frame which can be even as long as 130 cm. The frame is a curved design to allow the mechanism to massage the hips. I can recommend it, it’s an enjoyable experience and a really worthwhile function to have. It helps to relax the hip muscles, which are important for our standing posture.

– I’ve also heard about SL-shape. What’s that?

The SL-shape is an additional curving on a frame which resembles the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. In the lumbar region the frame should slide deeper and at the chest level it should go the opposite way.

I should also mention that models with the basic SL-shape function, have a frame where the seat and the back-rest are connected. As the chair reclines, your body stays in the same position. In newer models, the frame of the seat and the back-rest work independently. This allows the body to lay flat and enables the stretching programme to work more efficiently.

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Published: 2022.05.26

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