How much do massage chairs cost?


In your quest to find the perfect model, you may come across hundreds of different massage chairs available, with prices ranging from less than € 1,100 to as much as € 11,500, and our portfolio isn’t different in this respect ;-) There are market models of massage chairs, such as those by the Korean brand Bodyfriend, like Lamborghini, costing up to € 30,000. In the video below, Paweł gives a brief overview of the market, characterises the massage chair groups and their price ranges.


The prices of massage chairs depend on a number of factors; the most important one, by far, is the number of functions available in a particular model. The more functions we have available in a massage chair, the more advanced they are and the more complex the chair, the higher its price tag is likely to be. The quality, design and country of manufacture also have a direct impact on the price of a massage chair. The most expensive massage chairs come from Japan, where their production first began and where technological boundaries and unsurpassed massage quality have been defined. Increasingly innovative solutions and improved craftsmanship also position production from China or Korea in the high price bracket. Thus, we have a full price range of massage chairs here: from the cheapest, compact ones to hi-end, technologically advanced designs. The only well-known European chair manufacturer from Spain – the Keyton – focuses on the quality of the finish and customised orders, as well as completely distinctive design. This consistently places it in the mid to higher price bracket.


From the outset, it should be understood that cheap “massage chairs” priced around € 500 are actually so-called massage seats, i.e., massage mats on a frame. In these types of devices, rotating balls or vibrations are most commonly used. They are usually not the highest quality equipment, thus prone to failures and in no way resembling massage chairs. Instead of opting for such a construction, perhaps it would be worth purchasing a much cheaper massage mat and using it on your own chair or seat? Therefore, if you are interested in a massage chair, it is worth asking before purchasing whether it performs a massage with massaging arms that mimic the movements of a masseur’s hands. The massage chair you are looking for must have a massaging mechanism that mimics movements with hands, not just rubs the muscles in a less thoughtful manner.

Economy class massage chairs

This opens up a segment of massage chairs priced around € 1000 to € 4,000. Here we find models with essential functions, the so-called massage core that every massage chair should offer. Even the most basic model, the Massaggio Piccolo, comes equipped with a massage mechanism that actually imitates the movements of a masseur’s hands.

However, the more expensive it gets, the more options are added. For example, in the Massaggio Bello 2 massage chair, there is the possibility of massaging in the Zero Gravity position, previously known only in higher models. Moreover, in this model, calves and thighs are massaged with air cushions. In iRest Easyq (A166), there is an addition of roller foot massage, back magnetotherapy, and stretching of the lower body parts. Our offer is complemented by iRest QL (A185), a rotating massage chair that works in 2D, like the previously mentioned models. It stands out among the other “compacts” with a unique tilting, rotating function, adjustable footrest, and stylish, modern finishes.

The mid-range class of massage chairs

The price climbs above € 3,500, and along with it comes a wealth of functionalities and features. In this category, massage chairs have already taken on more designer shapes and are gaining innovative features such as Zero Wall. Functions such as the kneading calf massage (Massaggio Esclusivo 2) or mechanical calf massage (iRest Supearl) are also introduced. Here we already have a complete set of airbags, a stretching massage and numerous other additions, such as heating and magnetotherapy, which enhance the feeling of relaxation and make each massage session more enjoyable. In this price range, chairs are available with and without a foot massager: Massaggio Eccellente 2 PROMassaggio Eccellente 2, iRest Supearl (A336) iRest Supearl Open (A336-31), iRest Chillin (A360) iRest Chillin Open (360-31).

Somewhere between the mid-class and high-end, we find models like Massaggio Stravagante 2 and iRest Grandease (A550). The Massaggio model is the most advanced chair in its brand – featuring a 3D massage system, up to 64 aibags and the ability to stretch the entire body. Grandease (A550), on the other hand, is the first in its class to be equipped with a 4D massage, and also features iOpen – a split guide, which in the highest models of iRest is now standard.

Designer massage chairs

Another category of massage chairs is more akin to the interiors and furniture market, where great attention is paid to design, style, construction, usefulness and personalisation of the look to meet the client’s specific requirements. Our offer in this category includes chairs from the only European manufacturer – the Keyton brand – which successfully delivers massage chairs that please the eye of the greatest aesthetes. They make use of classical and beautiful curves, top grain leather and a fully customisable, high-quality finish.

Due to the customised, non-prefabricated designs, the use of wood and high-quality natural leathers, prices rise to around €4,500. If you wish to have your chair to be 100% personalised and unique, the price can continue to rise indefinitely… ;)

 Keyton H10

High-end massage chairs

At this price range, we are talking about massage chairs that are the most technologically refined. An example of a high-end massage chair is iRest Brillactiq (A665). The chair is equipped with a Health Detection System – with its help, Brillactiq measures pulse, body oxygenation, and microcirculation of blood, and then selects an automatic program suitable for the current condition of the user’s body. The most technologically advanced chair of the iRest brand – Maesthron (A801) features two independent massagers, working in 2D and 4D systems. In this model, heated jade stones are used – relaxing warmth is distributed exactly where the massage is performed.

Another model from this group, Fujiiryoki JP3000, utilizes an improved artificial intelligence algorithm. The chair recognizes the shape of the user’s body and the condition of the muscles, and also selects the technique, intensity, and smoothness of the massage in real-time. Among the multitude of functions of this model, it’s worth highlighting deep tissue massage. An innovative model in the massage chair market is the Korean Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo. A distinctive feature of Rovo is the independent leg massagers, thanks to which asymmetrical stretching and a completely new range of motion are possible. It is also important to apply special, health-promoting automatic programs and massage modes, which improve brain activity and emotional stability. The most expensive model of the Bodyfriend brand is Davinci – the price comes with entirely new technological solutions, such as Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) or hand massage with red LED light, combined with acupressure and heating.

In the price range above €5,000 each movement of the massage mechanism is exceptionally precise. The massage chair “feels” the muscles even more, we can perfectly specify and adjust individual pressures to our own needs, choose from techniques and be sure of exceptionally high quality of craftsmanship, reflected in the durability of construction and attention to details, as well as an excellent, incredibly relaxing massage.

Our offer includes massage chairs from all price ranges, each of which can be tested in one of our showrooms and you can see the difference between them first hand. You can also use our Comparison tool, available on the product pages, where – and this is very important – you’ll be able to compare not only the price, but also the features of individual massage chairs. And if you need any help in choosing your ideal model or have any questions after reading this entry, feel free to contact us.


Paul, I have seen that you have lots of different kinds of massage chairs. Please can you tell me more about them.

We offer several brands which differ in ways of design and technology and of course price.

Let me begin with the compact group. We would describe these as our starter models. They have massaging arms in the back-rest, which provide a simple massage, air massage for just the legs (not the feet) and some chairs recline. The pros are that they are small, so they fit almost anywhere.

That is really interesting, what about the cost?

Starter models begin at around a 1000 euros. Then we have the mid-range group. They have all the elements of the compact models but they are a bit bigger and have many more functions and features. They can scan your spine and massage down to hip level. They all recline, have heating systems and some have rollers for the feet. This is an innovative group and the price of these massage chairs can range from 2000 to 4000 euros.

Tell me about your most expensive models?

We have a high-end group which has an extremely accurate massage system with 3D or even 5D functions. They have a sophisticated detection system; an option which stretches the whole body; dozens of massage airbags; mind massage systems and even an AI algorithm which independently recognises the level of muscle stiffness and provides appropriate strength. They are big and quite heavy, but suit all body frames, large and small.

Are there any others?

We have a specific brand which is more stylish than the others. They can be made in natural leather, in any colour and can look like a piece of furniture in your lounge. However, we need to remember that this means a massage on this kind of chair will be a bit softer and there will be fewer functions available.

The chairs I have described are the most popular and will fit the needs of the majority of people, however, It is an open market. For example, we can find modern, futuristic designs for superhero fans or massage chairs designed for Lamborghini owners.

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Published: 2023.02.09

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