Massage armchair – different prices

Massage armchair – different prices

While reading this article, You will see the difference between price brackets of massage armchair and reasons, why first one costs 10 000zł and second one, similar only at first sight, costs 5 000zł.

During choosing massage armchair, You will bump on market into hundreds of different models, their prices oscillate from 4 000zł to even 33 000zł and not only in our offer ;).

The easiest way to explain this difference is to base on car market. In case of cars, You know their brands and advertised functions or accessories, then in case of massage armchairs (unless You don’t have one at home) there is a little problem. Brands aren’t too popular, nobody talks or writes about them and functionalities usually are something new to us.

Something like massage armchairs

Starting from the cheapest devices, You need to know that “massage armchairs”, which cost less than
3 000zł are really massaging mats on a frame. Instead of buying construction like this maybe would it be better to buy much cheaper massaging mat and use her on own armchair or chair? Massage armchair that You’re looking for must have massaging mechanism, which will simulate hands of a masseur, not the one that will only wipe your muscles in a misguided way – it might be even bad for your health.

This group can’t be compared to any car brand. They’re more like car simulator – it feels like you’re driving, but in reality You stay in the same place ;)

Massage armchairs in economy class

Then we have armchairs, which cost from 4 000zł to 7 000zł. In this price brackets there are massage armchairs with basic functions so-called massage core, which every massage armchair should have. We’re talking about massaging mechanism, which actually simulates masseur’s hands. Air cushions massage calves and thighs in models with lower price and the more You pay, the more You get, for example arm or forearm massage. In Massaggio Bello massage armchair there is also heating and stretching calf massage. At the upper limit of this price brackets armchairs also have leg acupressure and even function of stretching body.

Those are massage armchairs, which can be collocated with basic Fiat, Skoda or Chevrolet models. We can drive (massage ourselves) with each model and basic mission of our car (massage armchair) will be completed.

Luxury class massage armchairs

Price soars up to 10 000zł. Same goes to functionalities and possibilities. Massage armchairs in this group have more measured shapes, like designer massage armchair Massaggio Esclusivo. They also gain incredibly innovative functions, like massage in L-shape, Zero-Gravity position, Zero-Wall or roller feet massage, 3D system massage and many more bonuses, which enhance feeling of and make each massage session even more pleasant.

Our ambitions are reaching further and further, we want more and that’s why we reach for Mercedes, Lexus or BMW and look for facilities, like Lane Guard System (LGS), active cruise control or parking assistant. Better driving comfort, more possibilities means higher price.

High End massage armchairs

Now we’re talking about the most technologically tweaked massage armchair, which high quality mechanisms are developed by Japanese specialists for many years. Just like in case of massage armchair Fujiiryoki EC3800 precision, accuracy and special massage techniques surprised many professional masseurs. They cost more than 20 000zł. Every single move of massaging mechanism is justified, massage armchair “feels” more and more muscles, we can determine particular pressures, pick through techniques and have confidence of the best in the world, legendary build quality and massage.

It’s a Rolls Royce or Bentley among massage armchairs.

In our offer You will find massage armchair from each of three price branches so choose something suitable for You. Check our offer!


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