How to find the right place for a massage chair?

Place for massage chair

Until recently, massage chairs were commonly associated with hotels, SPA lounges or even shopping malls. Today, more and more massage chairs are also finding their way into private homes. The possibility to relax available at any time, whenever there is a need to unwind, and the use of many innovative massage technologies, is attracting a growing number of people. There is always room in spacious rooms at home for even the largest of chairs. However, what if you don’t have as much space at your disposal? Our article below tells you what you should pay attention to, so that the massage chair becomes a real gem in your interior. 

How to position the massage chair?

In more spacious areas, it’s much easier to plan the arrangement of furniture. However, it is definitely the small spaces that pose a challenge in terms of arrangement. It’s worth bearing in mind a few things when arranging an interior in which there’s supposed to be a place for a massage chair, so that it can be used comfortably. 

First of all, once you buy a chair, it’ll become a permanent fixture in your house. Most of the chairs blend in with their surroundings seamlessly. Their size, shape and classic look fully harmonize with their setting. Most of the chairs blend in with their surroundings seamlessly. Their size, shape and classic look fully harmonize with their setting. The Massaggio Conveniente is a perfect example. On the other hand, there are also chairs that are the centre of home relaxation, draw attention and stand out thanks to their futuristic design – such as Massaggio Stravagante 2 or Fujiiryoki JP2000. Sticking to one colour palette is a smart solution. Massage chairs come in several colours, and by opting for the bright models, you can also optically expand the space. 

However, the most important although perhaps obvious rule is to choose chairs of compact size for smaller interiors, which will match well with the existing furniture. Next, it’s worth taking care of the right positioning. Asymmetrical positioning gives the interior lightness and allows you to enjoy more open space. On the other hand, perpendicular or parallel positioning to the walls allows you to save space and enjoy freedom of movement in the room. When deciding on a massage chair, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the way it reclines, because it doesn’t work the same way in every model. At this point it’s necessary to mention the Zero Wall feature. This functionality allows you to move your massage chair practically up against the wall, so there’s no need to save space for the backrest to be lowered. It also reduces the space occupied by the chair. What’s important is that the massage chair does not have to be fully reclined during each massage session. You can enjoy a massage in a seated, reclined or Zero Gravity position, where your knees are at heart level.

Compact massage chair

But when you’re making a purchase, you need to remember not only to match the massage chair to your interior design, but also to choose a model with the right dimensions for the room you have. And the offer of massage chairs is truly extensive – from those big, technologically advanced massage chairs to those compact in size, which not only fit into any room, but also provide a superb quality massage. 

The Massaggio Piccolo model serves as an example of such a chair, created specifically for places with limited space available. Since the chair is small and light, and comes with wheels, so you can easily move it around and fit it into your interior. What’s more, the chair doesn’t have to be just a massage chair. The model has a perfectly contoured and very comfortable seat, so you can use it for everyday leisure. For people who don’t have too much space at their disposal, Massaggio Bello 2 is also an excellent solution. It’s the first such small chair with highly advanced functions found previously only in higher models, including for example massaging in extremely comfortable Zero Gravity position, which relieves the spine perfectly, or massaging arms that move using the SL-shape technology, which covers the range from the neck down to the buttocks.

Massage chair in AR technology

One major convenience for buyers is Augmented Reality technology, which is also being developed for massage chairs. Thanks to augmented reality technology, a virtual chair can be inserted into any existing interior. Not only does this allow us to see what the massage chair of our choice will look like in our interior, but also more or less whether it’ll fit in the space prepared for it. Thus, this is a great way to see if the chair we’re thinking about will be right, at least in terms of dimensions and colours, before placing an order. On the Visualize the massage chair in your interior home page, you’ll find detailed information about AR technology and its benefits, and you’ll learn how to put the virtual chair inside your house. 

Once purchased, the massage chair will become the favourite piece of equipment among your family members, who seek relaxation and a moment of tranquillity after a busy day. And how to select the right place for it in your house? Nowadays you can find models of various dimensions – really small and compact, as well as those for which you need space no larger than two meters by one meter. So you can easily choose that ideal model for yourself. The technologies contained in the chairs assist you in finding the right spot. Remember, limited space doesn’t always have to mean compromising. You can be sure to find a chair that suits you and your house perfectly.  

What’s more, all our chairs have been precisely measured. Take a look at our blog and article series Massage chair in numbers – you’ll find all the dimensions there, and it will hopefully help you choose a chair that’s right for you. And if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.