How to find a place for massage chair?

Place for massage chair

Massage armchair is perfect for bedrooms, libraries, office, or guest room. In spacious rooms there is always a spot even for the biggest armchair. What if there is not enough space? Will massage armchair fit in the living room? Will it be a great supplement for bedroom?

Nowadays, massage armchairs are becoming more and more popular in private houses. If you also think about purchasing massage armchair to be a cherry on top of the room, you should pay attention to things written below.

How to place massage armchair?

In bigger rooms it’s easier to arrange furniture, but small rooms are the real challenge. While decorating the interior with massage armchair it’s good to keep in mind those tips. Most armchairs perfectly blend into the surroundings thanks to their size, form and classic look. Let’s take for example Massaggio Conveniente. On the other side there are also armchairs that are centres of home leisure, are eye-catching or have futuristic look – like Massaggio Stravagante or Fujiiryoki JP1000. The most important rule is to put in smaller rooms smaller armchairs, that are matching the furniture. Good solution is to keep one palette of colours. Massage armchairs have few colourways and bright colours can optically enlarge the room.

How to put massage armchair in the best position? Asymmetric position allows you to have open space. Position parallel or perpendicular to walls saves space in room. Way of unfolding is also important. There is a function, called Zero Wall that enables moving the armchair almost directly to the wall. It is not necessary to leave space for unfolding backrest. Thanks to this the place occupied by armchair is smaller. Additionally, massage armchair doesn’t have to be completely unfolded during massage section. Massage can be performed in sitting, lying or Zero Gravity position, in which knees are on the level of heart.

Compact massage armchair

After the purchase, massage armchair will become an element of house equipment. It should be in the same style as other furniture and have proper dimensions. There is a wide variety of armchairs to choose. From those big, technologically advanced to compact massage armchairs that fit everywhere and provide very good massage.

One of the most famous compact massage armchairs is Massaggio Piccolo, which was designed for small houses. Since the armchair is small and light and has built-in wheels, it can be easily moved. What’s more, it’s not only massage armchair. This model has perfectly shaped and very comfortable seat and it can be used as a normal armchair. Solution for people, who don’t have much space is armchair Massaggio Bello. It has more functions than Massaggio Piccolo and still compact dimensions. It should fit into small rooms. It has, like Piccolo, built-in wheels, which are helpful while relocating the armchair.

How to find a place for massage armchair in house? Nowadays, massage armchairs have many sizes – really small Massaggio Piccolo and other armchair, which need less space than 2 by 1 meters. You can easily choose perfect armchair. Installed technologies in armchairs help in finding the proper place. Remember, small house doesn’t make you to meet halfway in choosing massage armchair. It’s certain that you will choose perfect armchair for your house.

Our armchairs are precisely measured. Visit our blog and series of articles “Massage armchair in numbers” – We hope that those dimensions will help you in choosing the best armchair. If there are any questions or doubts, contact us.